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R s m intermediate
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R.S. M. Intermediate. 7 Th Grade Planning Guide Presentation Class of 2013. RSM Guidance Counselors. Mrs. Bills, 7th/8th Grade Counselor Mrs. Fischer, Intern Counselor (Mon.- Thurs.) Visit RSM Guidance Department's Webpage - click on "Guidance" on the RSM school website. Our Goals.

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R.S. M. Intermediate

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R s m intermediate

R.S. M. Intermediate

  • 7Th Grade Planning Guide Presentation

  • Class of 2013

Rsm guidance counselors

RSM Guidance Counselors

  • Mrs. Bills, 7th/8th Grade Counselor

  • Mrs. Fischer, Intern Counselor (Mon.- Thurs.)

  • Visit RSM Guidance Department's Webpage - click on "Guidance" on the RSM school website

Our goals

Our Goals...

  • Discuss how a counselor can help you

  • Discuss confidentiality

  • Explain how to calculate your Grade Point Average

  • Discuss and explain RSM Promotion Requirements

  • Discuss the importance of STAR testing

  • Discuss tips for success

What can a guidance counselor help you with

What can a Guidance Counselor help you with?

  • Academic issues

  • Personal problems

  • Social issues

  • Promotion requirements

  • ANYTHING you need help with

How do i see a counselor

How Do I See A Counselor?

  • During snack or lunch

  • Before or after school

  • By receiving a “call slip”

  • With your teacher’s permission

  • By leaving a note to set up an appointment

  • Sending an e-mail

Confidentiality what is it




  • Certain personal information that you share with a counselor is confidential or private and told to no one else without your permission.

  • Things that counselors CANNOT keep private………

    • If you tell a counselor someone is hurting you

    • 2. If you tell a counselor about a situation involving a clear and present danger to yourself or others

    • 3. If you tell a counselor about any planned or attempted criminal activity

R s m intermediate

7th Grade Classes8th Grade Classes

English – 3 trimestersEnglish – 3 trimesters

Math – 3 trimestersMath – 3 trimesters

World History – 3 trimestersU.S. History – 3 trimesters

Science – 3 trimestersScience – 3 trimesters

P.E. – 3 trimestersP.E.- 2 trimesters/Health – 1 tri

Electives - 3 trimesters Electives – 3 trimesters

*Each trimester lasts 12 weeks

Report card grades

Tri 1 Progress: Oct. 14th

Tri 1 Final: Dec. 2nd

Tri 2 Progress: Jan. 27th

Tri 2 Final: Mar. 9th

Tri 3 Progress: May 1st

Tri 3 Final: June 14th

Report Card Grades

Svusd promotion requirements

Earn at least 1.5 cumulative GPA (Tri. 1+2+3)

Earn at least a 1.0 cumulative Math GPA

Earn at least a 1.0 cumulative English GPA

No more than 3 trimester “F’s” in core classes for the year.

SVUSDPromotion Requirements

Gpa means grade point average

GPA means… Grade Point Average

How to figure out your gpa

Change all of your grades to points

Add all the points together

Divide the total by the number of grades you added

The average = GPA

*Plus (+) and minus (-) do not change a grade’s point value*

How many points are your grades worth?

A = 4





How to figure out your GPA

Sample gpa calculation

1st Trimester






P.E. A-4


Total Points = 12

Total Number of Classes = 6

12 Divided by 6 = 2.0

GPA = 2.0= C

Sample GPA Calculation

Why are star tests important

Indicator of how well students and schools are performing

Placement in correct classes

Use test results to improve student learning

Preparation to pass the High School Exit Exam

Why are STAR tests important?

How did you score last year

STAR Student Report was mailed home in August

California Standards Test (CST) has 5 scoring levels: Advanced, Proficient, Basic, Below Basic, Far Below Basic

Your GOAL is to GROW!

Even one more correct question can help

How did you score last year?

Tips for success at r s m

Use your planner every period, every day

Do homework daily & study

Read everyday (at least 20-30 minutes)

Make up work when absent

Stay organized

Ask teachers for help

Know how you are doing – check grades online!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not a act, but a habit. Aristotle

Tips for Success at R.S.M.

R s m intermediate


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