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Practical information today. Right of Residence (EU/EEA) and Residence Permit (non-EU/EEA)Civic Registration Swedish Personal Identity NumberBank AccountHealth
Welcome to KTH

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1. Welcome to KTH!

2. Practical information today Right of Residence (EU/EEA) and Residence Permit (non-EU/EEA) Civic Registration ? Swedish Personal Identity Number Bank Account Health & Insurance Transportation Mobile operators Questions & Answers

3. EU+EEA citizens - Right of Residence EU + EEA citizens (Lichtenstein) need to register the right of residence Nordic citizens do NOT need to register the right of residence Swiss citizens still need to apply for a Residence permit At the Swedish Migration Board (?Migrationsverket?) No later than 3 months after entering Sweden (condition for civic registration) Application: - Internet: www.migrationsverket.se - If you have questions regarding: - if your documentation is complete; - how to fill out the application form then visit the Migration Board (Pyramidv?gen 2A, Solna). However this will take quite some time. Consequence for incomplete application: request for completion of documents (affects the proceeding time)

4. EU+EEA citizens - Right of Residence Enclose copies of: - Valid passport or national ID card proving your citizenship - Proof of admission to KTH (Welcome/invitation letter) - Assurance signed by yourself that you have sufficient funds to support yourself - Documented proof that you have comprehensive health insurance that is valid in Sweden (?EU-card? or private insurance) More information about supporting documents and on-line application through the Migration Board?s website at: www.migrationsverket.se -> English -> Studying in Sweden -> EU/EEA citizens

5. Extension of Residence Permit (for non EU/EEA citizens staying more than 12 months) Residence Permit for studies is granted for 12 months at a time Apply not later than one month before your current permit expires (in May for Autumn semester) Decision about renewal of Residence Permit takes at least 8 weeks (up to 3 months) You are entitled to stay in Sweden while the extension request is being processed If you leave while the extension is being processed, you will have to return to Sweden before your current residence permit expires (please pay attention to this if planning trips)

6. Information regarding application www.migrationsverket.se -> English -> Studying in Sweden -> Extension Required documents: - Copy of valid passport - Sufficient study results - Bank account statement, showing that your funding for the past year was sufficient (amount 7300 SEK/month) and that you have sufficient funding for the remaining duration of your studies - Notice of admission (only for those studying an other programme/course than the one initially approved for the residence permit) The fee is SEK 1000 Extension of Residence Permit (cont.)

7. Civic Registration Students who study in Sweden for more than 12 months should apply for a Swedish personal identity number (?personnummer??) When? As soon as possible since this procedure sometimes takes between 4-6 weeks! NOTE: you need an address where you can receive the decision about your application ? always update! Reasons why? Medical care at standard patient fees (same as for Swedish citizens) You can buy comprehensive home insurance in Sweden Bank account (more options or even a condition) Legal duty for those with personal identity number to: Report the change of address when you move within Sweden Report when leaving Sweden after finishing your studies (not later than 1 week before leaving!) (Written material in the Blue folder!)

8. Civic Registration (cont.) The Swedish Tax Agency (?Skatteverket?) is the authority responsible for the for the civic registration in Sweden and will issue your personal identity number. Visiting address: Klara V?stra Kyrkogata 13, Stockholm city Opening hours: Mon: 9:00-17:00 Tue?Fri: 9:00-15:00 Please bring your: Passport (national ID for EU citizens) Residence permit: UT card + decision (Non EU citizens) certificate of right of residence (EU/EEA citizens) Letter of Acceptance from KTH (length of studies) Health insurance (More info + map in the Blue folder!)

9. Banking KTH international students usually open a bank account in a Swedish bank. The offers vary depending on the bank and if the student has a Swedish personal identity number (staying minimum 12 months) and/or Swedish id-card: We recommend: - SEB ? accepts all international students Application form provided at the bank. - SEB ? with or without Swedish personal identity number (different services available) - Nordea, Handelsbanken ? possible with Swedish ID card More information about the offers for SEB is provided in the Blue folder.

10. Banking (cont.) Pay bills without a Swedish bank account Nordea ? 80 SEK/bill (for customers), 150 SEK(non-customers) SEB ? 65 SEK/bill (for customers), 130 SEK(non-customers) FOREX ? 35 SEK/bill EXCHANGE ? 35 SEK/bill ICA N?ra (grocery store) ? 35 SEK/bill Direkten - (convenient chain store) - 29 SEK/bill. E.g. at Odengatan 52 (opposite to Stadsbiblioteket/Main Public Library) Daglivs (supermarket) ? 27 SEK/bill Certain small kiosks where you can also buy mobile phone SIM cards and/or cash cards (credits for calls)

11. Health care

12. Medical Treatment

13. Insurance

14. Local transport by SL SL - Stockholm Local Transportation System (www.sl.se) provides transport throughout the greater Stockholm area. With SL-card you can travel by - Bus - Commuter train (pendelt?g) - Metro/underground (tunnelbana) - Boat The SL card: ??Access card?? - chargeable card for 30 or 90 days Ticket-strip of prepaid coupons (??Remsa??)

15. Local transport by SL (cont.) SL Access card and Ticket strip can be bought at: -SL Centres, underground or commuter train stations or in any ??Pressbyr?n?? (in-station convenience stores). Individual tickets: Pressbyr?n, station, sms - but NOT on the buss. Student discount: in September you will get your student ID card which enables you to buy a SL Access card with student discount. It is possible to buy the SL card with student discount even now, but you need to prove that you are a student with a temporary SL-certificate instead of student ID card. To get a temporary SL-certificate: show a signed registration form stating that you study at least 75 % of full-time (your program coordinator or Info-Center can provide you with this transcript after your registration).

16. Local transport by SL (cont.) At ticket inspections prepare to show: 1. SL Access card; 2. valid student ID (until you get it you can show the temporary SL-certificate ); 3. passport or international/Swedish id-card (If you don?t have one of these, you will have to pay a fine)

17. Local transport by SL (cont.) Information in English on SL?s web pages www.sl.se :

18. The KTH Student Union, THS THS International ?is organizing social and educational activities for international students. Seated at KTH Campus ?Nymble? = Name of the Student Union building

19. Mobile operators Tele2 Comviq sponsors all international students with a SIM card. THS International provide them in their welcome packs during introduction weeks. When loading the cash card (credits) choose to buy cash card ?Comviq Amigos?. Most popular for their good prices for international calls. Telephone cash cards can be bought for example at: 7?Eleven, Pressbyr?n (convenient store)? Charge your SIM-card every month to keep low prices! SIM-card will be activated by making the first call after it is loaded with credits. Check up other mobile phone operators as well, for example: 3, Telia, Telenor, Halebop..

20. KTH International Student Desk

21. Thank you. Enjoy your stay at KTH! KTH International Student Desk Jenny and Susana

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