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A Best-In-Class Intranet Portal Solution. Bitrix Intranet Portal. Bitrix Intranet Portal is the next generation intranet solution that combines advanced social platform and application integration. Bitrix, Inc. specializes in the development of Content Management

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Bitrix Intranet Portal

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A Best-In-Class

Intranet Portal Solution

Bitrix Intranet Portal

Bitrix Intranet Portal is the next generation intranet solution that combines advanced social platform and application integration.

Bitrix, Inc. specializes in the development of Content Management

Systems (CMS) and portal solutions for managing Web

projects and multifunctional information systems on the


In cooperation with Microsoft and the Oracle Corporation, and along with flexible licensing and pricing models Bitrix offers power packed solutions for large and SME businesses.

The company was established in 1998 by a group of senior

IT specialists.

Bitrix continues to hold a leading position in the Web

development market.

More than 20,000 global customers across various industry verticals have chosen Bitrix to create and manage an unmatched online presence that is highly scalable, dynamic and yet easy to administer. Bitrix takes pride in serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to funded startups, including enterprises like Gazprom, Xerox, Panasonic, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Independent Media, Ritlabs, Agnitum, Evraz, and many more.

About Intranet Portal

  • Portal – a framework of integrated information, application and processes across organization.

  • Intranet or Corporate portals are used to:

    • Enhance communications

    • Drive collaboration

    • Streamline operations and business processes

    • Deliver significant cost savings

    • Enhance organizational knowledge

    • (Knowledge Management)

    • Improve revenue / sales opportunities

    • Improve HR management

Happy Marriage



Formula to remember







Corporate Culture

Intranet Portal – market review

According to the META Group, more than 85% of Global 2000 companies have implemented or are developing intranets.

According to Modalis Research, more than 70% of all small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), including government agencies & non-profits, believe that having an intranet is important and either have intranet or plan to deploy an intranet.

Intranet Portal – what sells?

  • A Robert Half Technology survey of 1,400 CIOs in the U.S. found:

    • • 14% of organizations use blogs• 13% use social tagging software• 11% use wikis

  • Meanwhile, more traditional technologies are far more popular:

    • • Online training is used by 47% of the organizations• Video conferencing is used by 34%• Collaborative workspaces (e.g. SharePoint) is used by 24%

  • 72% of CIOs have no plans to use blogs in the next 5 years; 74% have no plans to use wikis. They’re focused on network consolidation, outsourcing, CRM, and security

Intranet Portal – what sells?

  • A Telindus survey of more than 1,000 European office workers found that employees have begun to demand Web 2.0 / Intranet 2.0 tools:

    • 39% of 18 to 24 year-olds would consider leaving if they were not allowed to access sites like Facebook and YouTube

    • 21% indicated that they would feel ‘annoyed’ by such a ban

    • 16% of 25 to 65 year-olds would consider leaving and 13% would be annoyed

  • Employees are reading blogs on the web, contributing to wikis, listening to podcasts, and networking via Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, or others. Moreover, they’re probably talking about their organization, and organization is not part of the conversation.

Enterprise 2.0 = Intranet 2.0

Understand the competition

Understand the competition

Understand the competition

Understand the competition

Understand the competition

General Recommendations

  • Show the product, not the presentation

  • The best way to learn – implement at your company

  • It’s always hard to begin a presentation – think about it carefully.

  • Write a script and memorize it. You may not have a second chance.

  • Don’t talk about features, describe solutions.

General Recommendations

  • Show the product, not the presentation

  • The best way to learn – implement at your company

  • It’s always hard to begin a presentation – think about it carefully.

  • Write a script and memorize it. You may not have a second chance.

  • Don’t talk about features, describe solutions. Provide examples.

Targeted Audience

  • CEO

  • CFO

  • CIO

  • HR Director

  • IT Specialist

  • Marketing

Bitrix - as close as it gets

  • Quick Setup and Deployment Process (less than 4 hours)

  • Advanced social platform (blogs, forums, IM)

  • Powerful Search

  • Task and Project Management

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with media sharing capabilities

  • Training and Development for your personnel

  • Built-in integration with MS Office and Active Directory

A technological breakthrough in the Intranet market

Platforms & Integration

  • integration with Microsoft Office and Open Office;

  • integration with Active Directory and LDAP servers, OpenID;

  • Single Sign On (SSO);

  • cross-platform solution - works on UNIX and Windows (XP, Vista, Windows Server);

  • work with IE 5, 6,7 and FF 2, 3;

  • support for MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Oracle XE, MSSQL Express;

  • web-services and SOAP;

  • user list export;

  • corporate network support (network drives and web-folders for document libraries);

  • common export/import protocols (XML, CommerceML, CSV, Excel, RSS).

Why are we here?

  • There are a very limited number of ready-to-use solutions on the market.

  • Solutions that are available do not meet client needs functionally or structurally.

  • Limited number of solutions have fast installation and implementation time.

  • Solutions are NOT optimized to work under high loads and provide you with the high performance

Fast installation and deployment

  • Quick deployment. Your company intranet is ready in only 4 hours;

  • «Installation Wizard» allowsrapid integration in the corporate infrastructure;

  • Out-of-the-box design templates

  • Quick user import from CSV

User-Informed Design


Fast search by:

  • Name

  • Phone number, department

  • Any additional parameters

Know your co-workers

Find employee

  • Call

  • Send an email

  • Send Instant Message

  • Know if he/she is present on the portal orat work

Find your colleagues without using the keyboard!

Employee personal page

  • Employee personal info

  • Contact information

  • Personal Blog

  • Forum

  • Documents

  • Calendar with planner

  • Decide what options would be available to your users

Staff changes

Manage your organizational changes in the corporate portal or any other HR management system in xml-format.

Absence graph

Bitrix Intranet Portal 8.0 allows users to add absence information in his/hers personal and common calendars.

Honored Employees


List of employees’ birthdays created automatically based on the information provided in the user profile.

Information for New Employees

Information for New Employees: How to use corporate portal?

Company: Official Information

Vertical communication - общение руководства с сотрудниками.

Section “Company”:

  • Official letters

  • News

  • Others

  • Allowing comments (optional)

Get rid of gossips! Manage your working environment!

Our Live

What else?

Create any number of information blocks:

  • News feeds

  • Partners news

  • Product catalogs


Adding page made easy!

Change Menu

Add News

Photo gallery

  • Fast picture upload

  • automatic creation of thumbnails of files in the following formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG;

  • bulk photo upload

  • slideshow, ranking

  • single and multiple selection of images;

  • integration with the built-in search engine;

  • tag cloud;

  • voting

Video Archive

  • Welcome word, official communication

  • Exhibit materials, ads

FLV , MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG, GIF (flash) formats native support, playlist management;

WMV and WMA (Silverlight;)

Career Opportunities

Best Hiring Practicies

Contact Information

Billing Information

Company Event Calendar


  • Create unlimited number of calendars

  • Assign access rights

  • Integrated with MS Outlook

  • Meeting invitation with acceptance notification, meeting reminders

Time management

Personal user calendar

Document Library

Working with documents

  • Download documents from browser (Internet Explorer, Fire Fox)

  • Or create a network drive

  • Unlimited number of folders and any type of files

Editing Documents

  • Open and modify your documents on the portal

  • Document changes history

  • Blocking documents to avoid same time modifications

Workflow parameters

  • Document approval

  • Discuss documents

  • Assign access rights : read, write, modify

Powerful Search

  • Fulltext search;

  • Tag search and Tag cloud;

  • morphological search;

  • immediate portal content indexing;

  • search in documents (DOCX, XLSX, DOC, XLS, PPTX, PPT, PDF, RTF, ODS and more);

  • flexible search results ranking;

  • search depending on user permissions;

  • search everywhere: news, employees, forums, documents.


Workgroups can work on common tasks and documents.

Workgroup profile

Calendar, forum, discussion board, reports (blogs), files, photos, tasks.

Tasks and Assignments

  • Create and manage personal and group tasks

  • Discuss assignments and set the deadlines

  • Control task status and deadline, Ghant diagram

  • Receive notifications on the task completion or changes made by the responsible person


  • Blogs

  • Forums

  • Photo gallery

  • Classifieds

Instant Messaging(IM) and Portal Status

  • No need to use web messengers anymore;

  • Instant messaging directly on the portal (web-messenger);

  • Send messages to any employee from the list;

  • Send one text message to all of your group members

  • View message log


Automate regular business processes

How much time your employees spend on ordering office supplies?

Business cards order?

Meeting room reservation?



Meeting Rooms

  • Unlimited number of meeting rooms

  • Assign rights for room reservation

  • Regular events


  • The e-Learning module enables you to create online training courses, conduct tests and certificate employees.

  • A typical training course includes the following elements:

  • Chapters: subject sections and subsections of the course. Each chapter may contain many subsections.

  • Lessons: the course contents. Lessons can be linked to chapters, subsections or the course (unlinked).

  • Questions: offered to learners after they read lessons.

  • Self-check tests: allow students to know how well they learned a lesson. 

  • Final test: all questions can be assembled in a large test; the self-check questions can be excluded from the final test.

Training courses


Technical features:

  • hierarchical structure of the learning material;

  • single and multiple answers to questions;

  • limits on test time and attempts;

  • random question selection.


  • Personal user portal with user or role-based personalization capabilities

  • Email and/or on-site portal changes notifications

  • View last portal updates

My Portal

Bitrix 8.0:

My Portal: User can set personal page view preferences.

Major advances of Bitrix Inranet Portal Version 8.0

  • XMPP server for universal communications

  • Personal Dashboard

  • Two-way integration with MS Outlook (Calendar & Tasks)

  • Additional buttons added to the user-interface to allow content management without using Admin Panel

  • Booking Meeting Rooms (updated)

  • GEO Targeting

A technological breakthrough in the Intranet market

Product capabilities

  • works with open-source applications (Unix, Linux, MySQL, PHP);

  • custom business logic development;

  • adaptive and intuitive interface(Ajax-interface);

  • 2 optimal out-of-the-box designs with 3 color schemes for each design;

  • Offered as either a licensed/self-hosted model or a hosted (SaaS) model

Bitrix Intranet Portal is licensed on a per user basis. One Bitrix Intranet Portal license includes twenty five (25) authorized portal users. If your company requires more than 25 users you can purchase additional users. Volume discounts up to 55% on additional users are available. Bitrix Intranet Portal allows one live installation on server and one test installation (with 5 or less authorized portal users). The test installation should be deleted after the testing process is completed.

License Policy

The customer is granted:

  • One year of free technical support

  • One year of free updates and new module downloads

  • Access to a special forum to contact our specialists. This forum is set up to gather feedback, which is used by us to set priorities for new module development

  • Optional custom module development

  • Optional custom version upgrades

  • Privileged subscription (22% of the product price) or Standard subscription (60%) for each additional year of technical support

The commercial versions of the product are supplied with full source code.

  • Bitrix Intranet Portal is stable even under 20,000 unique users on server

  • Flexible access policy allows setting the required access permissions to certain user groups

  • Constantly improved product security

Superb Performance and Security

SiteUpdate Technology

SiteUpdate Technologyallows to download product updates and new product modules at no expense


How to begin?

Download the 30 Day Free Trial:


Toll Free Number (US only)



Telephone Number:


Postal address

901 N. Pitt str, Suite 325

Alexandria, VA 22314

Contact Information

Sales Web Site:

Partner Program Overview

Bitrix Partner Program offers three levels of partnership: Registered Partners

All partners start at the Registered level. There are no contracts or certification requirements. Registered partners may have any level of expertise in Bitrix Solutions and be interested in accessing resources and aligning themselves more closely with Bitrix. Becoming a Registered Partner is easy; just fill out the application form on Bitrix’s Partner web-site. Certified Partners

Certified Partners demonstrate a high degree of competence in working with Bitrix Solutions. Certified Partners view Bitrix products as an important element of their business. Certified Partners sign a contract and complete specific certification requirements. By committing resources, Certified Partners receive Telephone-Based Account Engagement, the Bitrix Certified Partner logo, free software licenses, and much more. Gold Certified Partners

Gold Certified Partners view Bitrix as a critical component of their business. Gold partners sign a contract and complete increased certification requirements. By demonstrating the highest level of commitment to Bitrix, Gold Certified partners receive premier benefits such as personalized account engagement, the Bitrix Gold Certified Partner logo, sales leads, higher margins, and free software licenses.

Partner Program Benefits

  • Marketing Support

  • Sales Support

  • Technical Support

  • Partner Education

  • Bitrix Partner Portal

Add Value or Resell?

  • An intranet requires:

    • Employee input (research)

    • Best practices intelligence (benchmarking)

    • Business requirements analysis and documentation

    • Strategic planning (mission, objective, goals, CSIs)

    • Functional planning (structure, content, etc.)

    • Governance model

    • Policies and guidelines

    • Business case and ROI

    • Content management & migration

    • Information architecture

    • Layout

    • Design

    • Tools

    • Staffing

    • Technology implementation

    • Network and database administration

    • Integration

    • Writing

    • Etc.


Toll Free Number (US only)



Telephone Number:


Postal address

901 N. Pitt str, Suite 325

Alexandria, VA 22314

Contact Information

Sales Web Site:

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