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翻译理论与实践. 主讲人:. 翻译理论与实践. Translation Theories & Practice. Lecture 9. 奈达“核心句”在汉英句子翻译中的应用. The Application of Eugene Nida’s Kernel Sentences in the Sentence Translation from Chinese to English. 7 个核心句 :. 1 John ran quickly; 2 John hit Bill; 3 John gives Bill a ball;

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Translation Theories & Practice

Lecture 9


The Application of Eugene Nida’s Kernel Sentences in the Sentence Translation from Chinese to English


1 John ran quickly;

2 John hit Bill;

3 John gives Bill a ball;

4 John is in the house;

5 John is sick;

6 John is a boy;

7 John is my father.


  • 1.分析出原语句子的核心句。

  • 2.将分析出的核心句转换成目的语中相对应的核心句。

  • 3.把目的语中的核心句转化成风格恰当的表层结构。

  • +谓语(不及物动词)

  • 主语+谓语(及物动词)+宾语

  • 主语+系动词be+介词词组/形容词/名词。

1. 主语+谓语(不及物动词)

  • (1)新中国刚刚诞生,在周恩来总理兼外长的主持下,外交工作开始起步。

  • In the early period of New China, China’s diplomacy began in the charge of Zhou Enlai, premier and concurrently foreign minister.

  • (2)世纪之交,伴随着浦东的开发、开放的热潮,一个穿越历史时空的伟大战略构想,如惊涛拍岸,在太平洋西岸的国际大都市上海翻涌。

  • With the rapid opening and development of the Pudong New Area at the turn of the century, a trans-century strategic concept, a concept with the tremendous impact of a tidal wave, is taking shape in Shanghai, an international metropolis on the west coast of the Pacific.


  • (3) 要努力防止和坚决抵制腐败文化和各种错误思想观点对人们的侵蚀。

  • We should try to preventand resolutely resist the corrosion to people by decadent cultures and erroneous ideas.

  • (4) 港口设施的业主或经营者应当按照港口设计规范,提供安全靠岸、离岸、移动泊位的条件。

  • The proprietor or operator of port facilities shall provide means for mooring, departing and changing to another berth, all in accordance with the designed specifications of the port.

  • (5) 顷刻之间,滚滚的浊水象堵墙一般压了下来,一股脑儿连人带车都给冲走了。这情景,直到现在还印在我的脑海里。

  • The image of a sudden wall of dark water carrying the man and his car away in an instant is still imprinted on my mind.

  • (6) 进一步在全党全社会形成尊重知识、尊重人才、促进优秀人才脱颖而出的良好风气。

  • Further efforts should be made to create in the whole Party and society a favorable atmosphere where there is respect for knowledge and talent, and where outstanding people can easily come to the fore.

3 be adj n
3 主语+系动词be+介词词组/adj/n

  • (7) 搞好社会治安,是关系到人民群众生命财产安全和改革、发展、稳定的大事。

  • Sound public security is of prime importance for the safety of people’s lives and property as well as the reform, development and stability.

  • (8) 老栓正在专心走路,忽然吃了一惊,远远地看见一条丁字街,明明白白横着。

  • Absorbed in his walking, old Shun was startled when he saw the cross lying distinctly ahead of him.

  • (9) 人类社会的发展,就是先进生产力不断取代落后生产力的历史进程。

  • The development of human society is a historical process in which the advanced productive forces replace the backward ones.

  • (10) 只有四婶,因为后面雇佣的女工,大抵非懒即馋,或者馋而且懒,左右不如意,所以也还提起祥林嫂。

  • My aunt was the only one who still spoke of Xianglin’ s wife, for most of the maids taken on afterwards turned out to be lazy or greedy, or both, none of them giving satisfaction.


  • We can not see sound waves as they travel through air.

  • 声波通过空气传播, 是看不见的。

  • (省人称代词)

  • 2. The dog is stretching itself.

  • 这条狗在伸懒腰。(省反身代词)

  • 3. It was a cold, dark day, the sky overcast.

  • 寒冷阴沉的一天,乌云密布。

  • (省非人称代词it)

  • 4. I can do it, and so can you.

  • 我能做, 你也能做。

  • (省略并列连词)

  • 5. Smoking is not allowed in the store-house.

  • 仓库重地,严禁吸烟。

  • (省略介词)

6. A wise man will not marry a woman who has attainment but no virtue.



7. no virtue.花园里面是人间的乐园,有的是吃不了的大米白面,穿不完的绫罗绸缎,花不完的金银财宝。

The garden was a paradise on the earth, with more food and clothes than could be consumed and more money than could be spent.

8. no virtue.我厂生产的地毯图案新颖、色调雅致、美丽大方、富丽堂皇。

The carpets made in our factory are well known for their novel designs, elegant colors, beautiful looks and magnificent air.

After-class Task no virtue.


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Translation Theories & Practice

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