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Website by Committee. Rob Darrow NYSAIS Conference November 2006. On the Web. Search the Web Webquest Search the Web Webquest Handout. Group developments Amazon : plan to sell on book chapters Institutional repositories : easy access to research Invisible Web – scholarly databases.

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Website by committee

Website by Committee

Rob Darrow

NYSAIS Conference

November 2006

On the web
On the Web.

  • Search the Web Webquest

  • Search the Web Webquest

  • Handout.

No longer just google

Group developments

Amazon : plan to sell on book chapters

Institutional repositories : easy access to research

Invisible Web – scholarly databases

Individual efforts

=Web 2.0





No longer just Google

What makes a good website
What makes a good website?

  • Effective websites – let’s look at some and apply a standard.

    • Handout: Big6 format. 

    • Look at some examples.

Planning a website
Planning a Website 

  • The Structure

    • Will it be – static or dynamic?

  • The Design

  • The Content

“A website is like a baby, it needs to be changed often”

Websites i ve set up by committee
Websites I’ve set up by committee 

  • California School Library Association –

  • Cal Online Virtual High School –

  • Teaching American History Grant –

What i ve learned
What I’ve Learned

  • It’s all about design!

  • Once design, structure is set – then add the content.

  • Many people can contribute content.

  • Hire “editors” – content review.

  • Final Editor – One or two people with the overall vision of the website – final content review.

  • Some re-editing may be needed.

  • Anyone can transfer the content to the Web.

Online or web enhanced classrooms
Online or Web Enhanced Classrooms

  • Support learning of students

  • Meet student learning in the digital age

  • Will increase over time

  • Courses need to be somewhat linear – designed like an overall website

What makes a quality online course

Web Based(80% instruction taught on web)

Web Enhanced (Use of web for some instruction)

What makes a quality online course?

Multidimensional Instruction and Learning

One Dimensional Instruction and Learning

Online course examples
Online Course Examples

  • World History Online


Fresno County Teaching American History Grant

  • Online content based on 5th, 8th and 11th grade American history content standards


Do you know about the invisible or deep web
Do you know about theInvisible (or deep) Web?

  • Mostly university databases.

  • Can only access by “direct query” not via Google.

  • 300-500 times larger than the commercial Web

  • The Deep Web contains nearly 550 billion individual documents compared to the one billion of the surface Web.

  • More than 200,000 Deep Web sites presently exist.

Michael Bergman, Bright Planet, July 2001

Web 2 0 and the future
Web 2.0 and the future

  • It is now “web by committee” and “individuals”

  • “An attitude not a technology” (I.Davis)

  • About user participation, user generated content, participation, remixing and tagging

  • This can be the age of the amateurs!

Web 2 0 and libraries
Web 2.0 and libraries

  • Growth in open access and open content material

  • Increased virtual usage and via Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs)

  • Reference services are becoming more virtual as users want instant answers

  • Time-shifting, to suit the users and their learning styles

The new web 2 0 and information literacy
The “new” Web 2.0 and Information Literacy

  • Engage the Digital Natives - meeting them where they are

  • Web 2.0 is interactive - sites need to be interactive and materials more visual and active, e.g. games

  • New opportunities to use deep and active learning methods and peer-based learning

  • Need to teach how easily information can be created

  • More emphasis needed on teaching evaluation and ethics

Explore time web 2 0
Explore Time Web 2.0

  • On the Wiki.


With wikis and blogs
With Wikis and Blogs

  • Everyone now has their own website.

    • Design and structure is set in blogs and wikis

  • Wikipedia

  • Library Instruction Wiki


  • Teacher-librarian wiki


  • Information Literacy Blog


  • Blogs, Vogs and Wiki Website


  • Association of College and Research Librarians Blog


Explore some wiki ideas
Explore Some Wiki ideas

  • Bernie Dodge’s Design Patterns for EduWikis

  • Dan McDowell’s History Examples

    • Holocaust Wiki Project

    • AP World History Exam Review

  • Class study tool, vocabulary building

  • Wikibooks (evolution of the textbook with greater relevance?)


  • No. of hits on Google for “podcasts”

    Sept. 28 2004 - 24

    May 25 2005 - 4,460,000

    Sept.18 2005 - 60,000,000

    June 20 2006 - 362,000,000

Podcasts opportunities
Podcasts – Opportunities

  • Education Podcast Network (David Warlick) - the ultimate.

  • Room 208 Bob Sprankle

  • Book reviews—Nancy Keane’s Booktalks

The future web and you
The Future Web and You

  • How does Web 2.0 fit with your school?