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The 21 st Century Teacher Mardene R. Carr/Kadian Stewart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 21 st Century Teacher Mardene R. Carr/Kadian Stewart. How to be collaborative, adaptive and tech-savvy communicators who can operate in the 21 st  century classroom . Profile of the 21 st Century Student. Baby Boomers TV generation Typewriters Memos. Gen X

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The 21 st Century Teacher Mardene R. Carr/Kadian Stewart

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The 21 st century teacher mardene r carr kadian stewart

The 21st Century Teacher

MardeneR. Carr/Kadian Stewart

The 21 st century teacher mardene r carr kadian stewart

How to be collaborative, adaptive and tech-savvy communicators who can operate in the 21st century classroom.

Profile of the 21 st century student

Profile of the 21st Century Student

  • Baby Boomers

  • TV generation

  • Typewriters

  • Memos

  • Gen X

  • Video games

  • Computers

  • E-mail

  • Net Gen

  • The Web

  • Mobile devices

  • Instant messenger

  • Online communities

Profile cont d

Profile Cont’d

  • Stats on Net Gen:

  • 100% use it to search for information on colleges, careers & jobs

  • 74% use instant messaging as a major communication vehicle

  • 54% of students (7-12 grade) know more IM screen names than home phone numbers

  • 81% e-mail friends & relatives

  • 70% instant message

  • 56% prefer the Internet over the telephone

Howe & Strauss, 2003

Profile cont d1

Profile Cont’d

  • Digital natives living in a digitally focused world:

  • Digitally literate

  • Mobile

  • Experiential

  • Comfortable using technology

  • Familiar with Collaborating

  • Self-Teaching

Teachers role and responsibility

Teachers’ Role and Responsibility

  • Provide a collaborative learning environment

  • Learning new skills

  • Learning new technology

  • Use technology effectively

  • Don’t overuse the technology

21 st century classroom

21stCentury classroom

21 st century classroom1

21stCentury classroom

  • Desk top computers

  • Thin clients

  • Notebook Computers

  • Netbooks

  • Tablet PCs

  • E-Readers

Collaborative software packages

Collaborative Software Packages

Collaborative hardware packages

Collaborative Hardware Packages

  • Audio conferencing systems.

  • Video conferencing systems.

  • Web conferencing systems.

Advantages of collaboration

Advantages of Collaboration

Using technology in the classroom

Using technology in the classroom

Audio visual solutions for the classroom

Audio Visual Solutions for the Classroom



Interactive white boards

Interactive White Boards

Digital cameras

Digital Cameras

The 21 st century teacher is wired

The 21st Century Teacher is “wired”



  • Abundance of resources and relationships are easily accessible via the Internet.

  • Education paradigms are shifting to include online learning, hybrid learning, and collaborative models.

  • There is a new emphasis in the classroom on more challenge-based and active learning.



  • People expect to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want to.

  • The technologies we use are increasingly cloud-based and expectations of IT decentralized support.

  • The world of work is increasingly collaborative, driving changes in the structure of student projects.



  • Economic pressures and new models of education competing with the traditional models of education.

  • Digital media literacy continues its rise in importance.

  • Institutional barriers present major challenges to moving forward with emerging technologies.



  • The prevailing methods of instruction impede the most effective application of technology

  • Don’t know how to make new technologies transform teaching

  • Instructional workload

  • Often too much emphasis on the technology itself and lack of support for teachers



  • Lack of clear direction, sustained commitment, and financial incentives needed

  • Merely providing tools is unlikely to provide a significant increase in effective use of technology in instruction

21 st century teacher

21ST Century Teacher



Risk taker


Understand where technology fits

Know how to find useful (free) resources



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