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to this Halloween Journey. 1. When is Halloween? October 31 of each year. 2.What will children do on that day? They will play Trick or Treat . This is a SKELETON !!!! What is he SAYING ?. What is this? A BAT !. This is the silhouette of a WITCH!. Trick or treat, Smell my feet

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1.When is Halloween?

October 31 of each year.

2.What will children do on that day?

They will play Trick or Treat.

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This is a SKELETON!!!!

What is he SAYING?

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Trick or treat, Smell my feet

Give me something good to eat !!!

  • The history of "Trick'O'Treating" can be traced back to the early celebrations of All Soul's Day in Britain. The poor would go begging and the housewives would give them special treats called "soulcakes". This was called "going a-souling", and the "soulers" would promise to say a prayer for the dead.

  • Over time the custom changed and the town's children became the beggars. As they went from house to house they would be given apples, buns, and money.

  • During the Pioneer days of the American West, the housewives would give the children candy to keep from being tricked. The children would shout "Trick or Treat!".

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Who is he?

He is a VAMPIRE!

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How do you feel?

Frightened? Scared?

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This is a Jack-o-Lantern!

Do you know how to make it?

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This looks cute.

It is a MUMMY!

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are also the symbols of Halloween.

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They are the HATS of witches!

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What is this?

It is a COFFIN!

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He is quite horrible.

He is called


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Would you like to live in this house?

This is called a HAUNTED HOUSE.

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These are SKELETONS.

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This is a


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This is a spider WEB, not the World Wide Web!

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This is Dracula.

He looks very sad. Do you know why?

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This is the end of the Halloween Journey. Do you enjoy it?

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Have a Nice Halloween on October 31, 2000