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Opportunities: Alternative Health Technology Low-Cost Health Management Information Systems. Fouad Riaz Bajwa FOSS Advocate OSHCA Conference 2007 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What is Alternative Healthcare Technology and Access? AHT Introduction to the low-cost Alternative Hardware Access

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Alternative Health Technology

Low-Cost Health Management Information Systems

Fouad Riaz Bajwa

FOSS Advocate

OSHCA Conference 2007

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Agenda l.jpg

What is Alternative Healthcare Technology and Access? AHT

Introduction to the low-cost Alternative Hardware Access

Examples of Alternative Hardware

One Laptop Per Child

Intel Classmate PC

INK mPC – Affordable Computer


Alternative healthcare technology aht l.jpg
Alternative Healthcare Technology AHT

  • AHT involves a combination of Free and Open Source Software Health Management Information Systems and low-cost Hardware Access Technology Solutions.

  • Strategy involves identifying and educating potential Healthcare and Medical Services Provision entities that can benefit from Alternative Healthcare Technology.

Alternative healthcare technology aht5 l.jpg
Alternative Healthcare Technology AHT

  • AHT facilitates breaking the commonly perceived norms that Healthcare and Medical Information Management Systems are very costly to implement or are scarcely available.

  • AHT Advisers are experienced HMIS professionals that have worked extensively in the area of implementing such systems in both SMB and Enterprise Hospital environments.

Alternative healthcare technology aht6 l.jpg
Alternative Healthcare Technology AHT

  • AHT Advisers and Stakeholders can engage through both on-line and off-line consultations on a regular basis.

  • Stakeholders receive expert level advice and support from AHT Advisers including first hand experience case studies as well as capacity building, design, acquisition of FOSS technology, implementation and maintenance support.

Aht model l.jpg
AHT Model

Local Availability of Knowledge

Alternative Software Availability

Expert Advice

Local Skills


Alternative Hardware Availability

On-line and off-line Communities

of learning and practice

Types of alternative hardware l.jpg
Types of Alternative Hardware

OLPC – One Laptop Per Child

  • Target Market: Schools

  • OS: Linux

  • Wireless: 802.11G

  • Video Play back – NO

  • Storage: USB device

  • Programs: Book reader, browser, email, PDF reader, text writer

  • Battery Run Time: 4hrs. (has a hand pull charger)

  • Extensibility: USB

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  • Liquid-crystal display: 7.5” Dual-mode TFT display (includes black and white daylight mode)

  • Expected cost: $140.00 *not sold to public

  • Strengths: Well integrated design, designed for rugged use. Inventive use of technology. Very Low cost.

  • Excellent TCO, Good brand recognition

    Weaknesses: Small number of software programs

  • (extremely limited use), subject to OS infections and OS alterations. Poor quality CPU for Media, low memory.

  • No ability to play Media

  • No more expected to be sold at US$ 175.00

Types of alternative hardware10 l.jpg
Types of Alternative Hardware

INTEL – Classmate PC

  • Target Market: Schools grades 5-10

  • OS: Windows XP or Linux

  • Wireless: 802.11G

  • Video Playback- yes

  • Storage: Writeable Flash memory 1GB

  • Programs: Variable, user controlled , Browser, Email, Media Player

Classmate pc l.jpg
Classmate PC

  • Battery Run Time: 4 hrs

  • Extensibility: RS232 USB

  • Screen: 7” 800X400 TFT Display

  • Expected Costs: $250-400*

  • Intel does not make them so price will vary considerably

  • Strengths: Nicely Designed, good use of flash memory, nice choice of CPU. Has a much broader range of uses than the OLPC. Can be customized. Good PR and good brand recognition

  • Weaknesses: Smallest screen, cannot run more than 4 hrs on battery, subject to OS infections, requires maintenance, requires purchase of programs. Poor TCO

Types of alternative hardware12 l.jpg
Types of Alternative Hardware

INK mPC Affordable Computing

  • Target Market: Schools, Homes and Small Businesses

  • OS: Linux

  • Wireless 802.11G

  • Video playback- Yes

  • Storage: USB Device

  • Programs:Completely Open Source Operating System and Tools.

Ink mpc laptop l.jpg
INK mPC Laptop

  • Battery runtime 8hrs (double battery pack) – alternative charging possible as runs on 12volt supply

  • Extensibility: USB

  • Screen: 8.1” TFT 600X800

  • Expected Cost: $250.00 (or $210 for simpler version) to local partner, street price higher.

  • Strengths: Protected OS, Largest screen, Lots of programs, operates in multiple languages, plays all forms of media, excellent battery life, nice form factor. Excellent TCO

Aht sustainability l.jpg
AHT Sustainability

Global Knowledge








Local Knowledge

Keeping in mind l.jpg
Keeping in Mind

  • For both Open and Closed Source Software Systems, some risks are different, but as long as you're aware of them, you can manage them.

  • The first and foremost defense against any issue is being knowledgeable and then qualified developers and professionals.

Conclusion l.jpg

  • Develop local skills

  • One solution doesn't fit in every situation

  • Develop local communities of learning and practice

  • Bring multi-stakeholders together

  • Plan locally to deploy locally

  • Remember, there are costs involved in FOSS but these can be significantly reduced

Further reading l.jpg
Further Reading

  • INK mPC

    • http://www.ink-media.org

  • Intel Classmate PC

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/classmatepc

  • OLPC

    • http://www.laptop.org

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Q & A Session

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