the multi genre portfolio
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The Multi-Genre Portfolio

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The Multi-Genre Portfolio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Multi-Genre Portfolio. A research-based collection of writing. Why is Genre important?.

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the multi genre portfolio

The Multi-GenrePortfolio

A research-basedcollection of writing

why is genre important
Why is Genre important?
  • “You can’t just write “writing”; you’ve got to be writing something,--whether it’s a thank-you note or novel or journal entry. And until you know what kind of thing you’re making, you’re going to be silent.” ~Lattimer, 2003
what is the multi genre portfolio
What is theMulti-Genre Portfolio?
  • “Each piece in the [portfolio] utilizes a different genre, reveals a facet of the topic, and makes its own point. Conventional devices do not connect the pieces in a multi-genre paper, nor are the pieces always arranged in chronological order. The [portfolio] is instead a collage of writing and artistic expression with an overarching theme that engulfs and informs the reader.” ~Allen, 2001
multi genre portfolio objectives
Multi-GenrePortfolio Objectives
  • Students will learn to
  • Conduct library and internet research
  • Read analytically from a variety of sources
  • Write and revise in multiple genres for multiple purposes
objectives continued
Objectives continued
  • Self-evaluate
  • Use technology
  • Think and problem-solve with peers and independently
  • Think creatively by integrating the arts with their research
  • Organize time
  • Use multiple intelligences and divergent thinking skills (Allen)
strategies for choosing a topic cubing
Strategies for choosinga topic: Cubing
  • Describe It —How would you describe the issue/topic (color, shape, size?)
  • Compare It —It’s sort of like…(what is it similar to? What is it different from?
  • Associate It —How does the topic connect to other issues/subjects (what does it make you think of?)
cubing continued
Cubing Continued:
  • Analyze It —How would you break it into smaller parts (How is it made or what is it composed of?)
  • Apply It —How does it help you understand other topics or issues (how can it be used?)
  • Argue for/Against it —Take a stand and support it.