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The Falcon Hun ter

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The Falcon Hun ter. Where will the six cousins spend their holiday ? ‘‘ I’m at almaylas, come on! ’’ Khalifa called Saeed. saeed arrived quickly and s topped his car in front of khalifa’s house. The cousins hugged other very strongly.

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Where will the six cousins spend their holiday ?

‘‘I’m at almaylas, come on!’’Khalifa called Saeed. saeed arrived quickly and

stopped his car in front of khalifa’s house. The cousins hugged other very strongly.

Khalifa said, ‘‘How are you man? Finally you are back to us. You really can’t imagine

how much we miss you.’’

Saeed was studying a bachelor in USA, along of time goes while living far away from his hometown. With shiny and happy tears he looked all around the place and smiled. Every corner was filled of happy, sad and funny memories. He was looking at the walls with missing eyes like who wants to hug it so tight and tell “I WILL COME BACK”.


Khalifa brought arabic coffee and dates first, and khabees which was the best food for Saeed. They started talking and remembering their past days and how awesome it was with there other cousins. Saeedsaid, ‘‘Let’s invite our cousins to come. I really miss them so much.’’The other cousins came. They were very happy for being together again. Elated Mohammed suggested, ‘‘Guys why don’t we go in a falconry trip and spend our winter holiday in something interested?’’

Khalifareplied, ‘‘Absolutely i agree!’’Everyone loved that fantastic idea. Then they started preparing their falconry tools and their tent and homestead purposes. They were so excited.


They took their falcons and drove off toward Alrub’alkhali desert. When they got so far from the city, unfortunately khalifa’s car started to slow down. The oil of the car was finished and they forgot to bring oil with them. Khalifa and Sultan left the car and went with their cousins in the other car, so they went back to look for a patrol station.


The cousins still looked for a patrol station until they found an old one. They filled their car and bought many patrol bottles for their long trip. The youngest one Majedsaid, ‘‘Guys I am so tired. Let’s take a rest.’’ They ate their lunch and continued their trip

after the short rest.

When they arrived to the place of the car, khalifa and Sultan filled their car of patrol. Then they directed to the camping place. While khalifa drove the car his brown falcon shahab was sitting on his shoulder, there was a very strong relationship between khalifa and his falcon shahab.


At evening they built their tent in a fit place. The weather was very cold when they sat together around the fire, under the moonlight ,and beside them the falcons were standing on the (Mnql). Saif made the coffee, he is a professional arabic coffee maker. They always ask him to make the the coffee in their falconry trips.


In the morning the men woke up and got ready for falconry, they took the tools, the msabiq, Almrsl, Alds, Almnql, Almkhaddjh, Almluah, Drbel, the map of the location . Sultan and khalifa put Alburqa onto the falcons’ faces to cover their eyes and felt calm and comfortable.

They started hunting with the brave falcons. Sulta’sfalcon hunted two rabbits and Khalifa’sfalcon hunted one houbara and a rabbit. They the best as usual. The cousins went back to their camp before the dark, so they ate their dinner. Before sleeping Mohammed turned off the fire and put the patrol bottle in the tent.


In the middle of night, while everyone was sleeping, shahab falcon felt worried, then he got free, but suddenly he knocked the opened patrol bottle, and drank a bit of the patrol.

khalifa woke up to drink some water. When he saw his falcon near the patrol bottle with red eyes and paleface, khalifa shocked by what happened. He took his falcon quickly, and went so fast like the wind to the vet in Alain. He didn’t want to lose shahab cause he mean a lot to him. Khalifa felt like he lose the city way. He looked for the map, but he didn’t find it. He was driving and driving with a big sadness and fright of losing his precious falcon.


Khalifa kept trying to find the city way until the morning came and his falcon was felling so bad, when he was lost, and didn’t know where to go. He saw a tent at the top of a sand dune, he quickly drove his car to it. ‘‘Hello!!! is anyone here? ’’called khalifa.

A beautiful badawi woman got out the tent and replied, “Who are you?”

Khalifa told her about everything happened with and his falcon.

The woman said, “I know someone can help your falcon. He is a vet. He lived alone in the other side. Everyone who came here couldn’t go near his place. Seriously he is a very strange man.” khalifa thanked the women. Then he went to the vet. When he arrived he stopped his car in front of the vet’s tent. He called loudly “Hello!!!!”The man was surprised with the unique voice like a human voice. He had never heard this voices from a very long time ago.


While khalifa was standing outside the tent and calling, a head came out the cover of the tent and back. Khalifa yelled ,“Excuse me they told me that you’re a vet, please!!! Can you help my falcon? He’s so sick. ’’

Khalifa waited but there was no response.

He tried calling again. “Heeyyyy!!!!! I know you listen me and I know that you can do it, please! I’m losing my falcon. Shahabis the only anniversary from my dad, help him please!” A short man, with long white beard and filled face of wrinkles caught the falcon and gave him green juice to drink.

After that the vet said, “Yalla” and the falcon flew away as nothing bad happened to him.


Khalifaasked the vet about the cost of the treatment. The vet looked strangely at Khalifaand said, “I do not do that because of you humens, I just do it because of these poor animals who deserve to live more.”

Khalifawent back to his cousins with shahaband told them about his long day.