Rotary district 7600 gse trip to district 2440 turkey may 1 29 2002
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ROTARY DISTRICT 7600 GSE TRIP TO DISTRICT 2440 “TURKEY“ May 1-29, 2002 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ROTARY DISTRICT 7600 GSE TRIP TO DISTRICT 2440 “TURKEY“ May 1-29, 2002. Team Leader: Marty Weber – Oyster Point Rotary Team Members: Christine Peterson - Poquoson Jane Tuohey - Richmond Adisa Muse - Petersburg Jason Fiske - Richmond.

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Team Leader: Marty Weber – Oyster Point Rotary

Team Members:

Christine Peterson - Poquoson

Jane Tuohey - Richmond

Adisa Muse - Petersburg

Jason Fiske - Richmond

Leaving my Oyster Point Rotaryand the Turkish team behind

Where’s Marty Turkey map updated every Friday at Rotary by moving my little head around

Istanbul, Turkey

Arrival in Istanbul, Turkey Meeting our host, Yasim Yanik, District 2440 GSE Chairperson

Checking in at our Hotel

First dinner in Istanbul

At Istanbul Airport

Istanbul, Turkey May 1-4from the hotel rooftop a Turkish breakfast

Typical Turkish breakfast

The Blue Mosque seen from the rooftop bar of our hotel

The Blue Mosque

Your GSE team inside the Blue Mosque

Hagia Sophia built about 534 AD

Topkapi Palace, home of the Sultans

Turkish tourist police located at every tourist site

The Grand Bazaar, only 4800 shops under one roof. Must have walkie talkies and GPS for effective navigation.

Night life, Istanbul style

Marty is…

Istanbul to Bandirma, Turkey

Bandirma, Turkey May 4-6

BANVIT Chicken Processing Plant

Marty playing Backgammon with Turkey District Governor Ali Bor along side host family, DR. IIker & Esen Pozan

Marty won, creating our first Rotary International incident!

Bandirma Rotary

Jane Tuohey presenting

Nothing like a 5 mile hike to a small Turkish village after a major party night!

And what awaits me!!!

Team member Jane gets dental work from Rotarian Dr. IIker Pozam

Bandirma to Bursa, Turkey

Bursa, Turkey May 6-10Inal Ertekin School

Mehmet Inal, School Business Manager & President of Uludag Rotary Club

Tombs of several Sultans and families circa 1200 – 1500 AD

Presenting at Nilufer, Yesil, & Uludag Rotary Clubs

Rotary in action - the school that pretzels built

Turkish Lawyers and the Court Room


almost created ANOTHER international incident

And We Made The News!

Bursa to Menemen, Turkey

Menemen, Turkey May 10-12

Menemen Rotary Club members with our GSE team

Jane presenting at Menemen Rotary Club

Ancient City of Pergamon




First Medical Symbol

Turkish Carpets

Menemen to Izmir, Turkey

Izmir, Turkey May 13-16

Balcova Rotary Club

Jason Fiske presenting

School visit to Ozel Inal Ertekin Hamliter Campus

Izmir to Cesme, Turkey and Rotary District 2440 Conference

Turkey Rotary District 2440 Conference at CesmeMay 16-19

Cesme to Denizli, Turkey

Denizli, Turkey May 19-21

Deliklicinar and Pamukkale Rotary Clubs

Christine & Jason presenting

Glass, Textile and Cardboard Factory visits

Ancient City of Pamukkale

Amphitheater at Pamukkale

Me getting ready to sing

Denizli to Marmaris, Turkey

Marmaris, Turkey May 21-24

Marmaris Rotary Club

Jane with Interact members

Christine presenting

Fun at Marmaris

Marmaris to Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey May 24-27

My favorite city !!!

Turgutreis Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children

A Project of the Bodrum Karia Rotary Club

Bodrum Karia Rotary Club

They gave us flowers after our presentations

We took the flowers to the hospital

Bodrum Castle and ancient city of Halikarnassos

Bodrum Castle

Temple at Halikarnassos

Roman Mosaic

Temple at Halikarnassos One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Farewell to Bodrum

Bodrum to Izmir, Turkey

Last stop Izmir, Turkey May 27-29

Christine & Jason Presenting at Konak & Guzelyali Rotary Clubs

And Ephesus!!!

The Roman Library at Ephesus


Only one crappy experience

Public toilets at Ephesus

Roman public toilets

Jason reading the paper and…

The 23000 seat Amphitheater at Ephesus

Farewell to Ephesus and Turkey

Farewell party with both GSE teams

We presented at 16 Rotary Clubs and their District Conference

  • Many people I talked to upon my return from Turkey said things like: Weren't you afraid? Terrorism? Wow, you came home with two hands and two feet!, What about those Turkish Prisons?, Did you get sick?

    Midnight Express (The Movie)

  • The Reality:

  • I was not afraid

  • There is terrorism everywhere and Turkey ranks very low on the “Hit List”.

  • I did come home with both hands and both feet. These punishments do notand never did happen in Turkey.

  • I did not get sick once, except for the occasional hangover!

  • The movie, “Midnight Express” was a dramatization about the incarceration of Billy Hayes who was caught at Istanbul Airport trying to smuggle several kilos of hash back home to America. The story is not completely accurate and there were NO Turkish actors who played any role in the movie !!!


What we took away from Turkey

  • Turkey is a strong ally of ours. The Turkish people love, admire and respect us. They want us to strengthen there relationship with us.

  • Turkish people are very hospitable, warm and friendly.

  • Turkey is an excellent destination for tourism. Known as the “Cradle of Civilization” Turkey has over 8000 years of recorded history.

  • Turkey has a diverse flavor of cities and terrain throughout the country. From the seas to the mountains.

  • The food is great and healthy!

  • They have a strong education system and strong family values.

  • Turkey wants more business opportunities and partnerships with America’s businesses.

  • Turkish parents do not want their children watching violent and sexual movies, wherever they are made.

  • They are willing to support us in our war on terrorism as they have supported us in the Korean War, Cold War and the Gulf War. However they want our economic support along the way and afterwards. There support of us during the Gulf War caused major economic problems in Eastern Turkey which in part lead to economic problems throughout the country. They feel we did not support them after we won the war.

  • Support Rotary International Group Study Exchange

  • Support, visit and do business with one of our closest alleys - Turkey!!!

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