M ytunes your alternate source for digital downloads and social communit ies
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M yTunes – Your Alternate Source For Digital Downloads and Social Communit IEs PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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M yTunes – Your Alternate Source For Digital Downloads and Social Communit IEs. Principles of Information Management Systems Michael Barnhart Kristin Corley Jamison Long Christopher Wallace Ryan Woodroof Jessi Yamiolkowski. Access for Disabilities.

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M yTunes – Your Alternate Source For Digital Downloads and Social Communit IEs

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MyTunes–Your Alternate Source For Digital Downloads and Social CommunitIEs

Principles of Information Management Systems

Michael Barnhart

Kristin Corley

Jamison Long

Christopher Wallace

Ryan Woodroof


Access for Disabilities

  • There are several things MyTunes can do to our website and service to make more accessible to customers with disabilities. These in combination with features already present in Windows and Macintosh operating systems can make our sight very comfortable to use. There will be options to zoom and make text and objects visibly larger for customers with poor vision. This can also be done with Microsoft Window’s accessory called “Magnifier”. Users with poor eye sights can use this and our features to magnify certain areas of the screen, or text size can be adjusted to make all text on our website and software large enough to read.

Access for Disabilities (cont.)

  • Individuals who are completely blind can benefit from the text to speech feature we will incorporate into our website and software. Being handicapped, they most likely already have this feature if they are using the computer for any other reason. We will incorporate the software they use for text to speech conversion to work seamlessly with our service.As for customers who may be hard of hearing or deaf, there is little we can or need to do to make our website more accommodating. They will have no problems navigating the social networking section of the website, nor will they have problems with the MyTunes store. As for the enjoyment of music, many deaf and hard of hearing individuals still enjoy music. If music is not something they already consume and listen to, they have no need for our MyTunes store and there is no need or method to accommodate them. If they are music consumers despite their handicap, then our site will accommodate them as is.

Voice Command Software

  • Customers with handicaps that limit their use of the mouse and keyboard interface can still utilize our website and service through voice command software. With the use of a computer microphone and voice recognition software, users can navigate through our store and make purchases with ease. Users with such handicaps most likely already have voice command software if they are using the computer for other uses. This voice recognition software must be configured and trained by the individual to understand their particular voice in order to work efficiently and without error. Our MyTunes software and website will be set up to work with such voice recognition software to make our service available to customers with such limitations that hinder the use of the mouse and keyboard.

Protecting the Business

  • MyTunesis a company that does business strictly over the internet. Therefore we have an ethical responsibility as professionals to protect our business from potential threats. Some controls we will implement are antivirus programs, virtual privacy networks, and biometrics. Our company will use antivirus programs to diagnose and remove any potential threat on the MyTuneshard disk. We will also be using a virtual private network to secure our intranet and extranet’s. Biometric securities as defined in James O’Brien’s Introduction to Information Systems, as, “measures provided by computer devices that measure physical traits that make each individual unique “will help our company’s security by being able to identify all employees within MyTunes. Another measure we will be taking to protect our company is getting cyber risk insurance. Only 24% of companies use cyber risk insurance as stated by O’Brien (416). Cyber risk insurance will give us a sense of comfort while doing business on-line

Protecting Customer Information

  • MyTuneswants to make sure that customers feel that their personal information is strictly used for business with our company and that it is not getting out and that it will be safe. One control that we will use to keep our customer's information safe will be security codes. Every customer will have a security code, so they are the only one that can see their information other than MyTunes. Every customer will also be required to change their password every 4 months or if the company notices anything suspicious we will ask the customer to change their password. We will also be using a firewall that will keep any unauthorized users from entering the site. Also MyTuneswill make every customer answer a security question, that the user creates when they sign up, before allowing the user can purchase anything from the website if they have their credit card information saved on the website. Also MyTuneswill have a disclaimer display that states that MyTuneswill never ask customers for their personal information in e-mails or messages and that users should never share their personal information with others.

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