Following are highlights of the UEC/SMCC partnership.  Our intention is to acknowledge the wealth of...
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"Next year we’re going to march not just for civil rights but for silver rights “ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Following are highlights of the UEC/SMCC partnership. Our intention is to acknowledge the wealth of talent and commitment to assuring all businesses are served by SMCC. Apologies for any omissions. Created Visionary Leaders.

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"Next year we’re going to march not just for civil rights but for silver rights “

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Presentation Transcript

Following are highlights of the UEC/SMCC partnership. Our intention is to acknowledge the wealth of talent and commitment to assuring all businesses are served by SMCC. Apologies for any omissions.

Created Visionary Leaders

"Next year we’re going to march not just for civil rights but for silver rights “

Jesse Wineberry

State Representative,

43rd District

Who Sought to Combine

Business and Social Justice

A peaceful march on Martin Luther King Day from the Central District to the Chamber led to creation of a partnership between the Puget Sound region’s African- American community and the Chamber


Integration was their Goal

The GSCC created the UEC in 1993 to champion and increase the growth and success of multicultural businesses.

“The fact that Seattle's business community, (led by George Duff), was willing to make an extra effort

to be inclusive and help all businesses succeed –

was good news."

Bob Watt, Deputy Mayor for Norman Rice

Central District Leaders

"It was a heady time; a time of possibilities and breaking through barriers.  

We realize now that diversity is more complex than race, but a major accomplishment of the UEC was its ability to put racial and economic equity in the center of the business community's agenda. "  

Steve Leahy,

GSCC Past President & CEO

Part 1- The Early Years

Herman L. McKinney

UEC Executive Director 1993-2007

Through the UEC, McKinney helped find employment for more than 6,000 residents of the Central Area and the Rainier Valley.

Photo by Jon Marmor


  • Inner city revitalization, jobs, small business incubators

  • “Its Time To Talk” forums to improve race relations- attended by over 10,000 people at nine events.

  • Increased hiring of people of color and assistance to “minority” businesses

"People of color just weren't being hired at the time. It was a huge problem and the Chamber felt they had to do something.

The UEC tried to address a number of issues- especially race, because I felt if we got to know each other better we'd diminish prejudice toward minority populations and increase hiring."

Herman L. McKinney

October, 2011

Speakers and Guests





Speakers and Guests









“It’s Time to Talk” Forums

Partial list of Key Note Speakers:

Taylor BranchEric Dyson

U.S. Sen. Bill BradleyToi Derricotte

Mona Lake JonesJohn Hope Franklin

Julian BondAngela Oh

Anna Deavere Smith Ray Suarez

Morris DeesWilma Mankiller William Raspberry

Yolanda King


Funders 1993-2010

Seattle Foundation

Eli Lilly Corporation

US Bancorp Foundation

Wells Fargo

Safeco Insurance




Key Foundation

Macy’s (Federated Department Store)



Group Health

Regents Blue Shield

The Gates Foundation

Part 2- The Vision Expands

Dr. Skip Rowland

Executive Director


Photo by Michael T. Wu

A Commitment to Local Business


  • Growing businesses through multicultural relationships, world-class knowledge and skills

  • • Strengthening collaboration through cross-cultural business organizations

  • • Unifying voice for a business-friendly climate on the local, regional and state level

  • • Fostering international connections in the global economy

Dr. Rowland’s Vision

The Puget Sound region is recognized

as a multicultural magnet for the brightest minds and most innovative business entities in the world.

The unique value of the UEC is its

ability to capture the imaginations of multicultural communities and focus their attention on business development.

UEC’s mission is even more important in today’s diverse and global economy.

Strategic Alignment

Urban Enterprise Center and Affiliates




Ethnic Chambers

Global Relationships

Puget Sound Connections

B2B Mentoring

Ethnic Engagement

New Leaders

UEC Committees





Community Engagement

Business Development

Technical Assistance

Communications & Public Relations

2009 Accomplishments

  • Legislative Policy – Glenn Gregory, Chair

    • Established small, minority, and historically under-utilized businesses Regional Legislative Action Committee.

    • Introduced initiatives to State Legislators, recruited candidates for public office and attendees at GSCC Public Officials Reception.

  • Technical Assistance – Erica Chung, Chair

    • Established Minority Business Roundtable for topics such as access to capital; financial and human resources management; leadership development and marketing.

    • Produced a Clean Energy Forum to showcase minority businesses at GSCC Annual Leadership Conference

2009 Accomplishments


  • Multicultural Community Outreach – Mike Sotelo, Chair

    • Participated in and promoted International Study Mission to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Oman with the GSCC.

    • Co-sponsored Boeing’s 2009 Supplier Diversity Conference and presented at the 2009 GSCC/Microsoft Business Symposium.

    • Co-developed “Declaration of Interdependence” with King County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that calls for multicultural unity in Regional recovery.

    • Co-developed “The Regionalism Project” with African American Partners for Prosperity and the Prosperity Partnership.

2009 Accomplishments


  • Business Development –

    • Established and produced monthly Herman L. McKinney BUSINESS & CULTURES Diversity Forums

    • Represented the UEC at numerous multi-cultural business events, Supplier Diversity Conference and GSCC Annual Trade Show.

  • Communications – Albert Torres, Chair

    • Established UEC Communications Platform and co-developed with GSCC staff the UEC member database, website, newsletter, dashboard and Annual Survey.

HLM Diversity Forums

  • Cross-cultural discussions about today’s global workforce and business community.

  • Connections with leaders from growing multicultural businesses in the region

  • Trends and market strategies to help small businesses grow

Thanks to Committee Chairs

Legislative Policy- Glenn Gregory, Erica Chung and Natasha Savage

Business Development- Lee Mozena

Multicultural Community Engagement- Mike Sotelo, Norman Sigler and Lawrence Pang

Technical Assistance-Tonnette Bufford

Communications & Public Relations- Albert Torres, Cheryl Engelear and Elizabeth Adams

and HLM Forum Guests

Muckleshoot Tribe Leaders and Diversity Forum attendees

MBDO Partnerships

The Greater Seattle Chinese Chamber

The King County Hispanic Chamber

The Washington State Filipino Chamber

The Washington Vietnamese-American Chamber

The African Chamber

The Breakfast Group

The Greater Seattle

Business Association


Thank You Advisory Board

Add 80 names here

Thank You Advisory Board

David AllenKevin BakerTony Benjamin

Alexander BorromeoSteve BoyerWilliam Bradford

Marja BrandonNorward BrooksTonnette Bufford

Sheila BurrusPhil BusseyCarol Butterfield

Doreen CatoMarget ChappelChristine Chen

Luise CherninErica ChungCynthia Cooper

Tracy CorleyNovelett CotterFelecia Crumbley

Craig DawsonMark DedererRuben Del Valle

David DellaJames DonaldsonCheryl Engelaer

Jack FarisBobby ForchJose Gaitan

Ollie GarrettPeter GishuruRegina Glenn

Janice GreeneGlenn GregoryGeorge Griffin III

Crisobal GuillenAmani HarrisAndrew Harris

Bob HasegawaJames HerefordPaul Jackson

Robert Jeffrey, Jr.Leslie JonesEmmy Jordon

Sam KaplanElaine KoSteve Leahy

Advisory Board Thanks


Evelyn LemoineGreg LinsPhillis Mayo

Nate MilesStacy MoonDavid Moore

Lee MozenaRobert HellamsJulie Nelson

Kirk NelsonQuang NguyenGeorge Northcroft

Eleanor OshitoyePatti PayneJames Peoples

Gilbert PetittSilas PotterLinneth Riley-Hall

John RoselliniLeon RowlandLewis Rudd

Rita RyderLoudes Sampera-TsukadaEric Schinfeld

Greg ScullyMike SkinnerMike Sotelo

Alan SugiyamaEri TakahashiJim Thomas

ALbert TorresMaria TringaliWilfredo Tutol Jr.

George TwissSolomon UwadialeVictor Valdez

Tayloe Washburn

…More Partnerships


  • Urban Financial Services Coalition

  • African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native Americans of Spokane, WA (AHANA)

  • Eastern European Chamber of Commerce

  • The African American Partners for Prosperity (AAPP)

  • William Factory Business Group

  • The Muckleshoot Tribe

  • Salam Business Group

  • The Tabor 100

"The UEC helped transform the Chamber into a better, more inclusion-minded organization.

Originally focused on race relations, its vision expanded to connect the Chamber to multicultural business communities through-out the region, using strategies never attempted before.”

Glenn Gregory

UEC Chair

Press 1993-2011

  • • Seattle Times

  • • Seattle Post Intelligencer

  • • Puget Sound Business Journal

  • • Colors NW

  • Real Change

Clean Energy Forum 2009

  • Over 70 attendees at the Regional Leadership Conference at Suncadia

  • Panelists were established, clean energy small business owners committed to creating opportunities for green jobs in the local economy

“I've watched the very important conversations about race take place and this was a necessary step. It's slow progress but we're moving the needle.

The question remains, how do we include businesses owned by all people in the region? If we don't do this there will be a drag factor on our economy. If we do, we'll be constantly lifting and it will be effortless."

Jose Gaitan

October, 2011

Thank you, Skip

“ The UEC is an example

of the Chamber at its best

and Seattle at its best.”

Jack Faris

GSCC Past President & CEO

Multicultural Businesses in the Clean EconomySeptember 15, 2011

Goals- To explore points of commonality around economic recovery and advance clean tech opportunities

Multicultural Businesses in the Clean EconomySeptember 15, 2011

Key Sponsors-

  • Business Leaders

    for Climate Solutions

  • NW Minority Suppliers

    Development Council

  • SMCC

Multicultural Businesses in the Clean EconomySeptember 15, 2011

Growing Opportunities and Creating Sustainable Jobs

Part 3 – 2011 and Onward

May 2011- October 2011

Multicultural Business Task Force

T Thank you Task Force Members-

• Jose Gaitan • Glenn Gregory

• Mike Sotelo• Lawrence Pang

• Sheila Burrus• Norman Rice

• Mary McWilliams• Donald King

• Bob Drewel• Bob Donegan

• Fernando Martinez• Dr. William Bradford

• Eric Pettigrew• Steve Brilling

The Chamber is committed to infusing the interests of multicultural businesses throughout the organization –

from program development to

events and publicity.

José Gaitan                                                                     Phil Bussey

Chair                                                                                President & CEO

"We are no longer our grandfather's organization-

we are a different organization"

This Project is a “living history”. If you have photos to add to this story please send them to Evelyn at the Chamber or write to 

The UEC History Project will be posted and updated on the SMCC website. 

Special thanks to the following:

UEC Volunteers, Evelyn Lamoine and the SMCC staff, and countless individuals who’ve made this partnership possible and prosper.

Thank you and goodnight

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