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Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF)
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Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF). ANF 및 한러 동반성장 Venture Capital 과 Private Equity Industry 는 Fund Raising, Investment, Adding Value, and Exit 이라는 순환구조를 갖고 있습니다 .

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Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF)

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Asia nanotechnology fund anf

Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF)

Asia nanotechnology fund anf


Venture Capital Private Equity Industry Fund Raising, Investment, Adding Value, and Exit .

, Venture Capital Private Equity VC Investment PE Investment Emerging Industry (, Virtuous circle) .

21 (, Virtuous circle) , .

, Investment Fund ,

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, .

Asia nanotechnology fund anf


Fund Concept


  • Global Leader in commercialization of technology.

  • Governments focus on growth of Nanotechnology Industry.

  • Global collaboration between Korea & Russia

  • To lead Global Nanotechnology convergence industry

  • To accelerate technology and economic development of Korea and Russia



  • Top world class Technology.

  • Governments focus on growth of Nanotechnology Industry.

  • Abundant natural resources.


Asia nanotechnology fund anf

, KIAT RUSNANO Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) .

IT, BT, CT Infra , 4 . , Investment Fund , Venture Global . 2015 3 .

Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF), Infra , , (, Virtuous circle) , .

Asia nanotechnology fund anf


Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF).

100 mill USD, .


BT, IT, CT .

8, Terms & Conditions .

Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) SGI 360ip .


Asia nanotechnology fund anf


Fund Overview

Fund Name

AsiaNanotechnology Fund (ANF)

Target Size

100mil. USD

Fund Type

PEF (Korea Registered Fund)

Target Sectors

Broad applications leveraging nanotech

Expected Impact of ANF

Duration Period

8 years

  • Generate long-term capital appreciation through investments in companies across Asia and Russia leveraging Nanotechnology in any aspect of their applications -- primarily in the growth and expansion stage and with a select number of early stage companies with the potential for significant returns -- with strong intellectual property (IP) positions that seek to grow rapidly and expand their market access internationally (the Portfolio Companies).

  • To enhance returns by providing growth opportunities for the Portfolio Companies seeking to expand their operations in Russia, Europe & Asia.

  • Win-win effect leveraging support of Korea and Russia government to build successful Portfolio Companies through substantial international cooperation

General Partner

Samho Green Investment (SGI)

& 360ip Pte. Ltd


Asia nanotechnology fund anf

Global .

, , Energy CleanTech , BioTech Meditech, IT Market .

2007 USD 147bil. 2015 USD 2~3tril. , 40% .

, , Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) .

Asia nanotechnology fund anf


Perspective of Global NT Industry


Nanotechnology is being applied across multiple growth industry fields including pharmaceuticals, energy, meditech, cleantech, new materials and electronics

Global Nanotech Market

  • Expected to grow fromUS$147billion in 2007 toUS$2~3.1trillion by 2015 (average annual growth rate 38.6% to 46.4%)

  • 2007 GlobalNanotechnology market

  • New material/manufacturing sector: US$97billion in production of coating agent and composite material (auto & building-related industries)

  • Electronics sector: US$35 billion (display, battery industry)

  • Medical/health sector: US$15 billion (applied medical industry)

  • Forecasting up to 2015

  • New material/manufacturing sector $1.8 trillion (annual growth rate 45%)

  • Electronics sector: US$940 billion (annual growth rate 51%)

  • Medical/health sector: US$310 billion (annual growth rate 46%)

Nanotechnology product market projections

Based on a combination of Lux Research Reports


Asia nanotechnology fund anf

IT, BT, CT , , , 4 .

2001 ,

2002 ,

2015 ,


Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) , .

Asia nanotechnology fund anf


KoreanNanotechnology Industry

Korean Governments Nano Industry Policy

Koreas Nanotechnology

  • Koreas Nano-based technology is ranked 4th in the World, just behind USA, Japan and Germany

  • Future development strategy :

  • Need for paradigm shift to high value added new businesses via ANF based on Nano convergence technology

  • Announced Comprehensive Nanotechnology Development Plan in July, 2001 to develop Nanotechnology

  • Legislated Nanotechnology Facilitation Act in December, 2002

  • Announced Strategies for Nano Convergence Industry Development

  • Aim to be in Top 3 globally in Nano convergence industry by 2015

  • Target 15% of market share in global Nano industry

  • To create 30 of the worlds best original convergence technologies or more and innovative products

  • To develop 500 nanotechnology-specialized companies and 10 global key companies

  • Established Nano Convergence Industrial Cooperation Organization

  • Play pivotal role in developing Nano convergence industry

  • Support to establish Nano convergence industry network among university, industry and research centers

  • Announced plans for preparation of customized operation system to develop star products and companies



Asia nanotechnology fund anf


2007 ,

USD 5bil. Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies(RusNano) ,

RusNano 2015 USD 107 .

, RusNano Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) ,

/ ,


Asia nanotechnology fund anf


RussianNanotechnology Industry

Russian Governments Nano Industry Policy

Russias Nanotechnology

  • Russia consistently has been developing nano-technology related to Aerospace industry and Defense industry under governments lead and considered as the world-wide top leader in leptology.

  • Future development strategy :

  • Strong need for commercialization of developed Nanotechnology via ANF based on Nanotechnology convergence Industry.

  • Designated Nanotechnology as key growth industry and invested USD 5bil. To establish Rusnano (Russian Corporation of nanotechnologies) in April of 2007.

  • Established GCN(Government Council for Nanotechnology) in June, 2007 : Advisory to National Nanotechnology Research and Development.

  • Established a NANOCERTIFICA a certification for industrial nanotechnology in Oct of 2008. This certification manages safety of applied Nanotechnology.

  • Expected Benefits:

  • Expected global sales of Russian made Nanotechnology related products to reach 900B Rubles (U$36B)

  • Capture 3% of global market share of Russian produced Nanotechnology related products.

  • Budget commitment of 180B Rubles (U$7.2B) to the technology production of Nanotechnology related products.

  • Commitment of 50% of R&D resources to Nanotechnology in the age group of 39 years and younger.

  • Licensing of Nanotechnology related intellectual property to grow to 27B Rubles (U$1.08B)


Asia nanotechnology fund anf

, Emerging Industry .

Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) KIAT RusNano , , , .

Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) CleanTech Venture Capital, Green Sector Target Market , Global Networking .

2010 CleanTech Information Service Leading CleanTech Group Going Global, Getting Smart Gobal CleanTech Forum , 2011 11 Korea Private Equity & Venture Capital Forum .

Asia nanotechnology fund anf


Strong Consortium of Global Partners

  • Established in 2009 as a government owned institute under Ministry of Knowledge and Economy.

  • Construction of Korean industrial technology infrastructure.

  • Transfers and commercializes industrial technology

  • Established in 2007

  • to concentrate on Nanotechnology by Russian government

  • 36 Nanotechnology projects world-wide in progress.

  • Investment of USD 10.7bil. By 2015



Asia nanotechnology fund anf

Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) 360ip

1929 Battelle R&D Venture Capital,

IP(Intellectual Property) ,

20 .

Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF)


KIAT, RusNano .

, .

Asia Nanotechnology Fund (ANF) , , .


Asia nanotechnology fund anf


Investment Target Sectors

Nanotechnology :

Home Application,

MEMS(Micro Electric Mechanical System)

Advanced Materials :

Structural Composites

BT : Biosimilar,

API(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)

Healthcare :

Medical Devices

Information Technology & Chemistry :

Display, RFID, TFT, Lighting, Energy, Films



CT (Clean Technology) : Sustainable Energy

Solar Cell(DSSC : Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell),

Microbial Fuel Cell





Asia nanotechnology fund anf


Portfolio Company Support by Partners


Co-Invest + Network + Infrastructure


Investment Fund


Technology Assessment + Bundling




Investment +

Management +


360ip Singapore

Investment +

Management +



Asia nanotechnology fund anf


General Partners of ANF

  • The first and only venture capital firm in Korea focused on the green growth sector, including renewable energy and Cleantech.

  • Manages three funds focused on Korean cleantech investments

  • Engages in venture capital and private equity investments for mergers & acquisitions and buyouts, and conduct business as well as engineering consulting for our portfolio and client companies.

  • SGI's management team members have an average of 15+ years experience in investment and risk management.

  • Partnership with both the Cleantech Group(US) and Venture Valuation(Swiss) which is the world's leading information source for clean and green technology and innovation and Biotechnology.

  • An international technology investment and fund management company based in Singapore with teams in China, Japan, Korea and Russia.

  • Established by Battelle as its international investment arm and commercialization organization

    • Accesses Battelle for technology analysis, bundling and commercialization

  • Strategic investment and partnership agreement with Development Bank of Japan

  • Partnerships with prominent organizations across Asia

  • Manages complementary investments funds in China


Asia nanotechnology fund anf

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