Introduction to touch typing
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Introduction to Touch Typing PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Touch Typing. Keyboarding Fundamentals with: Mr. Farrar. Why do I need to learn how to type?. Technology is becoming more and more popular everyday! It is important for everyone to learn good keyboarding skills so communication can be easier.

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Introduction to Touch Typing

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Introduction to touch typing

Introduction to Touch Typing

Keyboarding Fundamentals with:

Mr. Farrar

Why do i need to learn how to type

Why do I need to learn how to type?

  • Technology is becoming more and more popular everyday!

  • It is important for everyone to learn good keyboarding skills so communication can be easier.

  • What are some things you use typing for now?

What is touch typing

What is touch typing?

  • Touch Typing is typing without using the sense of sight to find the keys.

  • A touch typist will know the location of the keys by memory.

  • Practice is the best way to improve speed and accuracy.

Proper body position tips

Proper Body Position Tips

  • Position screen to be arms length away.

  • Relax shoulders.

  • Bend elbows to be at 90 degrees.

  • Keep wrists straight.

  • Line up hips, shoulders, and ears vertically.

  • Keep the body centered at the J Key.

  • Place hips far back in the chair, bend knees at 90 degrees with feet flat on floor.

Hand position tips

Hand Position Tips

  • Always keep your fingers on Home Row.

  • Keep your wrists off of the keyboard.

  • Keep your fingers curved.

  • Strike the keys, do not press the keys or hold them down.

What is the official name of the keyboard

What is the Official Name of the Keyboard?

The keyboard

The Keyboard

  • The official name of the keyboard is: The Qwerty Keyboard.

  • It was invented in 1864.

  • It gets its name from the top six keys on the keyboard: Q-W-E-R-T-Y.

What is the home row

What is the Home Row?

Home row

Home Row

  • Home Row is where your fingers should start and hover when you are keyboarding.

Finger responsibility

Finger Responsibility

Space bar

Space Bar

  • The space bar is located below the letter keys and is tapped with your thumb.

  • It does not matter which thumb strikes the spacebar, as long as you stay consistent.

  • It inserts a space between characters.

Enter key

Enter Key

  • The enter key is located on the right side of the keyboard.

  • It is tapped with your right pinky.

  • The enter key moves the curser to a new line.

Let s practice together

Let’s Practice Together

a s d f j k l ; ; l k j f d s a

f k d j l a ; s s ; a l j d k f

ask flask dad sad lad jad;

Practice makes perfect

Practice Makes Perfect


  • Key each line twice in the text box.

  • Remember good posture!

Drill Lines

Timed practice

Timed Practice


Thank you

Thank You!!

Thanks for being a GREAT class, have a nice day!

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