Observation feedback review and extension
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Observation & Feedback Review and Extension - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Observation & Feedback Review and Extension. Agenda. Topics for Review Evidence Opinion Bias Instructional Strategies Accountable Talk Talking Chips. New Topics Scenarios and discussion Group processing. Evidence.

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Observation feedback review and extension

Observation & Feedback Review andExtension


  • Topics for Review

    • Evidence

    • Opinion

    • Bias

    • Instructional Strategies

      • Accountable Talk

      • Talking Chips

  • New Topics

    • Scenarios and discussion

    • Group processing


  • A factual reporting of events. It may include teacher and student statements, questions, actions and behaviors, or classroom artifacts.

  • It is free of personal opinion or biases.

Types of opinion
Types of Opinion

Jumping to a conclusion or making an inference

Example:Students needed detailed written instructions.

Types of opinion1
Types of Opinion

Subjective judgment

Example: This was an enjoyable lesson, the kids had fun.

Types of opinion2
Types of Opinion

Using descriptive words rather than facts.

Example:That teacher’s classroom is disorganized.

Bias rating errors
Bias Rating Errors

Bias errors:

Any attitude, tendency or inconsistency which impedes objectivity and accuracy in the evaluation process, or does not relate to the effectiveness of the instruction.

Bias rating errors1
Bias Rating Errors

  • First impression error

  • Halo/horns error

  • Compare/contrast error

  • Similar-to-me error

  • Central bias or Negative-positive error

  • I know you error

  • Emotional state error

Talking chips
Talking Chips

Each person is given a number of colored chips or similar objects to facilitate the processing & discussion. During the discussion students are asked to put a chip in the center of their table every time they share something with the group. The chips serve as a visual reminder of the number of turns each member took.


Get into groups of 4

  • Select person in your group with the most BLING!!

  • As a group decide what level of scenario you want (ES/MS/HS)

  • Most BLING person come to front & get talking chips/accountable talk/scenario

  • Read your scenario carefully with your group

  • Brainstorm ideas for handling your scenario

Exit ticket
Exit Ticket

  • Thinking about your conversations with your colleagues today, what ideas validate your current practice?