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NCAA Certified Events. NCAA Certification of Events Addresses:. Prospect health and wellness Prospects missed class time in the fall and in January Non-institutional camps Recruiting calendar. How it works:. Follow existing legislation for Men’s and Women’s Basketball:

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Ncaa certification of events addresses
NCAA Certification of Events Addresses:

  • Prospect health and wellness

  • Prospects missed class time in the fall and in January

  • Non-institutional camps

  • Recruiting calendar

How it works
How it works:

  • Follow existing legislation for Men’s and Women’s Basketball:

  • All non-scholastic events must go through an online pre-approval process through the NCAA

  • All teams participating must be registered prior to participating in the certified event

How it works1
How it works:

  • Athletic trainer on site

  • Background checks for all event operators and club coaches

How it works:

  • Online rosters must be updated ahead of time with unique email addresses and contact information for each prospect

  • College coaches can always attend scholastic events – scholastic events don’t need NCAA certification

What it looks like
What it looks like:

  • College coaches are at the events to EVALUATE not ‘recruit’

  • No contact on site between college coaches and travel ball coaches/no recruiting coordinators talking to coaches

  • Div I coaches cannot attend non-certified events

What it looks like1
What it looks like:

  • College coaches show up

  • Have a designated place to park

  • Evaluate games in designated viewing areas

  • Books contain updated/accurate information

What it looks like2
What it looks like:

  • Games during academic periods cannot be played before Friday at 4p or after 8p on Sunday

  • Combines are allowed

  • Games, tournaments and leagues allowed

What it looks like3
What it looks like:

  • Existing EVENT OPERATORS will continue to run events but will need to adapt their events to be NCAA Certified

  • An unlimited number events allowed to be operated on designated weekends

Positive effects
Positive Effects

  • Establishes a standardized and fair system for Div I college coaches, travel ball teams, and event operators

  • Prospects have a legitimate opportunity to practice, train and improve without the presence of Div I coaches

  • Travel ball coaches get to coach their teams instead of consuming themselves with the college placement pageantry

Positive effects1
Positive Effects

  • Consolidation of events

  • College coaches can plan their evaluation schedules out in advance

  • Can’t have ‘side events’ spurred on at the last minute

Other business
Other Business

  • Camps and clinics

    • Keep going along the lines of regulating this

    • Div I College Coach employment at institutional camps

  • Must establish a window of time for sanctioned events (Dr. James Andrews – Periodization and overuse injuries)

    • Summer and Restricted Fall window

Things to consider
Things to Consider

  • Tournaments restrict distance between fields by a certain mile radius

  • Streamline the recruiting book across the board – every tournament must include the exact same information (same template for all events)

  • Use an online data entry system for all tournaments so data is available to college coaches real-time

Things to consider1
Things to Consider

  • All teams have to pay the same entry fee (no good guy discounts)

  • Alter the MBB/WBB legislation to allow for some contact between college coach and club coach during events

  • Regulate the college coaches expenses to attend the event (no cost for entry and no cost for book)

Where do we go from here
Where Do We Go From Here?

  • HCC Reps and Working Group work with each conference and build momentum for proposal

  • Proposal submitted by April 2014

  • Voted on by NCAA Rules Committee June/July 2014


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