Mesopotamia review
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Mesopotamia Review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mesopotamia Review. Vocab Map Elements . What are the names of the two rivers?. Tigris Euphrates. The fair treatment of people is called?. justice. A long Poem about heroes is ______. Epic. The forced removal from ones homeland is __________ (to go out). Exile. Worship of one god.

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Mesopotamia Review

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Mesopotamia Review




What are the names of the two rivers?

  • Tigris

  • Euphrates

The fair treatment of people is called?

  • justice

A long Poem about heroes is ______.

  • Epic

The forced removal from ones homeland is __________ (to go out)

  • Exile

Worship of one god

  • monotheism

System of wedge shaped writing

  • cuneiform

Payment for protection

  • tribute

Group of nations under single ruler

  • Empire

Wheeled horse draw cart

  • chariot

Set of written laws to obey

  • Code of law

Someone who specializes in writing

  • scribe

Worship of many gods

  • polytheism

Land between the rivers

  • Mesopotamia

Rich soil and the shape gave this region the name of

  • Fertile crescent

Worship took place in this temple

  • ziggurat

To direct the flow of water to crops

  • irrigation

They have their own governments, traditions, religion, and are independent of each other

  • City state




Tigris River


Euphrates River

Mediterranean sea


Persian Gulf




Red Sea


5 elements:

  • Surplus of food

  • Division of Labor

  • System of writing

  • Government

  • Religion

Surplus of Food

  • Crops and chops

  • Farming (fertile soil from Tigris and Euphrates flooding lets you grow crops)

  • Irrigation (water from the Tigris and Euphrates is directed to crops)

  • Domestication of animals (cattle, goats, sheep)

    • Help with the work, provide source of food

Division of Labor

  • More food led to more people who could learn to do other things (specialization)

  • Potters and weavers first to specialize

  • Made products to trade

    • How do you keep track of all things that are traded?

System of writing

  • Cuneiform was first writing system

  • Scribes did the writing on clay tablets

  • Epic of Gilgamesh first story


  • Laws were needed to keep order and things organized


  • It brought the people together

  • They worshipped many gods

  • Their temples were ziggurats

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