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Contract drafting class 9 tues feb 14
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Contract Drafting Class 9 Tues. Feb 14. University of Houston Law Center D. C. Toedt III. Common contract screw-ups. Common contract screw-ups. “8. The contract that is signed by both parties but with manuscript revisions initialled [sic] only by one party or by neither party .”

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.

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Contract Drafting Class 9 Tues. Feb 14

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Contract drafting class 9 tues feb 14

Contract DraftingClass 9Tues. Feb 14

University of Houston Law Center

D. C. Toedt III

Common contract screw ups

Common contract screw-ups

Common contract screw ups1

Common contract screw-ups

“8. The contract that is signed by both parties but with manuscript revisions initialled[sic] only by one party or by neither party.”

[From “Top 10 howlers when preparing contracts for signature,” by the IP Draughts blog at]

Valentine s day syntactic sins

Valentine’s Day syntactic sins

True love

True love ….

Hat tip:

Man has big trust fund for his kids

Sued for killing another in car accident

Adopts girlfriend so she’ll share ($70MM) in trust fund

BUT: Is their relationship now incestuous – and thus illegal?

Florida incest statute

Florida incest statute

Quaere:1. What did the drafters (presumably) intend for “however slight” to modify? 2. Could this have been better phrased?

826.04 Incest. …. "Sexual intercourse" is the penetra-tionof the female sex organ by the male sex organ, however slight ….



Some pretentious expressions

Some pretentious expressions

How could these be improved?

Attains the age of



Does not operate to do X



Channel stuffing


  • Sales people “sell” product to distributors who really can’t resell the product

    • Why do this?

  • Usually give distributor a return right in a (secret) side letter

  • Bad business practice – screws up inventory planning, incurs extra costs

  • Can be securities fraud

Lexicon review

Lexicon review

DSO – what is it?

Drafting exercise stark 6 1 read stark ch 6

Drafting exercise: Stark 6-1(read Stark ch. 6)

Stark exercise 6 1 dct sample answer

Stark Exercise 6-1:DCT sample answer

  • Much of this is “style” preference

  • I like a complete sentence (contra Stark)

  • A good title is “License Agreement”

  • Date: Item 3 of Stark facts (or April 21)

  • Date: “As of” is good, but optional

  • Bold-faced names are easier to spot when scanning through lots of contracts

  • States of incorp.: Item 11 of Stark facts

  • Defined terms for parties are a good idea for later use in the document

  • “Licensor” and “Licensee” – confusing? (But including them allows copy-and-paste from other documents)

  • Some students included background facts; those are recitals, not part of the preamble

This License Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of February 9, 2012, by RALPH PRODUCTS, LP, a Virginia limited partnership (“Ralph LP” or “Licensor”); and MERCHANDISERS EXTRAORDINAIRE, INC., an Oregon corporation (“Merchan-disers” or “Licensee”).

Dell master purcha sing agrmt z b pp 236 et seq

Dell Master Purcha-sing Agrmt (Z&B pp. 236 et seq.)

End of class

End of class

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