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SSR Time. College Prep 2-27-13. Hero. On your own, create a Frayer model on the word “Hero.” Lets talk about it What criteria did you come up with????. HEROISM. The Carnegie Hero Award. Hero Criteria.

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SSR Time

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SSR Time

College Prep



  • On your own, create a Frayer model on the word “Hero.”

  • Lets talk about it

  • What criteria did you come up with????


  • The Carnegie Hero Award

Hero Criteria

  • Look @ your hand out….the bullet points are the criteria by which the Carnegie committee judges heroism

  • Lets go over them for a sec


  • Read the scenario…..

  • Lets talk about it

    • Should Curtis Dawson get the award?



  • Curtis Dawson received the award in 2005


  • Read Roger Terrapin’s story

    • On the back of the sheet

  • On your own, decide if he should get the award or not

    • Write your decision (CLAIM, EVIDENCE, WARRANT)

      • Claim: Criteria

      • Evidence: Examples

      • Warrant: a statement that explains why a piece of evidence makes a claim factual.


  • Pair up with a partner and convince them

    • Make note of your discussion in the “discussion notes” portion of your sheet

    • Don’t forget to detail the types of arguments made

    • INCLUDE: did your partner change your mind????


Heroism and Frederick Douglass

  • Preach it Rev

What is a TPCAFTT??!!!??!

  • It is a technique by which to read poetry…

  • T= Title

    • Done before reading….your first impressions of the title


  • P= paraphrase

    • Quick summary

What is a TPCAFTT??!!!??!

  • Read 2nd time

  • C= Connotation

    • List some connotative words…which help you figure out….

  • A= Attitude (or tone)

    • Brief statement about what you think the tone is, citing connotative words

  • F= Figurative Language

    • Examples of Fig lang and analysis

What is a TPCAFTT??!!!??!

  • Read the 3rd time

  • T= Title (again)

    • Revisit the title…what does it mean to you now?

  • T= Theme

    • What’s theme dag nab it

“Frederick Douglass”

  • To fully understand poetry, you must read it 3 times

  • The 1st, is to understand plot

  • The 2nd is to pick up on some connotative words and tone

  • The 3rd is to understand the theme….

“Frederick Douglass” and TPCAFTT

  • But first….lets do the “title”

  • Now we read

    • We do “P”

  • Read 2nd time

    Do “C” “A” “F”

  • Read 3rd time

    • Do “T” and “T”

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