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What is in your students’ b ackpacks?

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What is in your students b ackpacks

Delivering assessment-based instruction that is differentiatedto intentionally support the strengths, needs and interests of each student to improve student achievement and success in all subjects and programs YRDSB Plan for Continuous Improvement

What is in your students b ackpacks

What is in your students’ backpacks?

  • Learning style

  • Interests

  • Self-confidence

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What is in your s tudents b ackpacks

What is in yourstudents’ backpacks?

  • Learning style

  • Interests

  • Self-confidence

  • Gender

  • Family structure

  • Socio-economic status

  • Social development

  • Attitudes and values

  • Intellectual ability

  • Developmental stage

  • Sexual orientation

  • Emotions

  • Family Support

  • Life Experiences

  • Natural talents

  • Cultural background

  • Personality

  • Goals

  • Fears

Getting started knowing your learners

Getting Started….Knowing your learners


Understanding the learner

Understanding the Learner

“Students taught in their preferred learning styles demonstrated higher levels of achievement, showed more interest in the subject matter, approved of instructional methods, and wanted other subjects to be taught similarly.”

Bell, L. (1986). Learning styles in the middle school classroom: Why and how. Middle School Journal, 18(1), 18 – 19.

Learning inventories

Learning Inventories

  • Multiple Intelligence

  • Learning Style (VAK)

  • Learning Type

  • Interest

Multiple intelligences

Multiple Intelligences

Linguistic, Logical- Mathematical, Musical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Visual-Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalist

  • Complete survey

  • Place yellow stickie on class profile

  • How would you use this class profile?

  • How would this information impact your instructional planning?

Learning style vak

Learning Style (VAK)

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

  • Complete Inventory

  • Pink stickie on class profile

  • Discuss what sort of activities you do to specifically engage your visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners?

Learning type

Learning Type

  • Choice  Experimentation, Doing things your own way

  • Practicality  Facts and details, Straightforward

  • Research  Theories and working with ideas

  • Feelings  Imagination and a variety of perspectives

Learning type1

Learning Type

  • Complete questionnaire

  • Green stickie note on class profile

  • What’s new in your thinking about learning type?

  • Are there any surprises when you reflect on yourself as a learner?



  • Personal Interests

  • Hobbies

  • Extracurricular Activities

Personal mandala

Personal Mandala

  • When might similar learning characteristics be beneficial in grouping students?

  • When might groupings where there are minimal similarities in learning styles be beneficial?

School group discussion

School Group Discussion

What implications does this information have on instruction and assessment?

What is in your students b ackpacks

Developing class profiles and student profiles can help teachers plan daily instruction that enables every student to learn and achieve success -- instruction that is “necessary for some and good for all”. Learning for All K-12; Draft June, 2009 p. 31

Helpful resources

Helpful Resources

Student Interests/Strengths

www.careercruising.ca (Matchmaker & My Skills)

Learning Preference Inventories


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