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Welcome to Wanxiang Group PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Welcome to Wanxiang Group History Business Overview Manufacturing Capability Quality Assurance Market Overview Development Strategy Wanxiang History Wanxiang History Wanxiang’s Yesterday Founded in 1969 Started with total $500 1969 1979 Wanxiang History

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Welcome to Wanxiang Group

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Welcome to wanxiang group l.jpg

Welcome to Wanxiang Group

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Business Overview

Manufacturing Capability

Quality Assurance

Market Overview

Development Strategy

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Wanxiang History

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Wanxiang History

Wanxiang’s Yesterday

  • Founded in 1969

  • Started with total $500



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Wanxiang History

Wanxiang’s Revenue Growth Since 1989

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Wanxiang History

Wanxiang’s Position in China

  • 2nd Largest Private Company In China

  • One of Top 120 Enterprises in China

  • One of 520 National Key Enterprises

  • No.1 State-Class Technical Center In China At Automobile Industry

  • State-Class Automobile Parts Lab

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Wanxiang History

Founder of Wanxiang

  • Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  • Featured on the cover of Newsweek in May, 1991.

  • Elected to State Congress for several sessions.

  • Deputy Chairman of State Entrepreneur Association.

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Wanxiang Business

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Wanxiang Business


Become A Global Leader in Automotive Components and Systems; Continually Expanding Products Mix and Process Capacity By Implementing World-Class Processes and Technologies

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Wanxiang Business

Origanization and Business Structure Chart

Stockholder Representatives Conference

Administration Majordomo


Chairman of the Board










Investment Co.









America Co.

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Wanxiang Business

  • 3 Industrial Bases Covering Area of 2 Sq. Kilometers (21,500,000 Sq. Feet)

  • 50 Subsidiaries of Auto Parts Manufacturing

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Industrial Base I in Hangzhou, China

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Made By Wanxiang

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Driveshafts and Universal Joints

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Steering Column Series

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Halfshafts (CV Axles)

RF Rzeppa U.J.

AC Rzeppa U.J.

DO Plunging

Rzeppa U.J.

GI Plunging

Tripod U.J.

VL Plunging

Rzeppa U.J.

(Incline Raceway)

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Axle Shafts

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Taper Roller Bearings

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Hub Units and Ball Bearings

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Brake Series

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Wheel Rims, Mufflers and Water Pump Series

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Shock Absorbers

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Wanxiang Manufacturing


Electron Clutch


Pump Mini-motor

Auto Oil Pump


Grass Cutter


Bookcase Mover


Gear Pump




Rotor Assembly

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Wiper Motors

Xiali Motor

Citroen Motor

DongFeng 1.5T series Motor

Italy Fiat Motor

Liuzhou Motor

Jiangxi Fuqi Motor

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Tie Rods and Ball Joints

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Wanxiang Manufacturing

Casting Line

Molten Iron Pouring

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Wanxiang Quality Assurance

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Wanxiang Quality Assurance


ISO 9002

QS 9000



  • ISO9002 Certified in 1997

  • QS9000 Certified in 2001

  • TS16949 Certified in 2001

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Wanxiang Quality Assurance

Testing Equipment

The Four Square Test Systems

Manufactured in USA. Applied to road simulations test and wear life test of CVJ and drive shaft.

Static Torque Tester

Applied to static torque intensity of automobile drive shaft assembly and U-joint cross assembly.

Test parameters: ----Torque up to 10000N.m

---- Torque up to 35000N.m

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Wanxiang Quality Assurance

Control Tools R&R Analysis

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Wanxiang Quality Assurance

Process SPC Control

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Wanxiang Quality Assurance

Process Capability Research

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Wanxiang Market

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Wanxiang Market

Global Market System

Wanxiang in Tianjin



Wanxiang in UK

Wanxiang in Shanghai

Wanxiang in US

Wanxiang in Mexico

Wanxiang in Shenzhen

Wanxiang Australia

OEM Supplier for GM and FORD

Wanxiang in Brazil

18Subsidiaries in America

and Europe

US $380,000,000 Export

Sales in 2003

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Wanxiang Market

Market Constitution

Overseas Market

Domestic OEM Market

Service upon request

Domestic Service Market

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Wanxiang Market

Our Domestic OEM Customers


SAW (Citroen)

Wuhan Citron

Hainan Mazda

GM Liuzhou Wuling

Chongqing Chang’an


Nanjin Auto Group


Tianjin Xiali (Toyota)

Shanghai VW

Beijing Jeep(Daimler Chrysler)

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Wanxiang Market

Mature Sales Network Throughout the Country

In 23 Provinces/


165 Agencies and 3000 Outlets

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Wanxiang Market

Wanxiang Overseas Operations Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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万向制造 Manufacturing Capability

Wanxiang Development Strategy

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Development Strategy

The First of Global Growth Strategies

Form Strategic Partnerships with Global Automotive Systems Suppliers, and Establish World-Class Engineering and Production Facilities in Support of Those Relationships

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Development Strategy

The Second of Global Growth Strategies

Establish A North American Technical Center in Support of Global OEM New Product and Technology Development

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Development Strategy

The Third of Global Growth Strategies

Increase Global Market Share by Expanding Product Offering, Providing Technical Leadership and World-Class Processes. Continue to Be Global Leader in Cost Effectiveness.

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Development Strategy

Establish Perfect Overseas Operating System

Training Employes





Establish Technical

Center Abroad

Subsidiaries in

Other Countries

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