What is a colonoscopy
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What is a colonoscopy? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is a colonoscopy?. Study of lining of colon and rectum by a gastoenterologist. Colonoscopy. Long, thin, flexible instrument connected to camera and video display monitor is inserted into rectum and up to T.I. Colonoscopy recommended if:. bowel habits change blood in stool

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What is a colonoscopy?

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What is a colonoscopy?

  • Study of lining of colon and rectum by a gastoenterologist


Long, thin, flexible instrument connected to camera and video display monitor is inserted into rectum and up to T.I.

Colonoscopy recommended if:

  • bowel habits change

  • blood in stool

  • persistent abdominal pain

  • patient is aged 50 years or older

Major step towards preventing colon cancer!

  • Colorectal cancel 2nd leading cause death in US

  • 1 in 20 adults will develop colon cancer

  • Colonoscopy more accurate than all other methods to detect polyps and early cancer

  • Simpler than exploratory surgery

Colonoscopy vs. Sigmoidoscopy

  • Colonoscopy inserted into rectum-moved through entire colon

  • Sigmoidoscopy- inserted into rectum-final 2 ft colon


Colonoscopy vs. Sigmoidoscopy

  • No drugs!

  • Major pain and cramping


  • Good drugs!

  • No cramping


  • Benign growths on inner wall of colon

  • Size: pinhead to several inches

  • Painless

  • Slow growing- years before become aggressive cancer


  • If encountered-

    • thin wire snare is used to lasso it

    • electrical heat (electrocautery) applied to remove painlessly


  • Takes less than an hour

  • Mild sedation - relieve anxiety and discomfort (someone must drive you home)

  • Often not remembered by pt.

  • May experience bloating- will quickly improve.

  • Can resume eating a regular diet later that day


  • Similar to BE and ACBE

  • Low residue foods 2 day before

  • Eat jello, drink clear liquids day before AM appt.

  • Afternoon before:

    • laxative

    • gallon of liquid (Golytely)

    • Starve

  • AM appt.!

Advantages over Barium Studies

  • No x-ray!

  • Can perform polyp removal, tissue sampling during study

  • More accurate than BE, pneumocolon

Virtual Colonoscopy (VC)

(CT Colonography)

What is a VC?

  • Procedure to look for signs of precancercous growths (polyps), other diseases of large bowel

  • 1st introduced 1994 as alternative to regular colonoscopy

  • Produces 2 and 3 dimensional images and video

  • Uses CT scanner, sometimes MRI

Advantages of Virtual Colonoscopy over previously accepted forms of determining colorectal cancer

  • Less rigorous bowel prep

  • short procedure – 15- 20 minutes

  • no sedation or anesthesia

  • no invasiveness-no scope- more compliance! (thin tube to pump air to inflate colon)

  • no risk of perforation of colon

  • more complete exam of colon (often can’t reach end- blockage, redundant bowel with conventional colonoscopy

  • Faster- more pts can be done ($$$)

Besides colon you see:

  • liver

  • gallbladder

  • pancreas, spleen

  • kidneys, adrenals, lymph nodes organs (Dr. Graham)

  • uterus

  • ovaries

  • prostate

  • assessment of aorta to exclude aortic aneurysm

Disadvantages - Virtual Colonoscopy over Colonoscopy

  • Cannot remove polyps!

  • Uses radiation

  • Pt. confined in tight area


  • Though just as effective in diagnosing lesions larger than 6mm

  • Insurance companies won’t pay unless

    • Severe coagulopathy

    • Can’t tolerate sedation

    • Must pay for it yourself!

      Special offer!$425 Body Scan ($800 for two people)

      $825 Body Scan/ Virtual Colonoscopy combination($1550 for two people)

      Prices include physician consultation!

How often do you need to have test?

  • No cancer or positive finding - 10 years

  • Cancer or positive finding - 5 years

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