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Live lesson every Tuesday @ 22:00 (KSA time) Taught by Abu Ismaeel Saalik Ad- deen Ahmed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Live lesson every Tuesday @ 22:00 (KSA time) Taught by Abu Ismaeel Saalik Ad- deen Ahmed m Exercises from lesson 4a Vocabulary for lesson 4b Grammar for lesson 4b Prepositions Pronouns Lesson 4b from the text book. PREVIOUSLY COVERED IN LESSON 4b. TEXT BOOK

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Live lesson every Tuesday @ 22:00

(KSA time)

Taught by

Abu IsmaeelSaalik Ad-deen Ahmed

  • Lesson 4b from the text book



    LESSON 4b

    أنا من اليابانِ


    عمّارٌ من الصينِ

    هو من الهندِ

    ذَهَبَ إلى المديرِ

    لا, ذَهَبَ عليٌّ إلى المرحاضِ







    The Messenger : الرسول

    The Ka’bah :الكعبة


    LESSON 5

    The Name :الاسم

    The Son :الابن

    The Paternal Uncle :العم

    The Maternal Uncle :الخال

    The Bag : الحقيبة

    The Car : السيّارة

    The Street : الشارع

    Closed :مُغلَقٌ

    Beneath/ Under :تَحتَ

    There :هُنَاكَ

    الإضافة - مضاف و مضاف إليه

    The Possessive Expression


    LESSON 5

    الإضافةis used to show how one noun belongsto another noun or is possessed by another noun.

    Example:سيّارةُ المديرِسيّارةُ مديرٍ

    The manager’s carA manager’s car

    المضاف : سيّارة/ The possessed

    المضاف إليه : المدير/ The possessor

    The مضاف always precedes the مضاف إليه

    The مضافchanges it’s case ending depending on it’s function in the sentence, however, the مضاف إليه is always مجرور

    سيّارةُ المديرِ

    The manager’s car

    • المضاف: The Possessed

    • Always precedes the مضاف إليه

    • Can be in any case (nominative - dhammah, genitive - kasrah, accusative - fatthah)

    • By default it is definite even though it doesn’t have ‘al’ before it

    • It doesn’t accept the tanween.

    • المضاف إليه : The Possessor

    • Can be definite or indefinite

    • Is always in the genitive case

    Indeclinable words : كلماتمبنية

    In Arabic some words are indeclinable, meaning that their endings do not change regardless of their function within a sentence or what they are preceded by. These types of words in Arabic are referred to as being مبنية .


    مَن = كتابُ مَن هذا؟

    أينَ = مِن أينَ خرج محمد؟

    هذا = خرج محمد مِن هذا الفصل

    تَحتَ/ Beneath, under

    The noun that follows تحت takes the genitive case because it is مضاف إليه

    Example:الحقيبةُ تحت المكتبِ

    The bag is underneath the desk

    همزة الوصل و همزة القطع

    The Arabic letter ‘ا - Alif’ is of two types:

    1 –همزة القطعأ-:Hamza tul-qat’ – This type of Hamza is always pronounced.

    أين ذهب محمد و أين ذهب عليٌّ

    2 - همزة الوصل- ا: Hamza tul-wasl – Some words begin with this type of Hamza. If that word is preceded by a word or letter then this Hamza is not pronounced, however, it remains in written form.

    ابن الإمام طبيب وابن المدير مدرس

    النداء: Vocative Particle

    In Arabic a word that is used for calling someone is called An-nidaaالنداءand in Arabic we use ‘يا’ for this purpose.

    Example:a teacher : مدرسٌ

    oh teacher : يا مدرسُ

    - The word that follows theنداءis referred to as المنادى.

    -Theمنادىis usually in the nominative case and even if the منادى is indefinite it still only takes one vowel.

    LESSON 5