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What is Government?. What is Government?. Purpose Enforce Public Policies (what are they?) Security v. Freedom Characteristics 3 Branches Legislative Executive Judicial Most bound by a constitution. State. What is a state?

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What is government2 l.jpg
What is Government?

  • Purpose

    • Enforce Public Policies (what are they?)

    • Security v. Freedom

  • Characteristics

    • 3 Branches

      • Legislative

      • Executive

      • Judicial

        • Most bound by a constitution

State l.jpg

  • What is a state?

    • A body of people, living in a defined territory, organized politically and with the power to make and enforce law without the consent of any higher authority.

  • Nation v. Country

Characteristic of a state l.jpg
Characteristic of a State

  • Population

  • Territory

  • Sovereignty

  • Government

Origins of government l.jpg
Origins of Government

  • Force Theory

  • Evolutionary Theory

  • Divine Right Theory

  • Social Contract

Classifying governments l.jpg
Classifying Governments

  • Who can participate?

  • The geographic distribution of governmental power within the state

  • The relationship between the legislative and executive branches of government

Who can participate l.jpg
Who can participate?

  • Democracy

  • Despotism

    • Autocracy

    • Oligarchy

Who can participate democracy l.jpg
Who can participate? Democracy

  • Supreme political authority rests w/ people

  • People hold sovereign power and government is conducted only by & with the consent of the people

  • “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” –Abraham Lincoln

Who can participate democracy9 l.jpg
Who can participate? Democracy

  • Direct- (pure democracy)- people themselves create the policies

    • Practical for small communities

  • Indirect- (representative democracy)- group of people are chosen to represent specific populations

Who can participate despotism l.jpg
Who can participate? Despotism

  • Those who’s rule cannot be held responsible to the will of the people

  • Oldest and most common throughout history

    • Autocracy

    • Oligarchy

  • Totalitarian

  • Usually gain power through force

Geographic distribution of power l.jpg
Geographic Distribution of Power

  • Unitary Government

  • Federal Government

  • Confederate Government

Geographic distribution of power unitary government l.jpg
Geographic Distribution of PowerUnitary Government

  • Centralized

  • Great Britain—Parliament

    • Local Governments only to relieve burden of menial tasks

  • Doesn’t mean Dictatorship!!!

Geographic distribution of power federal government l.jpg
Geographic Distribution of PowerFederal Government

  • Division of Power

  • Ex: USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, India and 20+ others

Geographic distribution of power confederate government l.jpg
Geographic Distribution of PowerConfederate Government

  • Alliance of independent states

  • Ex: USA Between 1781-1789, EU

Relationship between legislative and executive branches l.jpg
Relationship between Legislative and Executive Branches

  • Presidential Government (USA, France)

    • Executive and legislative branches of the Government are separate

    • Independent

    • Equal

  • Parliamentary (Great Britain, India)

    • Executive is the leader of the majority party

Types of government l.jpg
Types of Government

  • Anarchy

  • Democracy

  • Autocracy

  • Monarchy

  • Dictatorship

  • Oligarchy

  • Stratocracy

  • Theocracy

  • Plutocracy

Positives and negatives of government l.jpg
Positives and Negatives of Government