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Laura Ingalls Wilder. By Justine Fontes PowerPoint by: Peyton ,Brandon, Jacob , Rylee and Makayla. Introduction. Laura was a pioneer. There were only 37 states when she was born. She began to write.

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Laura ingalls wilder

Laura Ingalls Wilder

By Justine Fontes

PowerPoint by: Peyton ,Brandon, Jacob ,Rylee and Makayla


  • Laura was a pioneer.

    • There were only 37 states when she was born.

  • She began to write.

    • 1862 Lincoln signed a law called “The Homestead Act”. It gave Laura’s family free land out west.

The trip west
The Trip West

  • Laura was born near Pepin, Wisconsin, in 1867.

  • She moved to Kansas when she was two years old.

  • Pioneer children had corn husk dolls.

  • Laura and her sisters learned to read and write.

  • Laura moved to Minnesota when she was 7.

Frontier life
Frontier Life

  • Laura had to do chores.

  • They fetched wood for the fire and helped Ma milk the cow.

  • She only rested on Sunday.

  • When Laura was not quite 13, Ma, Mary, Carrie, and baby Grace, got scarlet fever.

  • Mary became blind from the scarlet fever, so Laura had to be her eyes for her.

  • Laura had always studied hard.

  • Laura went to school to become a teacher.

  • She married Almanzo Wilder when she was 18.

Two writers
Two writers

  • Laura and her husband built their own house.

  • In 1886, Laura had her baby, Rose.

  • Later, Rose’s family moved to Missouri.

  • In 1915, Rose asked her mother to come to her house for a visit.

  • Rose wanted Laura to write stories about life on the frontier when she was a child.

  • Laura wrote Little House in the Big Woods when she was 65 years old.


  • When Laura Ingalls Wilder was 90 years old, she died.

  • She wrote many wonderful books during her life.

  • Because of Laura, we know what life on the frontier was like growing up.