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Unit Two News media Do you know how a newspaper is made - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit Two News media Do you know how a newspaper is made? Interview (journalist) Meeting (chief editor and journalists) Taking pictures (photographer) Writing reports Deciding the contents and the headlines Developing films Delivering newspapers Publishing newspapers

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Unit Two

News media

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(chief editor and journalists)

Taking pictures


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Writing reports

Deciding the contents and the headlines

Developing films

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Delivering newspapers

Publishing newspapers

Buying newspapers

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Reading text


the Headlines

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The text below is about reporters and newspapers. Look at the title and the pictures. Try to guess which of the following questions the text will answer.

____How does a reporter decide what to write?

____How much does a newspaper cost?

____Why do people read newspapers?

____How do newspapers report what happens?

____Where do people read newspapers?

____How do newspapers help us understand the


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What’s their job? Are they interviewing people or being interviewed?

talented journalists



Chen Ying

Zhu Lin


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Listening interviewed?

Try to decide the following sentences are True or alse

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  • Newspapers and other media only tell people what happens. interviewed?

  • A journalist has to do exactly as his editor tells him when he decides what he’s going to write.

  • The first thing a journalist does in writing a report is (to) make appointments for interviews.

  • Chen Ying’s favourite story is about an ordinary young woman.

  • The media can often help solve problems and draw attention to situations where help is needed.






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F interviewed?

6. Newspapers and other media simply record what happens.

  • In this passage, Chen Ying and Zhu Lin are playing a role of interviewers in order to get some information from others.

  • A reporter begins his/her work by preparing questions and then contacts the people to be interviewed.

  • An editor’s job is to keep the newspaper balanced and interesting to readers.




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F interviewed?

10 As a reporter, his/her basic task is to discuss his/her articles with the editor, listen to his comments and suggestions.

11. Carefully written articles and TV programmes can cause misunderstandings between people in different countries.

12. If a reporter writes about the efforts made to bring stolen cultural relics back, he/she has to contact famous museums around the world and interview the experts in the field.



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1.What’s the task of an editor/ a reporter? interviewed?

2.Which article do they like best?

3.What would they like to write about

4.Uses of news media

5.How do media influence our life?


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Skimming interviewed?

  • What is the topic paragraph and topic sentence for the passage?

    Newspapers and other media do more than simply record what happens.

  • What is the interview with ZhuLin and Chen Ying about?

The interview with Zhu Lin and Chen Ying is mainly about ___________________ and _________________________.

the journalists’ work

how the news is made

editor / reporter

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to keep ..balanced ,interesting interviewed?



(long& important )





(before interview)



get…to talk


how to ask,




(after interview)

make sure…reflect


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Zhu Lin interviewed?

Chen Ying

which of the articles do you like best ?

about the efforts to bring ..back

contact …museums

interview… experts

( news& story)

about an ordinary young woman

adapt to…life

( with real passion,

realize … different)

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You would like to write about... interviewed?

Zhu Lin

Chen Ying

explore mysteries in life

music, art, nature

spiritual fulfillment

The basic task is to report an event truthfully.

people we seldom read about

( solve…social problems,

help … suffer from..,

not ignore )

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Uses of news media interviewed?

1. help solve problems and draw attention to situations where help is needed.

2. help people become interested in important questions around the world.

3. help people all over the world know about each other.

How important news media are!

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How do the media influence our life? interviewed?

solve problems and draw attention to situations where help is needed

better understanding … on all sides

future world where…people are respected views, opinions are tolerated

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What is interviewed?the main idea or the topic sentence of each paragraph?

Newspaper and other media do more than

simply record what happens.

Para 1:

Para 2:

Para 3:

Para 4:

Para 5:

How the journalists decide what they are

going to write.

The favourite articles that Chen Ying and Zhu

Lin have each written.

What kind of articles Chen Ying and Zhu Lin

would like to write in the future.

The news media can help people understand

each other and this world better.

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Debate interviewed?

Famous people are often asked for their opinions on current affairs. Why do people want to hear their opinions? Should we listen to them? For example, if a film or sports star is asked to comment on a “hot topic”, do their opinions matter?

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Pros Cons interviewed?

They don’t know much about what they are talking about.

They are often young and lack experience.

They don’t know much about ordinary people and the life we live.

They are normal people like us.

They are famous.

They are”neutral”; they don’t belong to either side of the the argument.

Useful expressions l.jpg

more than interviewed?

experienced editors

make informed decisions

relate to sb./sth.

for once

rather than

give sb. suggestions

a feature story

develop the story


present…in an organised way

not only


make decisions based on information and knowledge

understand sb. /sth.


而不是, 代替






Useful expressions

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12. reflect… truthfully interviewed?

13. adapt to sth.

14. spiritual fulfilment

15. be addicted to…

16. suffer from

17. even if…

18. draw (one’s) attention to

19. carefully written articles

20. printed articles

21. a better understanding of…

22. on all sides












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23. a critical reader interviewed?

24. check news sources

25. change one’s mind

26. current affairs

27. comment on…

28. hot topic

29. burn down

30. go up

31. would rather do sth.

32. caring citizens

33. make one’s voices heard












Difficult sentences l.jpg
Difficult sentences interviewed?

  • Newspapers and other media domore than simplyrecord what happen.

    Listening is more than listen with ears.

    2. They also make sure that readers can relate to the stories.

    relate to sb./sth. 理解/同情某人(某物)

    It’s difficult to relate to the life of a scientist.

    vt.relate… to/with…把…与…联系起来

    If you relate the results to /with the cause, you will find things are not that simple.

2 be related to l.jpg
( interviewed?2)常用于被动语态:be related to “与…有关系”

  • Wealth is seldom related to happiness

(3)vi. 有关;涉及;常与介词 to连用

That does not relate to him.

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3. interviewed?The two reporters agreed to switch roles for once and be the interviewees rather than the interviewers in order to let us know about their work and how the news we read is made.

for once=just for once /for this once就这/那一次

For once you are right.

rather than=and not


He decided to write rather than to phone.

I’d like to go there in autumn rather than in summer.

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  • He was engaged in writing a letter rather than reading a newspaper.

  • (2) 与其说…….不如说……

  • He is a writer rather than a teacher.=He is more a writer than a teacher.与其说他是教师不如说他是作家.

  • (3)would…rather than…

  • Would rather…than..  宁愿…… 也不 ……

  • (would)prefer…rather than…

  • I would die rather than give in to him.

  • =I would rather die than give in to him.

  • =I (would)prefer to die rather than give in to him.

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4. A reporter begins by contacting the people newspaper.to be interviewed and then prepares questions.

5…. It was the first time that I had written with real passion…

6. The result is a better understanding of the world on all sides, leading to a future world where people from all countries are respected and different views and opinions are tolerated.

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A reporter newspaper.begins by contactingthe people to be interviewedand then prepares questions.

Slide32 l.jpg

interview newspaper.

n. / vt. (As a noun, it refers to an activity.)


n. (It refers to a person who are interviewed.)


n. (It refers to a person who interviews somebody else.)

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Language points newspaper.

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2.Which of the news newspaper.media above is the most reliable?

media意为”媒体;大众传媒”, medium的复数形式,谓语须由复数配合.


The media have been filled with tales

of horror and loss resulting from

Monday’s earthquake.

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reliable newspaper.可信赖的,可依靠的,确定的

1.They are reliable friends .

2.We can’t rely on her for help .

rely on / upon sb. for help 指望某人的帮助

rely on/upon =depend on 依靠

I rely on her to pay back the money.

You may rely on it that he will come to meet you.

rely on it that 句式,“放心好了”

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3 newspaper.. fire


(1) 解雇,开除=dismiss (hire 雇佣)

The man was fired for not being fit for the position.

(2) 开火,开枪 vt./vi.

He fired (his gun)at the big snake.

We must find out who fired the first shot.

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(3) newspaper.激发(人、感情等),使充满热情

The story fired his imagination.


火,火灾catch fire / (be) on fire /

put out the fire / set …on fire / set fire to …

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4. newspaper.face vt. (1) (人)面临/正视(困难等)


He faced the difficulty with courage.

We must face these difficulties and overcome them.

Slide39 l.jpg

(2)face sb. with newspaper.使…面临;把…摆在某人 面前

Sb be faced with面对,面临

face…with (用…)覆盖在…正面

Sth be faced with 被…所覆盖

e.g. 我面对着一个新问题.

I am faced with a new problem.

3 to towards on l.jpg
(3) newspaper.面对;面向(可与介词to/ towards/ on连用)

  • 那房子面朝南.

  • The house faces south/ the south/ to the south.

Slide41 l.jpg

(4) newspaper.face the music




The boy was caught cheating in the exam

and had to face the music.

Slide42 l.jpg

go up newspaper.上升,增长,提高,延伸,叫喊

1.The goods have gone up in quality ,but have not gone up in price

2. The life went up to the fourth floor .

3. There is a path going up to the mountaintop .

4. A cheer went up in the hall.

burn down

The wood-shed burnt down in half an hour.

rob sb./ a place of sth / steal sth from sb.

1.Mrs Smith was robed of her 83,000 designer watch at her westLondon home .

2. She was caught stealing food from the shop .

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newspaper.. The editor’s job is tokeep the newspaper balanced and interestingto the readers.


Slide44 l.jpg

keep newspaper. the newspaper balanced and interesting 为keep + 宾语+宾补结构式, 使人或物保持…状态, 宾补可以由介词短语、形容词、副词和分词短语充当。

I alwayskeepthe key in my pocket.


Slide45 l.jpg

I’m sorry to newspaper.keepyou waiting for so long.


Pleasekeepthe room clean.


Keep him out.别让他进来。

Slide46 l.jpg

He or she must newspaper.present the material in an organized way and make sure that the article reflects events and opinions truthfully.

Slide47 l.jpg

reflect newspaper.vt.

make a visible image of … 反射;映出

Mirrors reflect light.

trees reflected in the water

to show反映;表现

Her sad looks reflected the nature of her thoughts.

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newspaper.. Even though I have interviewed famous people, the story I like best is about an ordinary young woman who tries to adapt to her new life after having studied abroad.


Slide49 l.jpg

Even if newspaper. I have to walk all the way, I will

get there.


I like her even though she can be



Slide50 l.jpg

b. adapt to newspaper.适合

When he moved to Canada, the children

adapted to the change very well.


Slide51 l.jpg

常见搭配 newspaper.

-- 改编/改写

adapt for

-- 根据…改写(改编)

adapt from

-- 使自己适应或习惯于某事

adapt oneself to

-- 使某事物适应或适合

adapt sth. to

Slide52 l.jpg

on all sides newspaper.

There are mountains on all sides. (四面都是山。)

The Olympic Games held in Athens were reported on all sides.


tolerate vt. bear, stand

I can’t tolerate his rudeness. (我不能容忍他的粗鲁行为。)

Slide53 l.jpg

positive newspaper.积极的 (active)

neutral 中立的 (middle)

negative 消极的(passive)

Slide54 l.jpg

fire elect injure switch newspaper.

present relate reflect tolerate

1 Mr. Jones, who has worded for this company for 25 year, president last week.

2 More than 2090 people died or in the earthquake.

3 Mr. Thompson by the publishing company because many of his news stories were not true.

4 As he was fluent in both languages he had no problems

from Chinese into English.

was elected

got injured

was fired

in switching

Slide55 l.jpg

fire elect injure switch newspaper.

present relate reflect tolerate


5 Mathilde’s rough hands and face a life of hard work.

6 What you have said not to what we are concerned with now.

7 He is so rude to his parents. I wouldn't’t that kind of behavior in my family.

8 She spent the whole weekend collecting information on the product, and planned to her findings to her boss on Monday.

does relate