Ocelot nature s big cat
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Ocelot: Nature’s Big Cat. Bibliography by Scott MacIver. Basic Info . Ocelot Leopardus Paradalis Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Leopardus Species: L. pardalis . Is a member of the Leopard Family.

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Ocelot: Nature’s Big Cat

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Ocelot nature s big cat

Ocelot: Nature’s Big Cat

Bibliography by Scott MacIver

Basic info

Basic Info.



Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Leopardus Species: L. pardalis.

Is a member of the Leopard Family.

Where is the ocelot

Where is the Ocelot>?

Location: South and Central America and Mexico.

The cat has been reported seen as far as Texas and Trinidad.

Caribbean and South of Arizona have had some rare sightings of the cat.

Where do they live

Where do they live?

Ocelots only inhabit areas with relatively dense vegetation cover, although they may occasionally hunt in more open areas at night. They are found in tropical forest, thorn forest, mangrove swamps and savanna.

Ocelot nature s big cat


The ocelot ranges from 68 to 100 centimetres (27 to 39 in) in length, plus 26 to 45 centimetres.

House cat s

House Cats

The Moche kept cats as idols and some actors back in the 60’s kept as house pets.

Ocelot nature s big cat



Small Monkeys





Predators and prey

Predators and Prey

The Ocelot doesn’t have many enemies, it likes to bother other animals and try its luck to take down its prey, you could say the ocelot is a bit of a bully.



Ocelots breed maybe one kitten a year. The Female usually breeds shortly after losing a litter.

Group or pack animal

Group or Pack Animal?

The ocelot is a lone animal, it chooses not to be with a pack. The ocelot likes to hunt alone.

Species no longer in crisis

Species No longer in Crisis

Ocelot is no longer listed under the ICUN Red list as of 2008. it is now labled as least concerned.

How many are they left

How many are they left?

A little over 200 in the entire world.



There are no more efforts to helping the Ocelot cat in there present state.

Quiz time

Quiz Time.

Where are the Ocelot’s usually located?

Are they still Endangered?

How many babies does a female usually birth?

Do they Hunt alone?

Is the Ocelot a member of the Leopard family? Or the Lion family?





Quiz time1

Quiz Time

What’s the Diet of the Ocelot?

How many kittens does a female ocelot reguarly have year?

What is the natrual habitat of an ocelot?

Does the ocelot hunt alone?

Where is the ocelot usually found?

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