Spongebob s day off
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Spongebob’s Day off PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spongebob’s Day off. A PMS (Pritchett, Mann ,Steffens) Production. Due to the standards being addressed in this presentation it is recommended for 2 nd & 3 rd grade audiences…and very mature adults. GPS. M2N1. Students will understand the place value representation of whole numbers

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Spongebob’s Day off

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Spongebob’s Day off



(Pritchett, Mann ,Steffens)


Due to the standards being addressed in this presentation it is recommended for 2nd & 3rd grade audiences…and very mature adults.


M2N1. Students will understand the place value representation of whole numbers

through four digits.

c. Use money as a medium of exchange. Count back change and use decimal notation and the dollar and cent symbols to represent a collection of coins

and currency.

M2N2. Students will build fluency with multi-digit addition and subtraction.

a. Correctly add and subtract two whole numbers up to three digits each with regrouping.


3rd Grade Concepts/Skills to Maintain:

  • Addition & subtraction of multi-digit

  • numbers

  • Money

    M3N2. Students will further develop their skills of addition and subtraction and apply them in problem solving.

    a. Use the properties of addition and subtraction to compute and verify the results of computation.

    b. Use mental math and estimation strategies to add and subtract.

    c. Solve problems requiring addition and subtraction

Welcome to Bikini Bottom!

Spongebob has been waiting for you!

Spongebob’s Day Off

  • Spongebob needs your help. . . He just got paid and it’s his day off. He needs help making sure that his money lasts him until the end of the day.

  • Help him chose what to buy at each place he goes to.

How to spend Spongebob’s money!

  • Divide into groups of 3.

  • One person will be the decision maker/money helper. This person will make the decisions about what to buy and will help the others pay for things and make change.

  • One person will keep Spongebob’s money and use it to buy things.

  • One person will be banker and collect the money and make change for Spongebob.

Buying Instructions

  • Print out this sheet to help you!

  • Before you buy, you must make sure that you have enough money.

  • After you decide, click on what you want for Spongebob to buy and record how much it was on your sheet.

  • Count out enough money and give the money to the banker.

  • The banker will give you your change back.

  • Record how much money Spongebob has left on your sheet.

Mr. Krab: “Here’s your pay check.

Don’t spend it all in one place!”

Spongebob: “Oh boy! Payday!

What should I do with all of this money?”

I have $36.00 to spend today!

My $36.00 was given to me with these bills.

A 20 dollar bill

A 10 dollar bill

A 5 dollar bill

A 1 dollar bill

In order to spend my money, I need to remember what change looks like.

This is a penny. It is worth 1 cent. ($.01)

This is a nickel. It is worth 5 cents. ($.05)

This is a dime. It is worth 10 cents. ($.10)

This is a quarter. It is worth 25 cents ($.25)

First stop. . .something to eat

  • Help Spongebob choose what to buy. Use your worksheet to help keep track of your purchases.

    Click here to begin shopping!

The Krusty Krab:Spongebob must eat lunch! Click on what he would like for lunch!

Mmm… This looks good.

Wow…A crabby patty!

Cost: $ 5.92

Cost: $ 4.51

Spongebob: Thank you!

That was good!

Click here to continue shopping!


I’ll pay you $5.00 if you take out the trash for me. Will you do it? (Click yes or no)




Thanks to Squidworth I made more money!

Click here to go shopping at the grocery store!

Now Spongebob is at the grocery store.A balloon for Spongebob or soap for Gary?

Soap Cost: $2.34

Balloon Cost: $1.25

Aww…Gary is sad because you refused to buy his soap! But you are enjoying your balloon for $1.25

Click here to go shopping at Wal-Mart.

Thanks for the Soap Spongebob! It cost you $2.34

  • Click here to go to Wal-Mart

I went to Wal Mart. Click on the one I should I buy?

Cost: $5.71

Cost: $5.99

Cost: $1.25

Spongebob: What am I going to do with a fence post? The fence post is $1.25

Click here to give Spongebob a snack.

What a beautiful picture for my home!

  • My home is more

    Beautiful for only $5.71.

Click here to give Spongebob a snack.

I’m glad you bought the compass!Now I will know which way to go!

The compass is 5.99!

Click here to give Spongebob a snack.

Spongebob is hungry…againClick on what he can eat.

Cookies Cost: $ 1.55

A dozen donuts Cost: $6.96

Spongebob is already full!

I’m not going to buy him any food.

25 cups of lemonade Cost: $5.45

I was already too stuffed!

  • No food for me!

  • No Charge!

    Click here to go clothes shopping.

Donuts for $6.96… yummy….

Click here to go clothes shopping.

Spongebob: I was thirsty!

25 cups of lemonade for $5.45

Click here to go clothes shopping.


Cookies for $1.55 …Good Choice!

Click here to go clothes shopping.

Help Spongebob accessorize his outfit.

Hat Cost: $8.45

Squeaky Boots Cost: $ 10.75

I love my new hat! It only cost me $8.45

  • Click here to go show Patrick!

Yay! New Shoes!!! They only cost me $10.75.

  • Click here to go show Patrick!

Spongebob! I’m glad you came! I wanted to borrow some money!

Patrick: “Can I borrow a quarter? I promise I will pay you back tomorrow!”




I can’t believe you won’t let me borrow some money.

Click here to continue


Thanks buddy! Don’t worry I will pay you back!

Click here to continue

What a great day!

Click here to finish!

Money Problem

No more money?

Money Question

Do I have money left?

How much money do I have left?


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