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No wasted time
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No Wasted Time:. PBIS Meetings That Work. Our School . Durham Elementary School Tigard, Oregon 550 students in grades K-5 23 classrooms 44% free/reduced Targeted Assistance Title I 60% White, 30% Latino, 10% other groups of color 20% ELL. Our Behavior Support System.

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No Wasted Time:

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No wasted time

No Wasted Time:

PBIS Meetings That Work

Our school

Our School

  • Durham Elementary School

  • Tigard, Oregon

  • 550 students in grades K-5

  • 23 classrooms

  • 44% free/reduced

  • Targeted Assistance Title I

  • 60% White, 30% Latino, 10% other groups of color

  • 20% ELL

Our behavior support system

Our Behavior Support System

  • Core curriculum is Second Steps

  • School-wide positive supports

  • District protocol defines tiers of support

  • Effectiveness tracked through SWIS

Our reading program

Our Reading Program

  • 90 minute protected block

  • “Walk to Read” (flexible skill grouping)

  • District protocol of curricular options

  • 3 instructional tiers

  • Interventions funded with general fund and Title I

Our math program

Our Math Program

  • 60 minutes per day of protected math instruction

  • Implementing Expressions next year

  • Interventions are mostly within core

  • Voyager math recently added

No wasted time1

No Wasted Time

  • “Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”

    - Winnie the Pooh

Before the meeting

Before the Meeting

  • Clarify the purpose

  • Invite the right people

  • Create a year-long calendar

  • Assign leadership roles

  • Prepare an agenda

  • Collect useful data

Clarify the purpose there are three

Clarify the Purpose(There are three!)

1. Evaluate School-Wide Effectiveness

2. Evaluate Grade-Level Effectiveness

3. Make Instructional Decisions About Individual Children

Invite the right people no missing pieces of the puzzle

Invite the Right People(No missing pieces of the puzzle)

  • Principal

  • Literacy Specialist

  • Counselor/School Psychologist

  • Learning Specialist

  • ELL Teacher

  • Classroom Teachers

Create a year long calendar

Create a Year-Long Calendar

  • It’s a priority for everyone

  • Every 6 weeks

  • Same week day

Assign leadership roles

Assign Leadership Roles

  • Facilitator and Time Keeper

  • Presenters of Data

  • Note Takers

Make a really really good agenda

Make a Really, Really Good Agenda

  • Ask questions that need to be answered

  • Build in Decision Rules

  • Be thorough

  • Keep it consistent

  • Use it – stick to it

Collect useful data

Collect Useful Data

  • What do you need to know to answer the questions you’ll be asking?

During the meeting

During the Meeting

1. Make it easy for classroom teachers to participate

2. Stick to the agenda

3. Present data in visual forms

4. Include all children

5. Make commitments to problem solve at a later date

6. Take minutes

Make it easy for teachers

Make it Easy for Teachers

  • Teachers “just” show up

  • Data are provided

  • Minutes are taken by others

Stick to the agenda

Stick to the Agenda

Present data visually

Present Data Visually

  • Grade level chart

  • Individual student graphs

  • Color Coding

  • Mark 6 Week Intervals

Make commitments to problem solve at a later date

Make Commitments to Problem Solve at a Later Date

  • Identify the need to develop or modify a plan

  • Determine who needs to participate

  • Assign tasks

  • Follow through

Take minutes

Take Minutes

  • Important for accountability

  • Historical record

  • Laptop at meeting

  • Designated recorder

After the meeting

After the Meeting

  • Get Minutes Out Promptly

  • Follow Through on Commitments

  • Share On-Going Progress Monitoring

Get minutes out promptly

Get Minutes Out Promptly

  • E-mail to all team members

  • Each meeting is added to the previous meeting

  • Staff are expected to read them

Follow through on commitments

Follow Through on Commitments

“When you get right down to the root of the meaning of the word “succeed”, you find that it simply means to follow through.”

- F.N. Nichol

Share on going progress monitoring

Share On-Going Progress Monitoring

  • Data are used to inform instruction

  • Adjustments are made as needed

No wasted time

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

- Aristotle

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