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iPhone 5. About iPhone5 . A news conference to publish on 12,Sept in San Francisco. Apple publish the cell phone which is expected by the apple fans in the whole world. Only to launch a pattern of iPhone once a year.

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about iphone5
About iPhone5
  • A news conference to publish on 12,Sept in San Francisco. Apple publish the cell phone which is expected by the apple fans in the whole world.
  • Only to launch a pattern of iPhone once a year.
  • Before Apple publish the new items, many people had a lots of conjecture. It still named “iPhone 5” which is easy to remember and conform to the public opinion in the end.

Generally speaking, except the first generation of iPhone, iPhone change appearance almost once between two generation.

  • iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are the same. Moreover iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S change in square-shaped. The design of iPhone 5 is closed to iPhone 4 but the screen is taller.
  • The designer of iPhone5 , JonyIve, say that they design the new iPhone once more, because the consumer will more convenient.


  • Apple make iphone5 so thin and so light without sacrificing features or performance.
  • 7.6 millimeters thin
  • reversible Lightning connector is 80 percent smaller than the 30-pin connecto
  • created a nano-sim card, which is 44 percent smaller than a micro-sim

2. Iphone 5 has single chip for voice and data, but conventional phone need two chips

3. 8MP I Sight camera has more features- panorama and dynamic low-light mode.

4. New A6 chip is up to 2X faster than the A5 chip

5. The pixels do double duty so that consumer can experience more clearity than ever before.


6. Precision:

A machine compares the images with 725 uniquely cut inlays to find a precise match

7. Sapphire Crystal :

The Surface of the iSight camera is made by sapphire crystal whose hardness is second only to diamond.

8. Diamond-cut Beveled Edge


9. Ear Pods

Apple Earpods are more comfortable,

durable and stable for more people than any other earbud-style headphones. And it also provides stronger protecton from water and heat



  • Incompatible connectors
  • Incompatible apps
  • Maps app ‘s problem
  • No have a micro SD memory card slot

Incompatible connectors

  • As anyone with an accessory for an older iPhone that relies on the 30-pin connector won’t be able to instantly use it with the new iPhone 5.

Incompatible apps

  • Your apps aren\'t likely to just stop working on the iPhone 5, since it probably runs the same version of iOS.

Maps app ‘s problem

  • Some of the problems include 3D and satellite images being buggy.


  • The growth of new markets
  • Cooperation with other enterprises or movies
  • Compromise with HTC

New markets

  • better economic condition of many developing countries offers the possibility to sell iPhones in these countries


  • the company can be the sponsor of some enterprises, dramas or movies, which rises reputation
  • also makes some advertisements at the same time

Compromise with HTC

  • the company can concentrate on innovating, and even build a good relationship with HTC to compete with other companies

Brand competition

HTC Samsung RIM-Black Berry



  • Galaxy S III: the bestselling phone in the U.S.
  • Galaxy Note II:
  • a massive, 5.5-inch display that puts the iPhone 5\'s 4-incher to shame
  • more camera options than some digital SLRs
  • the number of features and capabilities

Operating system: Android

  • Mobile Phones based on Google’s Android Operating System.
  • Some apps andsoftwareare free in Android suchaswhatsapp

Bandit Phone

  • Especially in China
  • The function and shape is similar to Iphone.
  • The price is cheaper than iphone.

Economic Recession

  • The low desire forconsuming
  • No need forexchangingthe previous iphone to iphone 5


  • Flood of lawsuits against Android device makers
  • Negative reputation in some circles
  • Lose big public opinion

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