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O hio F uneral D irectors A ssociation. Mortuary Response Team - Mobile Morgue Overview. Who is the OFDA Mortuary Response Team (MRT)?. A Team of Ohio licensed funeral directors and embalmers Trained and Experienced in management and operation of a mass fatality incidents

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O hio f uneral d irectors a ssociation

OhioFuneral DirectorsAssociation

Mortuary Response Team - Mobile Morgue Overview

Who is the ofda mortuary response team mrt
Who is the OFDA Mortuary Response Team (MRT)?

  • A Team of Ohio licensed funeral directors and embalmers

  • Trained and Experienced in management and operation of a mass fatality incidents

  • Respond at the Coroner’s or EMA’s request and do what they ask

  • SupportMobile Morgue set-up and operations

  • Maintain morgue equipment

Who is the ofda mrt policy board
Who is the OFDA-MRT Policy Board?

  • An OFDA committee charged with providing a proper mortuary response for the citizens of Ohio.

  • Sets policy, with the approval of the OFDA Executive Committee, for the OFDA-MRT

  • Considered Ohio’s BEST RESOURCE for knowledge on Mass Fatality Incidents.

  • 1 Chair, 8 Members, 3 Co-Chiefs

Ofda mrt officers
OFDA-MRT Officers

  • Policy Board Chair -Tim Schmidt

  • Deputy Chair –Brent Hartley

  • Administrative Officer –Anthony J. Quahliero, Jr.

  • Other Board Members – Todd Grisier, Bob Van Horn, Jim Dempsey, Joe Main, Ed Babcock

  • Co-Chiefs:

    • Scott Davis, Michael Gedert, Becky Bayliff

      * All but 1 have DMORT deployment experience*

Ofda mrt contacts
OFDA-MRT Contacts

  • During Business Hours OFDA:

    800-589-OFDA (6332)

  • Off Hours: Any policy Board member

    • (Chair or local Policy Board member)

      Current List Always at:


Ofda mortuary response foundation
OFDA Mortuary Response Foundation


    • 501c3 organization

    • Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser

    • Tax Deductible Donations

    • Funds used for training, meetings & equipment

Response experience

2001 9/11 World Trade Center

2001 Flight 93 – PA

2001 Flight 587 – Queens, NY

2002 Marsh Crematory

2003 Flight 5481 – Charlotte, NC

2004 FEMA Logistics and DPMU pre-stage

2004 Flight 3966, Kirksville, MO

2005 Hurricanes Katrina/Rita

2006 Flight 5191 – Lexington, KY

2007 Sharonville, Ohio Dual Plane Crash

2008 Hurricane Ike, TX and LA

2009 Flight 3407, Buffalo, NY

OFDA members have participated in:

1994 USAIR crash Pittsburgh

1995 Air Crash – Mansfield, Ohio

1996 Quincy, IL commuter airline accident

1997 Monroe, MI commuter airline accident

1997 Korean airline accident – 747 in Guam

1998 Texas floods (Del Rio, Texas)

1998 Oklahoma City Tornadoes

1999 Amtrak Train Incident, Bourbonnais, IL

1999 Hurricane Floyd (Tarboro, North Carolina)

1999 Egypt Air, Rhode Island

2000 Alaska Air Crash, (Oxnard, California)

2000 Executive Air Charter Crash (Wilkes-Barre, PA)

Response Experience

OFDA State Responses

YELLOW = OFDA members on DPMU Team

Working with other agencies
Working With Other Agencies

  • Presentations

    • General Information and operations

      • civic groups, professional groups, first responders, city management

    • Mass Fatality Incident Response Course (FEMA Course #E403)

      • for EMA and Mortuary Response personnel

      • OFDA has trained trainers

Ofda mrt training
OFDA-MRT Training

  • Training

    • Full Scale Mock Exercises

      • Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base 1995

      • Westerville, OH Tornado Drill – 2000

      • Rickenbacker Airport/National Guard Base 2005

      • SW Ohio RMRS Cincinnati Reds Stadium Drill 2006

    • Annual classroom/drill

    • Participated in many MFI tabletop drills

    • Multiple FAC/IR Drills w/State and Local Agencies

    • Assist other agencies w/MFI training

Ofda mrt


Involves More Than Just Responding to Disasters

Training from recovery
TRAINING From recovery…

Ofda mrt dpmu

  • Equipment Purchased in 2004

  • Current Value approximately $300,000

  • Working to update to digital equipment

  • Intended to support morgue ops for 3-5 days

  • NOT intended to be a stand alone morgue for a large scale MFI

Thank You to Wood County

Bradley Gilbert, EMA Director

Ofda mrt dpmu1

  • Support Coroner’s Office Operation

  • Expand Coroner’s Office Facilities

  • Support a temporary morgue site during a limited size incident

  • Support incident in a neighboring state

Now and into the future
Now and into the future

  • Morgue is available

  • We are working with other states/agencies

    • SOP’s

    • Equipment Typing (AEL/SEL)

    • ConOp’s

  • Working with OEMA to upgrade:

    • Warehousing

    • Support

    • Training

    • Funding



Pan flu public engagement
Pan Flu Public Engagement

Recently in NWO had Public Engagement Meetings regarding Pan Flu and Mass Fatalities

Posed question:

1.) Who do you think is responsible to care for the dead when the system is overwhelmed?

Pan flu public response
Pan Flu Public Response

1.) Who do you think is responsible to care for the dead when the system is overwhelmed?

Pan flu planning
Pan Flu Planning

Do you have a plan for the dead?

Do your funeral directors know about it?

Is your Coroner involved?

More information at www.ofdamrt.org/panflu