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Presentation to Orange County Board of County Commissioners - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center. Presentation to Orange County Board of County Commissioners. Jim Pugh, Chairman. Katherine Ramsberger, President. TODAY’S LINEUP. Progress PAC Milestones Site Plan PAC Program Schematic Design Theater Program Fundraising Update

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Presentation Transcript

Dr. P. Phillips Orlando

Performing Arts Center

Presentation to

Orange County Board of County Commissioners

Jim pugh chairman
Jim Pugh,Chairman

Today s lineup

  • Progress

  • PAC Milestones

  • Site Plan

  • PAC Program

  • Schematic Design

  • Theater Program

  • Fundraising Update

  • Seeking Approval from Orange County Commission

Design track design process

2007-2008 Progress

- Design Track- Design Process

  • - Expanded Board of Directors to 29 members

  • - Expanded DPAC/Hines team

  • PAC Executives

  • Technology Summit

  • Greater Orlando Arts Groups

  • Back of House

  • PAC Partners (monthly)

  • Completed schematic design

  • Achieved several milestones

  • Governance

  • Operations

  • Design Reviews


2007-2008 Procurement of Design Team

Jan 2008 Production Architect Selected

Jan 2008 First United Methodist Church Land Acquisition

Closed Into Escrow

June 2008 Schematic Design Complete

July 2008 Maguire Property Acquired

July 2008 Design Development Begins

July 2008 Amendment to OPAC/City Contract

Aug 2008 Design Unveiling

Nov 2008 Construction Manager Selection

2009 Ground Breaking

2012 Grand Opening

  • 2007 PROGRAM

  • 1,800± Acoustic Hall

  • 2,800± Amplified Hall

  • 300± Community Hall

  • Rehearsal Hall

  • Education Space

    • - 10,000 square feet

  • Outdoor Areas


  • 1,700± Acoustic Hall

  • 2,800± Amplified Hall

  • 300± Community Hall

  • Rehearsal Hall

  • Education Space

    - 10,000 square feet

  • Outdoor Areas

  • Increased Program Components

Acoustic Music/Theater

1,700± seats

Home to the Orlando Philharmonic, Orlando Ballet, Orlando Opera, Festival of Orchestras Showcase traditional artsAcoustical environmentIntimacy and great site linesFlexible form and seat countMulti-form Hall vs. Multi-purpose Hall


Symphony Hall


Amplified Hall

2,800± seats

Accommodates the balance of local arts groups activities Large scale productions/traveling showsMaximize seat count on orchestra levelRequires amplifications for most activityAbility to close upper levels to reduce seat countAcoustical rating change

Community Hall

300± seats

Accommodates small local performing arts groupsFlexible small theater accommodating theater, music and danceEducation functions UCF Partnership


Five Programs

1. Advanced Learning

2. Performance-based Education

3. Professional Development

4. Partnerships

- Local public and private schools

- Arts groups

- After-school programs

5. Distance Learning

Proposal to acquire former Orlando/Orange County Expressway Authority building for children’s conservatory

Dr. Phillips Charities

Walt Disney World Co.

DeVos Family

CNL Financial Group

Jim and Alexis Pugh

Darden Restaurants

Harriett Lake

Richard Kessler

Harvey and Carol Massey

Bank of America

Universal Orlando Foundation

Chuck and Lynn Steinmetz


Martin Andersen-Gracia Andersen


Elizabeth Morse Genius Fdtn.

Marc and Sharon Hagle


Annette Neel

Tupperware Brands

Kobrin Family

Sonny’s Franchise Company

Jim Heistand/ Eola Capital

Westpointe LLC

Ginsburg Family

Rashid Khatib

Winifred Johnson Clive Fdtn.

Edyth Bush Charitable Fdtn.

FAIRWINDS Credit Union

Ford Kiene

Stan and Betty Collier Fund

Arkin Family

Diane and James Holloway

Hal and Victoria Kantor

Margot H. Knight

Ramsberger Family

Illinois Tool Works

Thomas Brodwin Cannold

Allen Arthur

Mark Johnson

Michal Wiesbrock/Jeffery Baldwin

Avalon Films

LaVon W. Bracy

Paul C. Palmer

Russ Bredholt

Tom Hope

Wndy Chioji

Dr. Samuel Shay

Don & Pat Engfer


Over $86 million to date

Gifts Range: $25 million - $5.00

Trone PR

Jack Kazanzas

Susan Ellen Parr

ATI Professional Services/Linda Smith

D. Scott Ball

Ronald Lustig

Naveen Lazarus

Vickie Westmark

Kevin Calabro

Brian and Gail McNulty

Mark Stein

David Hedgecoth

Wayne & Janice Weisbrock

John Hein

Chad Daughtrey

Johnnie Cox

Michael Goodge

Nancy Andreatas

City of Orlando-OPAC Agreement AMENDMENT 4

  • The Orlando City Council approved Amendment 4 on July 21, 2008.

  • Extends the deadline for OPAC’s acquisition of the First United Methodist Church parcel and Maguire parcel to December 31, 2008

  • Revises Exhibit C, the conceptual site lay-out, to show the performance halls have been consolidated for a more efficient structure along with minor shifts of uses on the site, and the modification of South Street.

  • Revises Exhibit G, the Design Standards for the PAC, to reflect minor shifts in allocation of space.

  • Corrects two scrivener’s errors in sections 2.1.23 and 4.3.2.

Request for orange county commission action

  • Seeking Approval on Amendment 4 from the City of Orlando/OPAC Agreement