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CPT. F1 International Students. UFIC International Student Services January 28, 2013. Curricular Practical Training (CPT). What is CPT? Eligibility for CPT CPT Regulations CPT Limitations Applying for CPT CPT Registration Requirements Questions. What is CPT?.

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UFIC International Student Services

January 28, 2013

Curricular Practical Training(CPT)

  • What is CPT?

  • Eligibility for CPT

  • CPT Regulations

  • CPT Limitations

  • Applying for CPT

  • CPT Registration Requirements

  • Questions

What is CPT?

  • Curricular practical training is an integral part of an F-1 student’s established curriculum which allows them to engage in experiential training in any type of required or optional internship or practicum experience.

  • CPT is done DURING your degree program (before you graduate)

  • You are still an F1 visa holder while on CPT

Eligibility for CPT

  • To be eligible, you must have:

    • Been enrolled as a full time (12 credits undergrad, 9 credits grad) student for at least one full academic year of study (fall and spring semesters only*)

    • Maintained legal immigration student status

    • Be enrolled accordingly for CPT internship credits

    • Been formally offered and accepted an internship

      *summer semesters are considered vacation time for international students and do NOT count toward full academic year of study.

CPT Regulations

  • CPT must be:

    • An “integral part of established curriculum”

      • Required of all students, or

      • Optional for specific course or curriculum track

    • An official internship or practicum experience – meaning your department must be willing to assign credits in order for your ISA to authorize the CPT

    • DURING your degree program (BEFORE graduation; you cannot extend your academic stay for CPT, unless your department REQUIRES the CPT at the end of your coursework)

CPT Regulations, continued

  • Authorized for a specific employer, location and period approved in SEVIS

  • Can be approved for part-time (20 hours or less) or full-time (over 20 hours)

  • Is available *up to* 12 months (full-time) for each higher degree level earned.

  • WILL cause you to LOSE your OPT if you exceed 12 months or more of full-time CPT

  • Part-time CPT, does not count toward 12-month CPT maximum

  • CPT Limitations

    • You are allowed to do CPT for *up to* one year, but

      • It will only be authorized per semester

      • You MUST be registered accordingly before it can be authorized

    • You cannot be enrolled full-time and be on full-time CPT

      • This means that if you are on full-time CPT, you can only enroll in a maximum of :

        • UNDERGRADS  4 credits or less, including CPT credits [ 1 CPT (required), 3 Online/EDGE (optional)]

        • GRADS  6 credits or less, including CPT credits [3 CPT (required), 3 Online/EDGE (optional)]

    CPT Limitations, continued

    • GRADUATE Students on Assist/Fellowships:

      • You cannot be on an assistantship and have a FULL time CPT.

      • You can have a PART time CPT if and only if the hours on CPT and the hours of your assist/fellowship TOTAL 20 hours or less per week

        • For Example:

          • .50 FTE = 20 hours, therefore NO part time CPT allowed

          • .33 FTE = 13.2 hours, therefore additional 6.8 hours of CPT allowed

          • .25 FTE = 10 hours, therefore additional 10 hours of CPT allowed

    QUESTION: Do I need to contact my International Student Advisor BEFORE I can work?

    * Hours per Week ON Campus is Friday to Thursday

    * Hours per Week OFF Campus is usually Monday to Friday (check with employer)

    Applying for CPT

    • Make an appointment!

      • Call 352-273-1540 or -1541 to schedule an appointment to meet with your International Student Advisor

    • Complete the required steps BEFORE your appointment

      • Register appropriately for CPT credits

      • Complete the CPT Application Form

      • Get the Departmental Recommendation Form completed by your Academic Advisor/Department

      • Obtain formal offer letter from your internship on the employer's letterhead, stating the location of the internship, the length of internship including start date and description of duties

        Instructions & Forms: http://ufic.ufl.edu/ISS/forms.html


    • Register for appropriate CPT credits

      • Full-time CPT for GRADUATE students:

        • 3 credits fall and spring, 2 credits summer

      • Full-time CPT for UNDERGRADUATE students:

        • 1 credit each fall, spring, and summer semesters

      • Part-time CPT for GRADUATE students:

        • 1 credit each fall, spring, 2 credits summer

        • (included in the total full-time enrollment requirement)

      • Part-time CPT for UNDERGRADUATE students:

        • 1 credit fall, spring, and summer semesters

        • (included in the total full-time enrollment requirement)

    CPT Registration Requirements, continued

    CPT Questions?

    Contact Your International Student Advisor!

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