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MEET THE PLAYERS NFL TRANSPORT TEAM. It’s a pleasure to share our needs with you for Super Bowl Transportation . Commitment to the Emerging Business Program.

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It’s a pleasure

to share our needs

with you for

Super Bowl


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Commitment to the Emerging Business Program

  • We are committed to using as many qualified small and emerging business members, registered with the Super Bowl Host Committee as are available.

  • Working the Super Bowl is exciting and challenging. You will be paid fairly for your services, but need to give us fair prices. This is not a “get rich quick” opportunity.

  • We require a final invoice within two weeks post-game. We will pay that invoice within four weeks upon receipt.

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Commitment to the Emerging Business Program (Continued)

  • Working with SB Transportation provides an opportunity to expand your resume by adding Super Bowl XLIV.

  • During SBXLI, SBXLII & SBXLIII NFL Transportation used over $1.7M worth of Small & Emerging Business products and services.

  • You will be given clear instructions of our needs, and we will work with you to succeed.

  • Your success is our success!

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The Super Bowl Transportation Team

  • The Transport Team is comprised of Carey Worldwide and Gameday Management Group.

  • Together we work with all of the NFL’s staff and vendors to design and operate the most comprehensive transportation plan for each city.

  • We work with the Host City to procure equipment and staff as well as other necessary services to ensure a successful operation.

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Our Team

  • Carey Worldwide Company Profile:

  • Carey is a transportation management & logistics company, as well as the premier chauffeured services company.

  • Carey has over 19 years of Super Bowl experience and an established client base that requires a host of ground transportation requirements for the week of Super Bowl each year.

  • Carey will establish and operate a stand-alone Operations Center for the week that will require employment and hiring of many local vendors in the area.

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Our Team

Gameday Management Group Company Profile:

Gameday Management is a comprehensive transportation management services company, servicing some of North America’s largest events and venues.

Gameday Management has over 10 years of Super Bowl experience.

Click and Park, a web-based parking permit and travel demand management system, has been used by the Super Bowl since Jacksonville to provide transportation information to staff and guests.

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Vehicle Needs and Types for SB Transportation

  • Premium Vehicles for Hire (approximately 700 – 900)

  • Local qualified livery vendors to contract with Carey and provide services to Carey’s client base.

    • 6-8-10 passenger limousines

    • 10-15 passenger luxury vans

    • 21-32 passenger mini buses

  • Motorcoaches (approximately 300 – 400)

    • 47 passenger minimum

    • 2004 or newer; refurbished models (no older than 1999) may be considered for lower profile moves

    • DVD player, CD player & PA System mandatory

    • Available for minimum of 4 days (Feb 4th – 7th)

  • Minibuses (approximately 100)

    • 21 passenger minimum

    • 2004 or newer

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    Insurance Requirements for SB Transportation

    • All Vendors must:

      • Carry at least $5,000,000.00 General Liability Insurance

      • Carry at least $5,000,000.00 Auto Liability Insurance

      • Carry Workers Compensation Insurance which meets all

      • statutory requirements

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    • Staffing Agency Needs

    • Private Security Company to assist with security at the Bus Yard and other locations (TBC).

    • Clean-up Crews to clean parking lots after events and game(s). Both manual and machine cleaning. Must have own tools and transportation.

    • Parking Lot Crew to assist with parking at Dolphin Stadium and surrounding lots as well as other locations (TBC) in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami vicinities.

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    • Staffing Agency Needs (Continued)

    • Chauffeurs, Airport Greeters and Staff to work with the hired car provider assisting with meet and greet and airport pick ups.

    • Bus Systems Staff to work at hotels and venues. Tasks include taking passenger counts, loading buses and providing event and schedule information.

    • Administrative Staff to work at various locations in support of the overall transportation operations.

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    Other Services Needed by SB Transportation

    • Barricades – throughout South Florida. May need set up in some cases.

    • Lot Preparation/Restoration - construction, grading

    • Logistics Rentals - light towers, portable VMS, barricades, traffic control devices, etc.

    • Tow Trucks (1 bus – 3 cars) on call during week of game and the day of game.

    • Mobile Car Wash – to clean up to 500 vehicles during week of Super Bowl

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    Other Services Needed by SB Transportation

    • Signage layout and production of transportation signs throughout South Florida.

    • Local Restaurant/venue: potential event for 200 people

    • Event Supplies: tables, chairs, etc

    • Computer & telephone system rental – IT requirements (computers, printers, copier, phones) to set up office space for up to 80 personnel

    • Hospitality/Gift baskets – client needs during Super Bowl week

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    Carey Contact Information

    Julia Pilson, Sr. Event Manager

    office: 202-895-1230

    [email protected]

    Sally Snead, Sr. Vice President, Operations

    office: 202-895-1218

    [email protected]

    Super Bowl Chauffeured Vehicle Information Hotline

    Toll free: 1-866-245-2480

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    Gameday Management GroupContact Information

    Mike Witte, Sr. VP Operations Click and Park

    Office: 407.648.0213 ext. 100

    Email: [email protected]

    Cristine Paull, Sr. VP Operations

    Office: 407.648.0213 ext. 107

    Email: [email protected]

    Ann Crossland, Bus Procurement

    Office: 407.648.0213 ext. 113

    Email: [email protected]

    Super Bowl Bus Information Hotline

    Phone: 888.745.1455

    Email: [email protected]