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Caring for our watersheds
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Caring for our Watersheds . Soil Erosion and Invasive Species Chelsi Malach April.14 2012 . Soil Erosion . When there is an accession in the run off water, the stream channel will adjust and change to accommodate the additional flow

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Caring for our Watersheds

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Caring for our watersheds

Caring for our Watersheds

Soil Erosion and Invasive Species

Chelsi Malach

April.14 2012

Soil erosion

Soil Erosion

  • When there is an accession in the run off water, the stream channel will adjust and change to accommodate the additional flow

  • Accelerated streambank erosion is necessary, as the stream seeks to re-establish a balanced size and shape

  • A degrading streambed often results in higher and unstable eroding banks

  • When there is damage to the streamside vegetation and bank stability, the bank erosion will be increased dramatically

Invasive species

Invasive Species

  • Are nonindigenous species that are evolved elsewhere and have been purposely or accidently relocated

  • They can impact the native species by competing for food and space, interbreeding with them and they may change the food web or physical environment

  • Are aggressive and reproduce at a high rate

  • With time, they can take over an entire area

Eternal springs

Eternal Springs

  • A part of the Upper

    Assiniboine River

    Conservation District

  • Two small trout

    stocked ponds,

    a 66 foot swinging

    bridge, picnic areas, geocaching and multiple hiking trails

  • Wetlands Center of Excellence

Caring for our watersheds

  • Due to excessive run off water and last year’s spring flooding, there is severe bank erosion along the streambank of the first pond

  • With high amounts of sediment being dumped into the stream, this affects and impacts the water quality and the native aquatic habitats.

  • These species are missing the natural balances that contain and hold them back in their home environments.

  • They have an advantage over the native species because the native populations are kept in balance by native predators, competition or disease.

Caring for our watersheds

  • An effective solution to correct the streambank erosion is to create a buffer zone along the bank

  • To determine and assess the invasive species of the wetland, a riparian area assessment would be performed

  • By performing a riparian area assessment, we can gain more knowledge about the overall health of the wetland

  • The invasive species would be uprooted and removed, then the wetland would later be monitored for any repercussions

Caring for our watersheds

  • By planting vegetation that roots easily, the plant and its roots will anchor into the soil, thus allowing the soil to be not eroded as easily

  • The micro-organisms inhabited in the soil and the vegetation will also use the nutrients and organic matter for their growth and reproduction

  • We can use the gained information; what diversities of vegetation and species are inhabited, the water and soil quality, if the stream can access its floodplain and many other things, to better our understand of the wetland

Caring for our watersheds

  • Grade twelve biology class + uprooting invasive species = fun 

  • Our method of removal would be to uproot and pull the invasive plant species. This being educational as the students would learn how to identify invasive species and gain knowledge on why they oppose a threat to the wetland

  • After the species have been removed, the wetland would be monitored for any repercussions of the invasive species





  • Arrow-Oak River Integrated Watershed Management Plan

  • Upper Assiniboine Conservation District

  • Invasive Species in Manitoba: River, Lake and Wetland Invaders, pocket field guide by the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba

  • Managing the Water’s Edge- Riparian Health Assessment for Streams and Small Rivers. Version 1, 2004.

  • Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, 2008. Soil Management Guide.

Caring for our watersheds

  • In conclusion, by improving the quality of our local wetlands, we can also improve the quality of our environment on Earth

  • By pampering our local wetlands and repairing some of their downfalls, in return the wetland will give back to the environment graciously

  • With these proposed solutions we can improve water quality, ecosystems and the overall health of the wetland

Caring for our watersheds

Thank you for your time :D

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