Origins and charitable objectives
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Origins and charitable objectives. 45 years of the SSMF. The Origins of the SSMF. Princess Anne and Dr. Jim Rickards Opening ceremony in 1971. SSMF. Medical Education and Training Medical Students Doctors in training Consultants All healthcare workers Medical Research.

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Origins and charitable objectives

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Origins and charitable objectives

45 years of the SSMF

The Origins of the SSMF

Princess Anne

and Dr. Jim Rickards

Opening ceremony in 1971


  • Medical Education and Training

    • Medical Students

    • Doctors in training

    • Consultants

    • All healthcare workers

  • Medical Research

Provision of Quality Healthcare

Best trained & qualified doctors and nurses

Quality healthcare for Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Medical InstituteExtended for Medical Students

Wolverhampton Medical Institute

Redevelopment supported by the SSMF

Bell Library

Modernisation of Library and IT Services

Library Services manager

Rotha Abraham Lecture Theatre 1987 - 2007

Dinwoodie Trust

Rotha Abraham Bequest


Medical Students

900+ medical students in Wolverhampton each year

Students choosing to work in Wolverhampton after graduation

Medical Education

Medical Students (Undergraduate)

Doctors in Training (Postgraduate)

Hospital Consultants and GPs

(Continuing Professional Development)

Why Medical Research?

  • Contribute to medical advances

  • Present at national/international meetings

    • Raises profile of Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals

    • Share ideas with/ learn from other doctors

    • Learn new approaches to treatment

  • Publications in medical journals

  • Train doctors in research methods

  • Develops an “enquiring mind”

    • Improves standard of healthcare

  • Attract high quality doctors to Wolverhampton

Common medical problems in Wolverhampton

  • SSMF has supporting research in –

    • Diabetes

    • Cardiovascular Disease

    • Kidney Disease

    • Rheumatology

Local Charity Research Funding

  • £300,000 in the last 5 years

  • SSMF funding

  • In partnership / Brokering research grants with:

    • Tripartite Research Grants

      • SSMF

      • Rotha Abraham Trust

      • Royal Wolverhampton Hospital Trust Funds

    • Connie and Albert Taylor Trust

    • New Cross Kidney Patients Association

How do we identify diabetic patients at risk of developing complications?

Dr. V. Baskar

(Diabetes Centre)

£37,000 grant from SSMF

Dr. Baskar : appointed as Consultant Physician and Diabetologist at New Cross

Anti-Platelet Drugs to Preventing Recurrence of Coronary disease after angioplasty?

Dr. Andrew Worrall (SpR)

Dr. James Cotton

(Heart and Lung Centre)

£49,000 grant

from the Connie and Albert Taylor Trust

(in collaboration with the SSMF)

Viruses as a cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus?

Prof. Paul Nelson (University of Wolverhampton)

Departments of Nephrology

Rheumatology, Gastroenterology

and Immunology

New Cross Hospital

Grants totalling £120,000 over 5 years

SSMF, Rotha Abraham, RWHT,

New Cross Kidney Patients Assn

What are the physiological and biochemical changes that result in vascular disease?

Mr. Andrew Garnham (Vascular Surgeon)

Dr. James Cotton (Cardiologist)

Dr. Vincent Amoah(University of Wolverhampton)


Connie and Albert Taylor Trust /SSMF /Rotha Abraham Trust

The scientific basis of how we monitor the effectiveness of Diabetes Care

  • Dr. Anath Nayak (Research Registrar)

  • Dr. Dev Singh (Consultant Diabetologist)

  • £40,000 from SSMF/Rotha Abraham/RWHT

Tripartite Grants 2012

  • SSMF/Rotha Abraham/ Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals

  • £75,000

  • 3 grants awarded

    • Intravenous iron to reduce transfusion rates in anaemic patients undergoing cardiac surgery

    • Endogenous viruses as a trigger for rheumatoid arthritis

    • Preserving vision in macular degeneration

How do we ensure skilled healthcare workers in Wolverhampton?

  • Hospital doctors (physicians and surgeons)

  • Primary Care doctors

  • Nurses and Professions allied to Medicine

  • Formal Training

  • Clinical Experience

    • Shorter training programmes

    • Shorter working hours

  • Simulation Training

SimWard Wolverhampton

SimWard Wolverhampton

Learning clinical management

Working as a multidisciplinary team Communication skills

  • Wards

  • Intensive Care Unit

  • Coronary Care Unit

  • Operating theatre

  • A&E Department

SimWard Wolverhampton

  • £450,000

  • SSMF

  • In partnership with

    • Rotha Abraham Trust

    • Dinwoodie Bequest

    • Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals Trust

South Staffordshire Medical Foundation

  • Built Wolverhampton Medical Institute

  • Charitable Support of -

    • Medical Education

    • Medical Research

  • Liaison with other medical charities

  • Fundraising?

Rickards Lecturers 1971-2012

Norman St.John-Stevas

Huw Whellan

Katherine Whitehorn

Paul Sighert

Clement Freud

Robert Macintosh

& Ludovic Kennedy

Cliff Morgan

Patrick Hutton

Robert Dougall

Phil Drabble

John Simpson

Mr. Justice Michael Argyle

Lord Trumpington

Roger J Derry

The Rabbi Lionel Blue

Ron Hadfield

Dr Patrick Moore

Dr Thomas Stuttaford

Dr Carl Chinn

Alan Peace

Professor Alan Hawley

Dr. James Robson

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