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Third General Meeting A ssociation of C aribbean E lectoral O rganizations (ACEO)

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Third General Meeting A ssociation of C aribbean E lectoral O rganizations (ACEO) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Third General Meeting A ssociation of C aribbean E lectoral O rganizations (ACEO) Kingston, Jamaica November 7 & 8, 2008. 1. Founding of the ACEO. Caribbean Election Network Conference -January 1997, Jamaica Birth of the ACEO. First General Meeting -March 1998, Puerto Rico

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Presentation Transcript

Third General Meeting

Association of Caribbean Electoral Organizations (ACEO)

Kingston, Jamaica

November 7 & 8, 2008

1 founding of the aceo
1. Founding of the ACEO
  • Caribbean Election Network Conference-January 1997, Jamaica
    • Birth of the ACEO
  • First General Meeting-March 1998, Puerto Rico
    • Charter signed by 22 countries & dependent territories
    • San Juan Declaration on the Political Rights for Persons with Disabilities
  • 2 Executive Board Meetings
    • Work plan
    • Newsletter: The ACEO Report-January 2000
  • Second General Meeting-2001, Jamaica
    • Members pledged to pay dues
2 purpose of the aceo chapter i
2. Purpose of the ACEO –Chapter I
  • “[…] to promote cooperation and mutual assistance among electoral organizations in the Caribbean in the pursuit of democracy by processes that ensure free, fair, and peaceful elections.”

-Art. 1.1, ACEO Charter, 1998

3 structure of the aceo chapter ii
3. Structure of the ACEO –Chapter II
  • Three Organs-Article 2.1
    • The General Assembly
    • The Executive Board
    • The Secretariat
  • The General Assembly-Article 2.2
  • The Executive Board-Article 2.3
    • Five persons elected by the General Assembly
    • One of those five persons is elected Chairperson
    • Terms of three years
3 structure of the aceo chapter ii1
3. Structure of the ACEO –Chapter II
  • The Secretariat–Article 2.4
    • IFES and the OAS initially served as interim Co-Secretariat of the Association
  • The Executive Secretary-Article 2.5
    • Appointed by the Executive Board
    • Serves as the Secretary of the Board
4 aceo membership chapter iii
4. ACEO Membership –Chapter III
  • Three types of Members–Article 3.1
    • Full Members

Electoral Organizations of the Caribbean Community

  • Associate Members

1.Individuals who are current or former Election Officers or Commissioners of an organization qualified for full membership

2. Caribbean non-governmental and non-partisan organizations

  • Honorary Members
5 primary objectives of the third meeting
5. Primary Objectives of the Third Meeting
  • To address substantive issues regarding elections in the Caribbean
    • Political party and campaign financing
    • Technology
    • Stakeholders in electoral processes
  • But more importantly
    • To reinvigorate the ACEO as an important point of reference and tool for electoral authorities of the Caribbean
6 questions expected outcomes
6. Questions & Expected Outcomes
  • We kindly request your input and active participation to address the following considerations
  • Is it worthwhile to have an ACEO?
  • If so, what should be the short- and long-term priorities of the Association?
  • What types of activities should the ACEO engage in the future to meet those priorities?
7 if we decide to have an aceo we need to make the following decisions
7. If we decide to have an ACEO, we need to make the following decisions:
  • Elect an Executive Board and Chairperson
  • Decide on where to have the Secretariat
  • Draft a work plan that meets agreed on priorities
  • Determine dues: do we pay dues and how do we use the money already collected?
The OAS, IFES and the EOJ

wish you a fruitful meeting!