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We offer reliable information in a modern manner

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We offer reliable information in a modern manner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Like the knowledge we continuously progress and evolve. We offer reliable information in a modern manner. Company. - Scientific material under the supervision of a group of specialist, their knowledge is the power to enable people to communicate in a special way .

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Like the knowledge we continuously progress and evolve.

We offer reliable information in a modern manner



- Scientific material under the supervision of a group of specialist, their knowledge is the power to enable people to communicate in a special way.

- Direct sales is the most effective in selling products, and the most growth in the world.

- Doesn’t need big capital to enter the business, with a good chance to achieve a good income.

- The work environment helping to develop entrepreneurial skills and positive social personality.

- You don’t need previous experience, the age is open to all and do not require academic qualifications to work on.

- Our mission is to provide reliable information in different specialties and improve the knowledge of the participants.


Our Product

  • Programs and Education
  • Lectures and Training.

Average of once lecture

a month.

Some are free and some

at a discount to the members.


Join us and get:

  • - membership.
  • - Assumption office.
  • - Participation in the activities.
  • - All this with U$D (25) or
  • OMR (10) and it is for one time payment only and without yearly renewal.
  • How does it work?
  • - Attend the presentation and learn about
  • the services and the products.
  • - Sign up for the products package.
  • - Pass your experience to two (2) friends.
  • - Follow up and support your team and transfer
  • your method of working to all your team member.

$ $ $ Income Plans $ $ $

You can get sufficient income with us through the following :







Immediate income



Commission paid by the company to the members are for products and services

that are sold through the members network.This type of work falls under the direct sales industry which is well known globally.And now it\'s the best way for many people to enter the world of business,In additional you’ve a team working with you

to help to build your project step by step.





Binary Plan



200 steps

per week

200 steps

per week

Company pay (U$D 5) (OMR 1.900) for each step –

Step is (3) members Left and (3) members Right

(200) steps is a maximum steps per week (U$D 1,000) (OMR 385)


Incentives Plan

  • Special Incentives Plan Offer for all participants:
  • Win (5,000) OMR, you must follow the below condition:
  • Buy ONE package for membership and build a team of 8190 people, divided to 4095 people in the right and 4095 people in the left (Step 12).
  • Below table explain how it works:

Summary of Commissions Plan

  • There is no deletion of your sales which is not qualify for payment in the binary plan but will
  • shift / transfer to the next week and so on.
  • With us you can achieve U$D 1,000 (OMR 385) a week.

Methods of Commissions Payment

- Binary sales are calculated from Monday to

Sunday midnight (Dubai Time). -  And payment will make after ( 7 ) days from the date

of maturity of the commission through bank transfer.

- Also, you can receive your commission immediately

by buying packages e-cards using your

commissions in your account. - In case of bank transfer then 15% of the requested

withdrawal amount will be deducted.

- Minimum withdrawal amount is U$D 300.


To achieve success you must work as per (SMART) theory

  • 1- Specific: Don\'t say for example: I want to be happy! What happiness is originally means from your point of view. Be specific when set a goal for yourself, to know that you made it ​​when you achieved it.
  • Example: I want to have high income, and enough for my needs…
  • 2- Measurable: What is the high-income basis. Put a figure or value that you can measure this objective, the order to ensure that the goal is not tangible and elusive
  • mirage that cannot catch him. Example: I want my income to be $$$$ per month.
  • 3- Ambitious: Don\'t be modest in your dreams, as long as we are talking about the goal of our lives so we must set a major goal. If you dream to become the fifth, then you not become the first ever.  
  • 4- Realistic: Ambition doesn\'t mean to be fantastic! Don\'t you wish to grow wings, and that adherence to the stars with your hands.
  • 5- Timed: The real difference between the goal and the dream is, the goal is a dream we have decided to achieve.
  • The ideal way to achieve these dreams, is to put a timetable for the things that we should do in order to reach this goal.
  • Don\'t think you will start tomorrow, because tomorrow will never come.