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Towards smart cities… Dr. Serge DRUAIS. Agenda. You have said smart Cities? Moving to a new architecture Thales activities in the field MAESTRO: Extended Supervision

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Towards smart cities dr serge druais

Towards smart cities…

Dr. Serge DRUAIS


  • You have said smart Cities?

  • Moving to a new architecture

  • Thales activities in the field

  • MAESTRO: Extended Supervision

  • The vision we pursue is a city where citizens feel comfortable living their life, moving, communicating, making use of services from everywhere (home, travelling, mobile,…) and contributing themselves to the city welfare.

Dongtan, China

Smart City

Smart city 2020
Smart city 2020…

Our cities are fast transforming into artificial ecosystems

of interconnected, interdependent intelligent digital “organisms”

  • Emerging technologies (ICT) are poised to reshape our urban environmentsWilliam J. Mitchell (MIT, smart city Lab)

    “Our cities are fast transforming into artificial ecosystems of interconnected, interdependent intelligent digital organisms. This is the fundamentally new technological condition confronting architects and product designers in the twenty-first century.”

Helsinki smart city city 2 0
Helsinki: Smart City & City 2.0

  • We are going to need new ways to address and to solve global problems, but our connectivity will bring us tools unimaginable even just a few years ago.

  • Our challenge, our generation's unique challenge, is learning to live peacefully and sustainably in an extraordinarily crowded world.

Shanghai hongqiao transportation hub
Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub

  • Future biggest multi modal transportation Hub of China (and Asia)

Smart city main functional architecture
Smart city: Main functional Architecture

The smart city is the Information & communication Infrastructure

  • e-Tourism web 2.0 approach

  • User Generated Contents

  • Context Awareness Info Push

  • Energy Management

  • E-learning

  • Knowledge Management

  • Role gaming







  • Video surveillance

  • Sensor networks integration

  • Video semantic capabilities



  • Traffic information

  • Fleet management

  • Access Control

  • Road Charging

  • Emergency Call

  • Mobile Payments

  • Parking Management

  • Pay As You Drive

  • City Logistics

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Work Force Managem.

  • Electronic Patient Record

  • Therapy management

  • Biomedical parameters monitoring

  • Second Opinion Management

  • Pharmaceutical risk mgmt






  • ICT platform for Wireless Sensor Networks management and control

Smart city main challenges
Smart City: Main challenges

  • Smart cities

    • Extended communication (Home, travels, WIFI, G3….) for users and city operators

    • Mobility (Public Transport and virtual collaboration)

    • Transportation

      • Intelligence Transportation systems

      • Inter modality – new added value services for users (attractively)

  • Environment

    • Energy saving – C02 reduction

  • Impact on systems (Physical and IT)

    • Exchange of data

    • Open Architecture (platform)

    • Interoperability

    • Extended supervision capabilities

    • Complexity management

Some basic definitions
Some basic definitions


  • Functional ability of two or more systems to interact or to be used easily or automatically in combination with each other

  • A needed quality in the ICT-embedded industries

    • Provides connectivity between hardware or software and between entities (government/business/citizens)

    • Increases flexibility and agility, reduces costs and implementation time

      Open Standard

  • Specificationsdescribing program or device characteristics, available to the technical community and vetted through open process like : W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) WS-I (Web Services-Interoperability Organization), OMG…

Today business goals through ict
Today Business goals through ICT

  • Increasing collaboration within and among enterprises and governmental bodies during their entire product and service provision life cycle is a global trend.

  • Most of these organizations are transforming themselves into "networked organizations".

  • These new collaboration concepts are especially relevant for SMEs.

  • Related IT systems and applications need to be interoperable in order to achieve seamlessinteraction across organizational boundaries and thus realize networked organizations.

Thales ict policy towards open system
THALES ICT policy : Towards Open System

Open Systems

  • Ensure flexibility & Interoperability

  • Avoid vendor lock-in / Drive cost effectiveness

  • Ensure future access to information

  • Maximize freedom of action

    Open standards

  • Promoting interoperability by using openpublished specifications for API's, protocols and data and file formats

    Open architecture

  • Building loosely coupled, flexible reconfigurable solutions

    Open Source Software

    • Promotes standards

    • Leverages community development and collaborative innovation


    Implement open systems principles
    Implement open systems principles

    Application SW



    Application SW







    Domain Middleware





    No Middleware

    No separation between

    Applicative and

    technical software


    Provide technical services to enforce technical software reuse


    Tooled-Up Process & Domain Middleware enforcing

    Reusable Domain component

    Domain Middleware






    Third Party



    Domain Middleware

    Open Middleware


    Open Architecture – Platform

    Thales Civil Supervision Activities

    Integrated Communication and Supervision Systems for Transport

    • Urban transport (metro, trams, Automated People Movers)

    • Main Line Rail

    • Tunnels, Car parks

    Critical Infrastructures Protection

    • Buildings (Museums, airports, industrial plants, …)

    • Oil & Gas plants

    • City centres (urban safety)

    Energy Transportation

    • Oil & Gas transportation

    • Electricity transportation

    • Water distribution

    Today’s Architectures of Supervision Systems

    Silo approach: one application for each function

    • Cons

    Access Control



    Voice & Data




    Public Information


    • Highly modular  Modifying any module does not impact the others

    • No integrated MMI  Human based global situation awareness

    • Solution based on various protocols

    • Many servers needed

    Today’s Limitations of Supervision Systems

    Complex lifecycle management of the system

    • Silo architecture : many different applications to maintain and many interfaces to manage

    • Super-SCADA : high risk of regression due to the complexity of the software.

    Lack of decision support when alarms occur

    • Manual actions required to follow paper procedures

    • Risk of not following correctly the procedure, problems of coordination between operators, …

    Operators training not realistic enough

    • The simulation does not enable to simulate complex incidents

    M.A.E.S.TR.O* Main Objectives

    Provide a system both modular and integrated

    • Integrate any application (Thales, legacy or 3rd party applications) and control them by an integrated MMI

    • Easily replace any application without impacting the others

    • Modify interfaces between the applications without modifying the applications themselves

    • Provide as much as possible automated system response in case of specific incidents

    Provide Training & Simulation Capabilities

    • Take benefits of Thales expertise in Training & Simulation for transport, energy, and military domains (3D synthetic environment, human behaviour modelling, operational & supervisory training, exercise definition & development,…)

    * Modular Architecture for Energy Security and TRansport Operators

    Innovative modular architecture

    MAESTRO Service (SOA) Framework

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    Innovative Modular Architecture

    Integrated Web MMI




    Public Information

    Access Control



    Voice & Data

    Training & simulation module

    Training Instructor



    Human behaviour


    Thales legacy 3rd party sub systems integration
    Thales, legacy, 3rd party sub-systems integration

    • MAESTRO architecture allows to integrate ANY 3rd party application, thanks to any API (Application Programming Interface) or interface description (any protocol)

    MAESTRO SOA Framework

    Existing SOA connector

    SOA connector to be developed

    Thales application

    SOA connector to be developed

    Specific protocol


    3rd Party application

    3rd Party application

    Thales applications includeSOA connectors

    3rd party applications SOA connectors can be developed either by Thales or the application supplier

    Services orchestration
    Services Orchestration

    Integrated Web MMI

    4 : Set lifts at platform level

    2 : Switch CCTV on monitor

    1 : A train is entering

    MAESTRO SOA Framework

    3: - Display message on PID- Send audio message

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector

    SOA connector




    Public Information

    Access Control



    Voice & Data

    The Business Process is defined in the SOA Framework and can evolve easily without impacting any of the applications

    Maestro integrated mmi
    MAESTRO Integrated MMI

    Ergonomics optimized following a dedicated study

    Training & Simulation


    • Train efficiently the Supervision operators, especially to crisis situations

    • Assess the procedures efficiency

    • Support Customer in defining relevant means & procedures (position of the CCTV, need of escalators, train timetables, etc.)

    • … through a very realistic synthetic environment

    Equipment simulation

    (eg : train mouvement)

    Threat simulation (fire)

    Technical Solution

    • Equipment simulation models interacting with each other. Models can be controlled by an instructor

    • 3D modelling of the infrastructure and CCTV modelling

    • Human behaviour modelling based on Artificial Intelligence

    • Advanced training functions

    • Enhanced reality: integrating real-time data in the synthetic world

    Models interactions

    People’s model

    3D model, as seen from a simulated CCTV

    Merci thanks serge druais

    Merci – Thanks – 谢谢Serge DRUAIS