Does russia have a future
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Does Russia have a future?. The state of the country. The news this week: April 6th. Government of President Bakiev overthrown in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Last but one of the “coloured revolutions” to end in fiasco (others: Ukraine and Georgia)

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Does Russia have a future?

The state of the country

The news this week april 6th l.jpg
The news this week: April 6th

  • Government of President Bakiev overthrown in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

  • Last but one of the “coloured revolutions” to end in fiasco (others: Ukraine and Georgia)

  • Key country because of the US base serving forces in Afghanistan

  • Poor nation, mixed Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Russian population

The news this week april 7th l.jpg
The news this week: April 7th

  • Vladimir Putin and Donald Tusk commemorate the dead of Katyn

  • “Resetting” Russian-Polish relations after hostility of Kaczynski brothers anti-Russian policies

  • Striving to erase differences over history

  • New assurances about supply of gas to Poland

  • Poland key to closer ties between Russia and the EU

  • Russia’s objective: closer economic ties, visa-free travel between Russia and the EU

The news this week april 7th4 l.jpg
The News this week: April 7th

  • President Medvedev in Slovakia, joint celebration of the liberation of Slovakia by Soviet forces in 1945

  • Part of the build-up to the 65th anniversary of VE day on May 9th

  • Russian charm offensive in Europe, piggy-backed on victory over Nazism: history as a weapon, but also a source of national solidarity

  • Baltic States – allied with the Nazis during war, feel isolated

The news this week april 8th l.jpg
The News this week: April 8th

  • Medvedev and Obama sign new SALT treaty in Prague

  • Obama presses new agenda on sanctions on Iran re: atomic weapons

  • Partners agree to examine problem of ABMs

Energy politics l.jpg
Energy Politics

  • Energy politics: Ukraine’s game of chicken seems over with election of Viktor Yanukov as president

  • Russia has begun construction of direct gas pipeline “North Stream” to Germany through the Baltic,

  • Second direct pipeline “South Stream” to Balkans through the Black Sea

  • EU tries to develop alternative energy routes – e.g. through Turkey, bypassing both Russia and Ukraine

Europe russia and eurasia l.jpg
Europe, Russia and Eurasia

  • What are the borders of Russia?

  • Recognition of Abkhazia and S. Ossetia in 2008 means abandonment of strategy of legalism, upholding Helsinki accords

  • Could the Russian Federation break up?

  • Is the vision of Alexander Dugin – NATO / EU in the West, and a new Eurasian bloc in the East – the future?

  • Is Europe destined to be permanently divided along the civilizational fault-lines à la Huntington?

Anarchy is the mother of order l.jpg
Anarchy is the mother of order

  • Russian state based not on reason, but on the emotional bond between Russians

  • Semblance of order covers an anarchic society where everyone does what he wants

  • Instinctive hierarchical gathering around a strong leader

  • Macho comportment – “not afraid to die”

  • Fatalistic attitude: one cannot change anything

  • Obeying the law is “boring”!

Uniting a multi ethnic country l.jpg
Uniting a multi-ethnic country

  • The task: instill Russian patriotism but respect for the different minorities in the country

  • April 1st: religious instruction “Fundamentals of Religious Cultures and Secular Ethics” introduced in fourth grade

  • “Among the options are the basics of the four main religions – Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism – and a general course on world religions and secular ethics.

  • Only the first lesson entitled “My Motherland – Russia” will be the same for all children.”

25 years later what has changed l.jpg
25 years later – what has changed?

  • Russians today…

  • …can travel freely

  • …can start a business

  • …can read any books they want

  • …can go on the internet

  • …can study abroad

  • …can emigrate

  • …can buy a car or an apartment

  • …can have several children

Work to be done l.jpg
Work to be done

  • Stop terrorism threat in the North Caucasus

  • Combat corruption effectively: Transparency International Index

  • Improve the health care system

  • Counter alcoholism, drug taking and AIDS

  • Facilitate small businesses

  • Energy efficiency

  • Develop high tech sector

Mikhail shemiakin s decorations for the nutcracker at the mariinka l.jpg
Mikhail Shemiakin’s decorations for the Nutcracker at the Mariinka

  • Act 2, Pt 1

  • Act 2, Pt. 2

  • Act 2, Pt. 3

Oleg kuvaev b 1967 l.jpg
Oleg Kuvaev (b. 1967)

Creator of Masyanya

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