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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES March, 2006. During Spring Break, 2006, a Group of Eight Students Accompanied by Dr. Diana Scully, Director of Women’s Studies, Attended the Women as Global Leaders Student Conference Hosted by Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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March, 2006

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During Spring Break, 2006,

a Group of Eight Students Accompanied by

Dr. Diana Scully, Director of Women’s Studies,

Attended the Women as Global Leaders

Student Conference Hosted by Zayed University,

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

This Show Records Our Week Long Experience

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Sponsored By:

Virginia Commonwealth University

College of Humanities and Sciences

Honors College

Women’s Studies Program

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Photography By

Diana Scully and Elaine Kelley

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Our Group

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Abu Dhabi Airport

Capital of United Arab Emirates

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Conference Site, The Emirates Palace Hotel

Built at a Cost of Over 4 Billion US Dollars!

Slide16 l.jpg

Emirates Palace Hotel at Night

Slide17 l.jpg

Emirati Women Dressed in Abiya (gown) and Hijab (scarf)

in the Hotel Portico

Slide18 l.jpg

Zayed University Students Wearing Red Banners Greet

Conference Participants

Slide19 l.jpg

Two of the Many Levels of Hotel Staff

Slide20 l.jpg

Grand Dome—Emirates Palace Hotel has 115 Domes

Slide23 l.jpg

Emirates Palace Hotel Built using 144,000 Cubic Yards of Marble

and Much Gold and Silver

Slide24 l.jpg

Marble Floors Throughout the Emirates Palace Hotel

Slide28 l.jpg

Oil Paintings of the Men of the Royal Family

Adorn the Walls

Slide30 l.jpg

Hundreds of Flower Arrangements are Tended Daily

Slide35 l.jpg

Even the Restrooms are Exceptional!

Slide37 l.jpg

His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarek Al Nahayan

Minister of Higher Education and Research

President of Zayed University

Slide38 l.jpg

Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland

Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Slide39 l.jpg

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan

Slide40 l.jpg

Cherie Booth, Noted Attorney and Human Rights Activist

Wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair

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Jaime Bennett (left) and Hanan Abed (right) Present a Workshop,

“Film Festivals as Agents of Change: How to Organize University Sponsored Film Festivals to Affect a Local Community and Promote Social Justice”

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Rachel Harris Presenting Her Paper,

“Gendered Experience: A Critical Analysis of Service Learning”

Slide43 l.jpg

Kara Herschberger Presenting Her Paper,

“Show Them the Money: A Comparison of Micro-Finance

Operations in Developing Countries”

Slide44 l.jpg

Kathleen Johnson (right) Presenting Her Paper,

“Driven by Compassion: A Link Between Leadership

and Service Learning”

Slide45 l.jpg

Elaine Kelly (right) Presenting Her Paper,

Women’s Roles in University-Community Partnerships:

A Case Study

Slide46 l.jpg

Nina Morris Presenting Her Paper,

“Mujeres Libres: An Anarcho-Syndcalist Approach to Community Development”

Slide47 l.jpg

Benita Panigrahi Presenting Her Paper,

“The Alternative Break Transformation of ‘Sally Service”

to “Lady Leadership”: The Integration of Leadership and Service”

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Daily Lunch Buffet

Slide53 l.jpg

More Food at Breaks Between Sessions

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Lavish Evening Banquet on the Beach

At the Beach Rotana Hotel

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And More Food!

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An Arabian Night Extravaganza for 1,000 Conferees

in the Desert Outside of Dubai

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We are Greeted by Traditional Musicians

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And a Fantastic Laser and Fireworks Show

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And Food

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And More Food!

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Free Hand Painting (Mehndi)

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Slide75 l.jpg

Tax Free Zone for Multinational Corporations

Just Outside of Dubai

Slide76 l.jpg

Skyscrapers Along Sheikh Zayed Street

Slide77 l.jpg

Famous Burj Al Arab Hotel Shaped Like the Sail of a Dhow

Slide78 l.jpg

New Construction is Everywhere

Slide79 l.jpg

One of Many Beautiful Mosques

Slide80 l.jpg

Dubai is know as the Shopping Capital of the Middle East and

Hosts a “Shopping Festival” every year, cancelled for 2006

Due to the Death of Dubai's monarch,

Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashidh Al Maktoum

Slide81 l.jpg

Mall of the Emirates Shopping Resort

Slide82 l.jpg

Full Scale Ski Resort Complete

with Real Snow and Mountain Inside the Mall--

An Engineering Feat

Slide85 l.jpg

Jumeirah Mall, Traditional Shopping Outside of Dubai

Slide88 l.jpg

One of Many Famous Gold Souks

Slide89 l.jpg

Traditional Souks of Dubai

Slide91 l.jpg

But MacDonald’s and Starbucks are Everywhere

Slide93 l.jpg

Dubai Creek

Slide95 l.jpg

Beach Rotana Hotel, Our Hotel on the Gulf

Slide96 l.jpg

View From the Balconies

Slide97 l.jpg

On the Beds Every Night!

Lovely End to the Day!

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