Bellringer have exercise b out to correct please
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Bellringer Have exercise B out to correct Please PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bellringer Have exercise B out to correct Please. 1. Fill out your LEARNING PLAN first. 2. List all of the prepositions that you can from our list. Bellringer Have exercise B out to correct Please. 1. Fill out your LEARNING PLAN first.

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Bellringer Have exercise B out to correct Please

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BellringerHave exercise B out to correct Please

  • 1. Fill out your LEARNING PLAN first.

  • 2. List all of the prepositions that you can from our list.

BellringerHave exercise B out to correct Please

  • 1. Fill out your LEARNING PLAN first.

  • 2. Take out your diagramming packet. Please complete “Review Lesson 1-3” which on the back of that packet. I will be collecting this baby for a grade, so do yo’ best.

Agitate (v.)

  • Make someone troubled or nervous

Apprehensive (adj.)

  • Fearful that something bad will happen

Asset (n.)

  • A useful or valuable thing

Camouflage (n./v.)

  • N: something that blends in with its surroundings

  • V: disguise in order to hide

Canter (n./v/)

  • N: Walk of a horse between a trot and a gallop

  • V: to walk between a brisk walk

    and a run

Embezzle (v.)

  • To steal or put where it doesn’t belong (usually money)

Equine (adj.)

  • Relating to horses

Ferret (n./v.)

  • N: a domesticated polecat

  • V: to search out

Glower (n./v.)

  • N: an angry stare

  • V: to angrily stare

Infirm (adj.)

  • weak

Nutrient (n.)

  • Substances having food value

Opportune (adj.)

  • Just right for the purpose

Pastoral (adj./n.)

  • Adj: Priestly

  • Adj: describing countryside that usually has grazing cattle and sheep

  • N: work of literature suggestive

    of country life

Rhetoric (n.)

  • N: the skillful use of words

  • N: way with words/showy language

Wrest (v.)

  • Obtain after a struggle

Exercise c & E work time

  • You will have a bit longer to work today- make the most of the time! Study your words! Make flashcards if you need to! YES! You can do it!

  • REMEMBER: Exercise C you need to write the WHOLE SENTENCE

Prepositions- 18!

  • Below

  • Beneath

  • Beside

  • Between

  • Beyond

  • About

  • Above

  • Across

  • After

  • Against

  • Along

  • Amid

  • Among

  • Around

  • At

  • Atop

  • Before

  • behind

6+1 Traits rubric (holla!)

Revising for ideas

  • Questions to ask yourself as you revise:

  • 1. Do I have a clear topic sentence that is relevant to the topic I’m supposed to be discussing?

  • 2. Do I have at least 4 sentences of supporting details?

  • 3. Are all of my sentences relevant? (That means do my sentences all have to do with the topic?)

  • 4. Do I have enough supporting details to fully explain my idea?

  • 5. Do my paragraphs have interesting information to share? Or are they boring?

  • 6. Are my ideas clear? Or is the meaning of the paragraph hard to grasp?

Your assignment: review your classmate’s paper for Ideas

  • Directly on your classmate’s paper, you will be marking GRAMMAR and SPELLING.

  • 2. Then you will help your classmate revise their paper for IDEAS by answering the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.

  • 3. When you are done, you will rate your classmate on the rubric and then staple this paper to the BACK of their draft.

Star-Spangled Banner

The music was composed as a drinking song for an 18th-century London social club. The words were written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key to commemorate a battle. And on March 3, 1931, "The Star-Spangled Banner" officially became the national anthem of the United States. Ever since then, people have been complaining that the tune is unsingable and the lyrics are offensive. In response to these complaints, a bill was recently filed in Congress to replace "The Star-Spangled Banner" with "America the Beautiful" as our national anthem.

I believe for a number of reasons, that this bill deserves wide support.

Those reasons include: it is an amazing song, it does not have offensive language, and it reflects the American ideals.

Label the HOOK, the THESIS, and the MAP SENTENCE

What are some great hooks?

  • We are going to go through our packets to identify what some possible hooks we can use are.


  • You have a list of hooks that you can choose from to start your papers! You and a partner (the person sitting next to or nearest you) will be using one of the techniques to write a hook for the following prompt:

    What is the importance of your mother or father’s role in your life?

Share out!

Write paragraph together

Thesis: I believe that my mother and father have a great deal of importance to my life.

Map sentence: The three reasons are that they teach me life lessons, the give me shelter, and they care for me.

Independent practice

  • Write an introductory paragraph for the following prompt: (make sure it has all 3 pieces!!!)

    Write an essay about what you think the best subject to study in school is.

Hook practice

  • With a partner, you are going to pick ANOTHER hook from the list and craft the best hook you possibly can for this prompt:

  • What is the best way to spend an afternoon?

Now, finish writing the paragraph on a separate sheet of paper

  • Thesis: I believe….

  • Map Sentence: Three reasons that you could write an entire paragraph about!

Introductions on DESk

  • Your job is to read through your classmate’s introduction and find the following things and either highlight/underline:

    • Hook

    • Thesis

    • Map Sentence

      Then, look at formatting. Is their first sentence indented? Did they make it one cohesive paragraph?


  • Your assignment is as follows:

  • Pick two of the listed Warriner’s exercises that are listed on your Grammar Quiz #1 Study Guide that you think would help you cover material that you need help with for Friday’s quiz.

  • You must have TWO COMPLETED ASSIGNMENTS in order to receive credit. You will have to work quickly during this time. AND AND AND


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