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Mountville Mills, Inc. Plant Tour. Two Manufacturing Locations. Dalton, GA. LaGrange, GA. How Carpeted Mats are Manufactured. 3 Major Components of Mats Yarn Substrate Rubber. The Nylon Yarn. Acid Dyed or Solution Dyed Options High Twist Yarn

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Two manufacturing locations l.jpg
Two ManufacturingLocations

Dalton, GA

LaGrange, GA

How carpeted mats are manufactured l.jpg
How Carpeted Mats are Manufactured

  • 3 Major Components of Mats

    • Yarn

    • Substrate

    • Rubber

The nylon yarn l.jpg
The Nylon Yarn

  • Acid Dyed or Solution Dyed Options

  • High Twist Yarn

  • Brushes soil and dirt from the soles of shoes

  • Allows dirt to filter to the base of the carpet

  • Prevents crushing of the carpet

Acid dyed nylon yarn l.jpg
Acid Dyed Nylon Yarn

  • Starts as white yarn

  • Color is added after the yarn is produced

  • Vibrant colors

  • Excellent color and wash-fastness

  • Protected by Stain Stopper Treatment

Solution dyed nylon yarn l.jpg
Solution Dyed Nylon Yarn

  • Color is added when the yarn is extruded

  • Excellent color-fastness when the mats are exposed to direct sunlight

  • Excellent wash-fastness when the mats are exposed to high temperature washings

Product knowledge static dissipative feature l.jpg
Product KnowledgeStatic Dissipative Feature

  • Static electricity creates safety hazards

  • The nylon yarn contains carbon filaments that absorb the static charges

  • Regular washings will not diminish its effectiveness

Static dissipative l.jpg
Static Dissipative

Carbon Fiber Filaments 250x

Exceeds ibm static propensity requirements l.jpg

Exceeds IBM static propensity requirements

Passes AATCC134 Electrostatic

Propensity Test

Product knowledge non woven polyester substrate l.jpg
Product KnowledgeNon-Woven Polyester Substrate

The Backbone of the mat!

  • The yarn is tufted into the substrate

  • This substrate creates a stronger bond between the carpet and the rubber

  • Reduces fraying on the edges of the mat

  • Resistant to high temperature drying

  • Reduces linting

  • Prevents rippling

Acid dyed carpet tufting process l.jpg
Acid Dyed Carpet Tufting Process

Close Up of Needles

Carpet Tufter

Solution dyed carpet tufting process l.jpg
Solution Dyed Carpet Tufting Process

Logo mat options l.jpg
Logo Mat Options

  • ClassicCreations™ - Acid Dyed / Graphic Tufted Process

  • CompuTuft™ - Solution Dyed / Graphic Tufted Process

  • ClassicImpressions™ - Acid Dyed / Digital Printing Process

Graphic tufted process l.jpg
Graphic Tufted Process

  • Acid Dyed and Solution Dyed Options

  • Computer Generated process

  • Yarn is tufted (sewn into the substrate)

Digital printing process l.jpg
Digital Printing Process

  • Creates 3D images

  • Prints fine detail

  • Up to 300 colors

  • Colors can be phased in

  • Fully launderable

  • Sizes to 6’ x 40’

Logo image created on the zimmer printer l.jpg
Logo Image Created on the Zimmer Printer

Logo image created on the zimmer printer20 l.jpg
Logo Image Created on the Zimmer Printer

Product knowledge 100 nitrile rubber backing l.jpg
Product Knowledge100% Nitrile Rubber Backing

  • Slip resistant

  • Makes the product washable

  • Nitrile rubber is oil/grease resistant

  • Reinforced borders minimize tears

Vulcanization process l.jpg
Vulcanization Process

  • After the carpet is tufted it is vulcanized to the rubber.

  • Reinforced rubber strips placed around the perimeter of the mats to strengthen the product

  • Various rubber backing options are available.

Rubber backing options l.jpg
Rubber Backing Options

  • Standard Mill Thickness – 52 mils in the body / 94 mils on the border

  • 65 Mil Option – 65 mils in the body / 107 mils on the border

  • 90 Mil Option – 90 mils throughout

  • Picture Frame Option

  • Suction Back Option

Mat trimming process l.jpg
Mat Trimming Process

  • After the rubber backing is applied the mats are trimmed

  • Curved Corner Option

Mat perforation process l.jpg
Mat Perforation Process

  • All mats are perforated to reduce the moisture in the extraction process

  • Less moisture – less drying times

Mat shipment times l.jpg
Mat Shipment Times

  • All mats are rolled for ease of handling at your facility

  • Standard Orders less than 3 working days with or without property marks

  • Logo mats within 5 working days

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Thank you & Good Job !

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