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How to Install Windows 8

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How to Install Windows 8 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows 8 is another revolutionary operating system by Microsoft released in 2012 as part of Windows NT OS family, it is based on Metro design language which offers great UI and accessibility. At present Windows 8 has been migrated to Windows 8.1 with added security and more advanced features. For more you can check \n

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This step-by-step guide shows you how to install Microsoft Windows 8. Follow this guide to install any version of Windows 8 like Basic, Pro or Enterprise.

The easy way to install Windows8 is to do a clean install. Before you start the installation process it is recommend that you check Windows 8 System Requirements to ensure that your hardware is supported by Windows 8.

You need to have bootable Windows 8 DVD or Flash Drive in order to install Windows 8. If you don’t have DVD you can use a Flash Drive to install Windows 8, Check here to make Flash drive Bootable and copy Windows 8 into it.


Follow these steps to Install Windows 8.

  • Step 1 – Insert Windows 8 DVD/Flash Drive in your computer and start your PC. 
  • Step 2 – Press Boot Key on your keyboard as soon you see the logo of computer manufacturer.
  • Boot key varies by the computer manufacturer
  • Dell Boot Key is F12
  • HP boot Key is F9
  • Samsung boot key is F12
  • Sony F11, F12
  • Generally, boot key remains F2, F9, F10, F11 or F12 or you can Google it for your Computer manufacturer.

Step 3. Select your installation media, if you are using flash drive choose “Removable Media”, if installing by DVD select CD-ROM drive using up/down key on your keyboard, and hit Enter.


Windows 8 will start to boot up and you will get the following screen with a rotating progress bar.


Step 4. The next screen allows you to setup your language, time and currency format, keyboard or input method. Choose your required settings and click next to continue.


Step 5.The next screen allows you to install or repair Windows 8. Since we are doing a clean install we will click on "install now".


Step 6.At this stage you need to type your product key that came with your copy of Windows 8. Click next once you have entered the product key correctly.


Step 8. Choose the type of installation you want. Since you are doing a clean install you need to click on custom.


Step 9. Choose where you would like to install Windows 8. If you have one hard drive you will get an option similar to the image below. You can click next to continue

If you have more than one drive or partition then you need to select the appropriate drive and click next.

If you want to partition a large drive then do not click next. And follow as below-


Step 10.  If you want to partition an existing drive then click new. Choose the size of the partition and click apply.

Performing a clean install means blowing away all existing partitions


Step 11. But if you want to delete all existing partition and want to install windows 8 fresh then select the partition and hit delete. ( Deleting any partition will also delete the data you create a backup before)


Once you delete each of the existing partitions, you\'ll see that all of the space will be combined together in one chunk labeled Unallocated Space.


Step 12. Choose the partition and click on Next.

Step 13.The Installing Windows stage begins with copying files from the DVD to the hard disk.


When the system restarts, you\'ll be prompted to choose a color scheme for Windows 8 and a PC name


When the Settings screen appears, as shown in Figure P, you can choose to customize these settings or you can allow Windows to use the express settings. If you are unsure, you can click the Learn more link and get more details.


On the next screen, you\'ll choose how you want to sign on to Windows 8

It will be to your advantage to use an existing Microsoft account or to create one.


After filling the details of your account on the next couple of screens, you\'ll eventually see a screen that changes color as it alerts you the Setup is getting your PC ready.


Windows 8 comes with a host of native apps for the Start screen interface that replace and add to the group of applications that used to come with previous versions of Windows.


Once the apps are installed, you\'ll see the Start screen.

The Start screen appears when the installation procedure is complete.



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