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Fami qs certification
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This publication s about FAMI – QS Certification. In this context it is talked about importance of FAMI – QS Certification, Steps for achieving Certification and its benefits. Here Global manager group provide steps for sample documents and auditor training presentation for FAMI – QS Certification of any Organization.

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FAMI - QS Certification by Globalmanagergroup.com

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Fami qs certification

FAMI QS Certification

- By Global Manager Group

What is fami qs certification

What is FAMI - QS Certification?

FAMI-QS certification provides suppliers a way to show their commitment to consumers for safe feed and opens the door to new perspective markets. FAMI-QS is the only certification program focused on specialty feed and their mixture ingredients. Having this narrow focus allows this key program to target the essential areas efficiently. FAMI-QS have been officially adopted by EU authorities, who recognize FAMI-QS as an unrivalled system for assessing the requirements of feed hygiene and its regulations.

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Why one should join fami qs

Why one should join FAMI - QS?

The FAMI-QS standard encompasses the trade and manufacturing of processed Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures. Certification process of FAMI - QS is running under a worldwide network of independent and accredited Certification Bodies and qualified assessors, in safeguard of Transparency and Impartiality in the whole certification process. So, FAMI-QS certified operator can demonstrate compliance with the feed safety EU regulation and gain access to the European market.

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What does it cover

What does it cover?

FAMI-QS Code addresses safety, quality and regulatory compliance of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures: minimizing the risk that unsafe specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures enter the feed and food chain; enabling an operator to implement the objectives of the Feed Hygiene Regulation; and providing measures to ensure that other feed safety regulatory requirements are met. FAMI-QS Certification is a pioneer in its field as it is the only certifiable code specifically aimed at specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. It was also the first Community Guide to Good Practice to obtain official recognition from the European Commission as foreseen in the Feed Hygiene Regulation.

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Key steps in fami qs certification

Key Steps in FAMI-QS Certification

  • Definition of certificate scope

  • Pre-audit (optional): gap analysis and diagnosis of your current position against the standard.

  • Initial audit to verity the implementation of the basic structure of the Quality & Feed Safety Management System.

  • Certification audits to assess ongoing improvement.

  • Re-certification after 3 years through full audit or continual assessment.

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Benefit of fami qs standard

Benefit of FAMI-QS Standard

  • As FAMI-QS code standard has been approved by European Authorities that getting certified is the best way of proving to your clients and local authorities that your products meet regulatory criteria.

  • Increased transparency towards your clients & other stakeholders.

  • Minimization of significant animal feed risks, that adulterated feed additives and pre mixtures enter the feed chain

  • Increased staff motivation by focusing on a job well done.

  • Effective control of internal process minimizing risk of failure.

  • Signal sent about a proactive approach to feed safety & quality

  • Avoid audit duplication thanks to the mutual recognition with other animal feed schemes.

  • Focus kept on your essential challenges.

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Sample documents for fami qs certification by global manager group

Sample Documents for FAMI QS Certification By Global Manager Group

  • FAMI – QS Manual

  • Procedures / Operating Procedure (SSOPs): (Procedures 14) and (SOPS 28)

  • Blank Forms and Templates

  • FAMI – QS Audit Questionnaire/clause wise audit Questionnaire (More than 300 questions)



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Fami qs auditor training by global manager group

FAMI QS Auditor TrainingBy Global Manager Group

  • Overview and awareness to FAMI-QS.

  • HACCP principals

  • FAMI-QS standard requirements in detail.

  • FAMI-QS documentation.

  • FAMI-QS internal audit process

  • Steps for quick FAMI-QS certifications.

  • Workshop 1 & 2 and case study



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Fami qs certification by globalmanagergroup com

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