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2014 State Use Vendor Training Conference
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2014 State Use Vendor Training Conference. Topics of Discussion.  AbilityOne Program Overview  AbilityOne Partner Roles  Program Capabilities  Acquisition Process. AbilityOne Mission. “Provide employment opportunities for people

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2014 State Use Vendor Training Conference

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2014 state use vendor training conference

2014 State Use Vendor Training Conference

Topics of discussion

Topics of Discussion

 AbilityOne Program Overview

 AbilityOne Partner Roles

 Program Capabilities

 Acquisition Process

Abilityone mission

AbilityOne Mission

“Provide employment opportunities for people

who are blind or have significant disabilities in the manufacture and delivery of products and services to the

Federal Government”

Why is our mission so important

Why is our mission so important?

  • National disability statistics:

    • 17 Million+ Americans have severe disabilities

    • 70% of this Population is not employed

  • AbilityOne is the single largest creator of jobs

    • Over 49,000 employees in FY2013

  • Over 2,800 Federal Government AbilityOne contracts

  • Over 3,300 Disabled War Veterans Working

  • What is the need

    What is the need???

    In the USA:

    70% unemployment rate for persons with a disability who want to work


    All economic strata, color, creed – physical, mental and development disabilities including our wounded warriors and service disabled veterans

    Did you know abilityone

    Did you know – AbilityOne:

    • Provides shipboard provisioning to the Pacific Fleet Theater

    • Sews all the internment flags for the VA

    • Manufactures all the chem-bio suits for our war fighters with a 0 defect tolerance

    • Operates the full DPW for Ft. Bliss, TX

    • Chosen as secure mailroom “vendor of choice” by DHS

    • Operates fleet management @ Ft. Riley – Named in the Top 100 Fleets in the US

    Statutory regulatory authority

    Statutory & Regulatory Authority

    Abilityone program

    AbilityOne Program

    • Mandatory Source

      • Once Added to the Procurement List (PL)

      • Site Specific Service Specific

    • No Need to ever re-compete

      • Sole Source

    • No Option Years

      • Follow On Years instead

    Abilityone milestones

    AbilityOne Milestones

    Program structure

    Program Structure

    Commission members

    Commission Members

    J. Anthony Poleo

    Commission Chairperson

    Defense Logistics Agency

    James M. Kesteloot

    Commission Vice Chairperson

    Private Citizen

    Lisa M. Wilusz

    Department of Agriculture

    Thomas D. Robinson

    Department of the Air Force

    Harry P. Hallock

    Department of the Army

    Dr. P. Edward Anthony

    Department of Education

    William Sisk

    General Services Administration

    Paul M. Laird

    Department of Justice

    Jan R. Frye

    Department of Veterans Affairs

    Kathleen Martinez

    Department of Labor

    Robert T. Kelly, Jr.

    Private Citizen

    Anil Lewis

    Private Citizen

    Karen McCulloh

    Private Citizen


    Department of Commerce


    Department of the Navy

    Commission staff

    Commission Staff

    Page 12

    2014 state use vendor training conference



    Partner Roles

    Abilityone partners

    AbilityOne Partners

    • Federal Customers

    • AbilityOne Commission

    • NPA Contractors

    • NIB & SourceAmerica

    Abilityone partnership

    AbilityOne Partnership

    Abilityone commission

    AbilityOne Commission

    • Oversee Central Nonprofit Agencies (NIB & SourceAmerica)

    • Determine Suitability of Products & Services

    • Establish Fair Market Price

    • Maintain the Procurement List

    • Interpret & Enforce AbilityOne Regulations



    • Liaison between Commission, Federal Customers, & NPAs

    • Develop & Allocate Contract Opportunities

    • Contract Negotiation & Startup Assistance

    • Quality Control Support & Regulatory Assistance

    • Professional Training & Development


    Assistance with the PWS

    Business Management

    Contract Admin

    Quality Assurance

    Methods/Time Mgmt

    Regulatory Assistance

    Outside Engineering, Consulting

    Market Research

    Costing & Pricing





    Start-Up Capital

    Peer Business Mentoring


    SourceAmerica Assistance

    Npa contractors

    NPA Contractors

    • Independent Nonprofit Contractor

    • Privately Incorporated 501(c)(3) Organization

    • Mission is Employing People with Significant Disabilities

    • Disability Ratio Ranging from 60% to 75%

    • Pre-qualified Contractor to Ensure Capacity & Capability

    2014 state use vendor training conference

    AbilityOne Capacity

    Total of 1270 NPA Affiliates

    Abilityone affiliation

    AbilityOne Affiliation

    Affiliation – What it means to you

    What is affiliation

    What is Affiliation?

    • “Affiliation” is SourceAmerica’s term for participation in the SourceAmerica Network.

    • Affiliation is available to nonprofit agencies who submit and online application, meet all minimum requirements, and are approved by SourceAmerica.

    • Contact: www.SourceAmerica.org for online application to join.

    2014 state use vendor training conference

    To Maintain Affiliation

    • Non Profit Agency Status – 501(C) 3

    • Must be in business and currently employing persons with disabilities

    • Must have at least 75% (Total Agency) of Direct Labor Hours being worked by persons with disabilities.

    • State or a county Agency can join network

    • Re-Registration annually to maintain affiliation

    Benefits of affiliation

    Benefits of Affiliation

    • Attend SourceAmerica’s Academy for Leadership, Performance, and Development Training

    • Access regulatory and compliance support and information

    • Network and partner with other CRP’s who employ people with disabilities

    • Research and pursue Federal contracts available through the AbilityOne Program

    • Work with network of business subject matter experts, who are able to consult and assist in the development of new business opportunities

    What is a severe disability

    What is a Severe Disability?

    SEVERE DISABILITY means a person other than a blind person who has a severe physical or mental impairment (residual limiting condition resulting from an injury, disease, or congenital defect) which so limits a person’s functional capabilities (mobility, communication, self-care, self-direction, work tolerance, or work skills) that the individual is unable to engage in normal competitive employment over an extended period of time.

    Abilityone requirements

    AbilityOne Requirements


    AGENCY - 75%

    ABILITYONE - 60%

    Government contracting

    Government Contracting

    • Comply With Other Applicable Federal Regulations

      • Service Contract Act

      • Fair Labor Standards Act

      • Family and Medical Leave Act

      • Occupational Safety & Health Act

      • Equal Employment Opportunity

      • Americans With Disabilities Act

      • Drug Free Workplace Act

      • Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)

    2014 state use vendor training conference




    2014 state use vendor training conference

    The AbilityOne Network*


    Vienna, VA

    Kennesaw, GA

    Des Plaines, IL

    Arlington, TX

    San Ramon, CA

    Seattle, WA

    * Includes coverage in D.C., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa and the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

    Abilityone products

    AbilityOne Products

    Abilityone services

    AbilityOne Services

    Abilityone projects

    AbilityOne Projects

    Abilityone projects1

    AbilityOne Projects

    Abilityone today

    AbilityOne Today

    2014 state use vendor training conference



    Acquisition Process

    Abilityone acquisition process

    AbilityOne Acquisition Process

    Acquisition process comparison

    Acquisition Process Comparison

    Abilityone addition process


    Add Request

    9 days

    Vote Letter Sent to COMM

    10 days

    Effective Date

    30 days


    Decision to

    Approve Add

    14 days

    Initial Notice in Fed. Register

    30 days

    Fed. Register

    Final Addition


    Submitted by

    Thu. Noon – week

    before Friday Pub.

    Submitted by Tue.

    before Friday

    Publication Notice

    Submitted by Tue.

    before Friday


    Submitted once

    questions have

    been answered



    FAR 8.704

    Commission Decision

    Due following Monday

    AbilityOne Addition Process

    Timeline for Procurement List Addition

    90 Days Minimum

    Moving forward

    Moving Forward

    Next Steps…

    Nonprofit agency considerations

    Nonprofit Agency Considerations

    Business Considerations for growth and participation in AbilityOne Program

    • Executive Management

    • Supervision and Program Management

    • Clients and or Consumer Considerations

    • Training Programs

    • Current Capabilities

    • Capacity for New Work

    • Quality Systems

    • Territory

    Abilityone solutions

    AbilityOne Solutions

    For the Government

    • Streamlined acquisition strategy at negotiated prices

    • Quality services, competitive prices

    • Flexibility: responsive to changing budgets & service needs/surges

    • Large, skilled contract workforce

      For these Individuals

    • Employment opportunities with:

      • Individual choice

      • Equitable wages &benefits

      • Upward mobility

      • Personal satisfaction

    • Achieve financial independence

    • Build pride & sense of self-worth

    Abilityone myths

    AbilityOne Myths

    People with disabilities can’t do that!

    I’m stuck with AbilityOne for life!



    • If the requirement goes away, so does the contract

    • Re-negotiate contract & price when necessary

    • SourceAmerica will intervene if quality issues occur

    • SourceAmerica will assign new NPA if necessary

    • SourceAmerica will work with you to obtain purchase exception

    • Match Abilities with contract requirements

    • NPAs train workforce to meet standards

    • Focus on customer satisfaction

    • Stable, dedicated workforce

    • NPAs don’t offer to do what they can’t do

    Abilityone myths1

    AbilityOne Myths

    AbilityOne costs too much!

    I have to meet small business goals!



    • Fair price guarantee throughout life of contract

    • Negotiate price to budget constraints

      • - Government estimates

      • - Previous contract prices

    • Negotiate method to adjust future prices

    • AbilityOne set-asides reduce small business goal base

    • Consider inserting clauses in prime contracts requiring % of subcontracts to AbilityOne

    • AbilityOne subcontracts to small business whenever possible

      • - $217M in FY10

    Abilityone program resources

    AbilityOne Program Resources



    • AbilityOne Commission

    • Forms & Publications

    • Procurement List


    • Capabilities


    • Catalog of Products


    • National Industries for the Blind


    • Guidelines for Federal Customers

    • Training Catalog




    “Thank You for Your Time!”

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