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my word
My Word!

You will need to write down a key photography technique/ term on a post it note. You need to take it turns to stand up and point to someone in the class who must then describe what the technique/ term is. That person then chooses the next person to pose a word.

as photography
AS photography
  • Launch assignment - lighting task
  • Assignment line scheme hand out. Write targets.
  • Question and answers on assignment
  • Discuss various photographers
  • Sample to AS books
  • Research task using library
  • Homework Pinterest board
  • Your primary goal is to experiment with lighting to create stylish images, demonstrating technical competence in a range of lighting techniques.
task 1 initial research
TASK 1: Initial research
  • One historical photographer & one contemporary photographer
  • Identify type of lighting set-up used
  • Identify style you wish to work in and product
  • Compare and contrast style and technique
  • Analyse images in usual way
  • At least two images per photographer and remember that all numbers given are a minimum
experimental lighting
Experimental Lighting

Painting with light

Michael Bosanko

Chris Knight



Slow Sync Flash



Unknown - all off Flickr

  • Visit our very own Pinterest wall via wordpress
  • Add to the fashion or commercial category – pin an image and write a very brief summary.
  • Using some of the photographers listed here plus others you have found online and in the library, try to figure out what ‘key’ lighting they have used.
  • Print out a few images and test each other in small groups seeing if you can identify where you think the lights may be.
  • Draw directly onto the print outs to practice lighting diagrams.
  • Start research for task 1.