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La Loire

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La Loire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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La Loire. By: Kylie, David, & Robby. History. . Pays De La Loire was named by the geographical references. ‘Pays’ means ‘land,’ ‘de La Loire’ means ‘of the Loire River.’.

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La Loire

By: Kylie, David, & Robby




Pays De La Loire was named by the geographical references.

‘Pays’ means ‘land,’ ‘de La Loire’ means ‘of the Loire River.’


Pays De La Loire is a region of western France. It has an area of 32,082 km sq and a population of 3,222,061. The capital of La Loire is Nantes. The Loire River cuts through the region from east to west.


La Loire River

The La Loire River is the longest river in France. It is 630 miles and the last wild river in all of Europe. It represents more than a fifth of France’s land area.



La Loire is known as the “Garden of France.” It was the favorite residence for the kings of France during the Renaissance period. This river valley has many famous chateaux, including the Chateaux d’ Amboise, Chateau de Villandry and Chenonceau.

La Loire is home to 100 castles in total. Today these castles serve as private homes, bed and breakfasts, and major tourist sites.



The Loire valley is world famous for there wine and vineyards. It is France’s third largest wine region. Many tourist come to visit the hundreds of vineyards for tasting tours.


La Loire has many small farms. They raise cattle, pigs, and make dairy products. It’s Atlantic coast is a site of fishing and shipping ports. Ducks are also raised in this area.


This region is separated into five departments. Two are coastal and three are inland.


The Loire Atlantique (44) and the Vendée (85)


The Mayenne (53), the Sarthe (72) and the Maine et Loire (49).