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Montreal Refinery Horizon Project: Delayed Coking Unit Presentation for Occupational Hygiene Association March 26, 2008

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Montreal Refinery Horizon Project: Delayed Coking Unit Presentation for Occupational Hygiene Association March 26, 2008. Colleen Stevenson MHSc, CIH, ROH. AGENDA . Purpose of Presentation What is the Horizon Project? What is a Delayed Coking Unit? EH&S Deliverables on the Project

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Presentation Transcript

Montreal Refinery Horizon Project: Delayed Coking Unit

Presentation for Occupational Hygiene Association March 26, 2008

Colleen Stevenson MHSc, CIH, ROH

  • Purpose of Presentation
  • What is the Horizon Project?
    • What is a Delayed Coking Unit?
  • EH&S Deliverables on the Project
  • Examples of Interesting Issues
purpose of this presentation
Purpose of this Presentation

To share my EH&S experiences on a large scale project.


  • To share learnings and network with others who may be doing something similar
  • To demonstrate how EH&S professionals can be involved in the design of a facility to mitigate EH&S risks prior to operation
  • To validate that the IH education/experience provides a background that positions us well for any disciplines within EH&S field
the horizon project an upgrade to montreal refinery
The Horizon Project- an upgrade to Montreal Refinery
  • Involves the construction of a delayed coking unit (DCU) or a “coker”
  • Involves the revamp of process units and offsites & utilities

When its all said and done:

    • 271 Pieces of Equipment
    • 96 Km of Pipe
    • 9000 Tonnes sof Steel
    • 29,400 Cubic Metres of Concrete
    • 800 Km of Cable and Wire
    • ~$1,000,000,000 Dollars
    • 6,400,000 Man-hours
    • People
      • Petro-Canada, Bantrel (Engineering Procurement, Construction Management firm), contractors, subcontractors
the challenges
The Challenges
  • Language
  • Safety Culture in Quebec
  • Cost Constraints
  • Tight construction schedule
  • Largest Downstream project
  • Working with an EPCM on such a project
what the heck is a coker
What the Heck is a Coker?
  • The benefit of a delayed coking unit is that it allows the refinery to use a lower cost crude;
  • It makes more valuable products like gasoline and distillates vs lower margin products like asphalt and heavy fuel oil;
  • reduces our imports of gasoline/distillates
simple coker block flow diagram
Simple Coker Block Flow Diagram

Extraneous Feeds

Off gas

Light naphtha

Heavy naphtha

Coke Drum

Coke Drum




Vacuum Tower Bottoms/Asphalt

Gas Oil

Charge Heater


my involvement eh s deliverables
My Involvement/EH&S Deliverables

Refinery Site

  • Involvement with Certificate of authorization process and stakeholder engagement
  • Involvement with design for the whole project
    • Ensure design meets regulatory compliance and internal practices
    • Meet deliverables for project management system

3. Involvement with on site safety/prevention program and construction

    • Creating the H/S Program including details around CSST Principle Contractor issues
    • HSE resources on site to support the project
    • Setting expectations with Sr. Management of Contractors to understand their H/S programs
    • Creation of Metrics
    • Stewardship

TME (Port)

    • Storage area for coke at the Port of Montreal
    • Involvement with self assessment
    • Monitoring Canterm and C of A process

Marsulex (Sulphur Plant)

    • plant next door that takes our H2S laden streams and converts it to sulphur (its the sulphur plant for Shell and PC)
    • Review t of expansion options and impact on emissions
    • Walk through and preliminary review of safety program
assessments to support permits or stakeholder engagement
Assessments To Support Permits or Stakeholder Engagement
  • Dispersion modeling for combustion emissions using by-law 90 equation for permit
  • Additional dispersion modeling and deposition modeling using Aermod for PM 10 and 2.5um
  • Baseline noise survey and then modeling estimate of new coker impact (occupational and community risk)
  • Community Risk/Impact Assessment
  • Soil Assessment for classification and occupational hazard risk
  • Economic Impact Assessment
environmental emission impact
Environmental Emission Impact

Vapour recovery project for ship loading will reduce benzene emissions

interesting issues
Interesting Issues
  • PM 10 and PM 2.5 emission modelling
  • Noise- City by-law 50 dBA; Quebec MDDEP, 40 dBA or ambient (43 dBA)
    • Ongoing modelling to determine predictive compliance
  • Tank Dykes
    • Current gas oil and Sour Water W tank dyke capacity constraints
    • New SW tank will be added as part of project
  • Coker foundation work next to live butane spheres
coke handling and particulate emissions
Coke Handling and Particulate Emissions

There are emission factors related to all coke handling sources.

Credit for controlling emissions is taken.

Final emission releases are calculated and then placed in a

dispersion model to determine impact to the community

pm 2 5 particulate emissions in community
PM 2.5 particulate emissions in community

Draft Air Quality Regulation stipulates 24 hr average of 30 ug/M3

Results from new coker unit and existing plant indicate 1.8 ug/M3

However background of City at closest air monitoring stations is 32 ug/M3

sour water and gas oil tanks
Sour Water and Gas Oil Tanks
  • Concerns included:
  • Dyke capacity
  • H2S concentrations in the event of catastrophic release
coker foundation work close to butane spheres
Significant schedule delays if coker foundation work is not started this year

Live butane spheres

Current berm around spheres needs to be removed and recontoured

Then rock removal 3-4’

Then build barrier wall

Then start foundation work

It would appear that this is a significant risk but how much?

We engaged Ertugral Alp-risk consultant

Coker Foundation Work Close to Butane Spheres

Industrial hygiene



  • The education and experience in IH has left me well positioned to understand and manage effectively, the complexities of this large scale project





occupational health




PM 10



leading measures

dispersion modelling


PM 2.5